by Gunman

Disclaimer: I do not own Spider Man or X-Men.

Summary: After getting teleported across the planet, Spider Man and the X-Men find out that they have undergone strange transformations, both physically and emotionally.


Chapter 2
How Relationships Start

Spider Man groaned as he opened his eyes and looked up, seeing nothing but blue sky with white clouds. This was comforting, but confusing if nothing else. Weren't he and the X-Men just inside Magneto's fortress in the Savage Land just a second ago?

He then noticed the soft weight on his chest. He looked down and his eyes widened when he noticed a silky waterfall of white hair resting on his chest.

Storm! He mentally gasped, inadvertently shifting his body and causing his companion to stir.

The African woman groaned softly as she stirred, looking up and saw that she was nestled up against Spider Man.

Her eyes widened as she saw him. Even as a small smile pursed her lips.

"Hello." Spider Man said.

"Hello." Storm replied. "What happened?" she asked.

"I'm not sure. The last thing I remember was... Magneto had us caged in... the Trans-Mat System fired... and..." Spider Man started to say, rationalizing each piece of information.

"Where are we?" she asked.

"I am not sure. But if I were to venture a guess... I would say... Africa." Spider Man said.

"How can you... oh!" she gasped when she turned around and saw three giant stone pyramids in the distance. "I suppose that answers that question."

"There was something else I remember - a green light!" he gasped.

"Green light? Before we were teleported?" she mused.

"Yes." he replied. "It must have been the Neogenic Recombinator."

"It struck us as well." Storm said. "The X-Men."

"Oh, Great! There's no way of knowing what could have happened to us now." Spider Man groaned with dismay.

"What do you mean?"

"The Trans-Mat System teleported us here, to Egypt. But the Recombinator could have done anything to us, genetically. It could have accelerated our powers, took them away, altered them into something different. There's no way to know what it did to us, any of us, when it fired." Spider Man mused, rubbing his head in frustration. "No way to know how it effected us... any of us... and we don't know where the others were sent to! We have to find them! We have to make sure they're okay, before..."

A pair of arms wrapped around his torso from behind, holding him tightly.

"Calm yourself." she said softly, his agitated frustration slowly departing from his body as she held him. "Beating yourself into a frenzy over what you cannot control, is pointless."

"Storm, I... I'm sorry. I just..." he started to say, only to have a hand placed upon his mouth.

"I understand." she said, stopping his ranting.

Storm then raised her hands and looked to the sky, her eyes turning pure white as a large black storm cloud appearing right over them.

Huh. Guess that answers that question too. He thought as he crouched down and leapt high into the air, at least 30 feet in height. When he came back down he sighed. And answers that one.

Storm smiled, seeing Spider Man slowly regaining his old persona. It was one of his more interesting traits, how he masked his pain with humor. Something that frustrated Logan to no end, who was as honest as possible about how he felt. Even if he seemed 'grumpy' about it. Though Spider Man still seemed distressed at their predicament.

"Okay, so... what do we do now? Head back to the mansion? The Savage Land? Maybe find a nice hotel to hold up in until the others contact us?" he asked.

Storm actually smirked at hearing that. Getting Spider Man into bed actually sounded like a good idea. She paused.

Where had that thought come from? She thought.

Though she had been attracted to him for some time now, and did understand how and why Kitty and Jean liked him, she wondered why she never had the good sense to try it herself?

While she was close to several members of the X-Men, none of them were really the romantic type.

Maybe that isn't accurate. She thought.

Colossus was, but his heart belonged to Kitty. Gambit was a charmer yet his feelings were for Rogue. Beast, Nightcrawler, Cyclops, Iceman, Archangel... they were all like brothers to her. Even Wolverine seemed more interested in Jean than herself. To that end she wondered just where her own relationship would end up. It had never occurred to her that one of their oldest webslinging allies would actually be that solace.

The question was... would he feel the same way?

"So where do you think we should start?" Spider Man asked. "We don't have any foreign currency, or passports, and I'm not about to steal something just to survive. Maybe you could fly us back to the mansion and..." he suddenly paused when Storm lifted up his mask and kissed him softly on the lips.

His heart started racing, his eyes opened wide, his breath caught in his lungs and his entire body tensed as the beautiful African woman gently tugged on his lips with her own.

She pulled back after a couple of minutes, and the webslinger only had once response.


She smiled a little, mostly to herself. At least he liked it.

"Wh-why did you do that? Not that it wasn't nice, but..."

"I... do not know. I simply felt like... kissing you." she answered.

At hearing that, Spider Man felt his heart lift. His own past relationships, especially as of late, had been of a rather disastrous nature. Then again, most of his relationships hadn't consisted of super-powered heroines.

(Black Cat didn't count since she kinda straddled the fence between heroine and thief)

"Would you feel like... doing it again?" he asked.

Storm smiled as she kissed him once more.

(Uninhabited Island, Caribbean)

"So, where ya figure we are, Scott?" Rogue asked, looking around at the tropical beach. And me without my swimsuit. She thought.

"I don't know, Rogue. I just hope it's somewhere on Earth." Cyclops said trying to get his head around where they were. "We should contact the others. But... my communicator's dead." he said as the electronic device in his hands continued it's static-tone. "You're going to have to fly us out of here."

"Right." Rogue said with a mild case of disappointment.

Given the situation, she would have loved to be stranded here a bit longer with Scott. However, as she put her arm around him and jumped into the air, she came crashing back down onto the sandbar.

"Patooh!" Rogue coughed as she spit sand out of her mouth. "What in tarnation?"

"Rogue? What's wrong?" Cyclops asked as he stood up next to the southern bell, who tried to lift off into the air once more.

"I... I can't fly!" she gasped in shock.

She went over to one of the palm trees, grabbed it, and tried to yank it out of the ground.

"My strength's gone too!" she said, giving up the futile attempt.

Cyclops felt a sense of dread well up inside of himself, as he reached for his visor while turning towards the ocean.

"Scott! What Are You..." she cried.


"My powers are gone too!" he gasped. "What's going on?" he asked as he stared out over the ocean with his own eyes, his sight, not his usual optic blasts, touching the water.

"You mean... we've both lost our powers?" Rogue asked as she walked back up besides him.

"Apparently so. We've got to MUMPH!" he mumbled, suddenly finding himself liplocked with the attractive mutant heroine.

Or ex-mutant heroine.

Rogue pulled her lips away from Cyclops lips and smiled.

"You have no idea how long I've been waiting to do that, Scott." she said with a smile, her arms still around his neck as her body was pressed firmly against his.

A small blush actually tinted his cheeks.

A smile finally graced his lips as his arms went around her shapely waist.

"And here I thought you were only flirting with me." he said.

"That's because I thought I could never touch you without hurting you." she replied.

"Well... what do we do now? I mean... it's been a long time since Jean and I..."

"I know. But it's been forever for me." she said with a soft smile. "And call me Marie."

(20 Miles from the White Cliffs of Dover, England)

"You know, Kurt, I am rather impressed that we are still here on Earth. The Trans-Mat System could have sent us to another planet." Beast said.

"Are you trying to make me feel lucky, or nervous at what could have happened to us?" Nightcrawler asked. "All things considered we could have ended up in Latveria."

"That does make me feel lucky." Beast said. "Though, ending up in the side show of a traveling circus in England, was not what I was expecting."

"At least they are friends, otherwise we would be in more trouble than a safe place to stay until we are able to get back to the Mansion." Nightcrawler stated.

The pair continued walking through the circus grounds trying to figure out a way to get back home, when they were stopped by a pair of individuals.

On a right was an attractive green-haired woman in a green one-piece swimsuit with a pair of octopus-like arms. On the left was another attractive brown-haired woman with a prehensile cat-tail, pointed ears, retractable claws, and whiskers in a blue two-piece swimsuit.

"Well, well, well. Kurt Wagner. It's been a long time." the octopus-armed woman said with a seductive smirk.

"Octavia Rainsmith." Kurt said with a bow.

"And who's your cute friend?" the cat-woman asked.

"This is Hank McCoy. Doktor Hank McCoy." Kurt said, slapping his friend on the back.

"Oh? And what are you a Doktor of?" the cat-woman asked.

"I have degrees in bio-chemistry, biophysics, genetics and basic field medicine, amongst other fields of science." the blue-furred X-Man said.

"Numerous fields of science." Kurt said with a grin.

"Genetics? So you could help me with a little problem I've been having." the cat-woman said.

"Problem?" Beast asked.

"Well, I've been studying other cats in the world. Lions, Leopards, Tigers, Cheetahs. And I think something might be wrong with me." she said.

"Oh. Really? Well, I'd be willing to assist you with any problem you might have." he said.

"The name's Catsy, by the way." the cat-woman said as she linked arms with the blue-furred X-Man.

The pair walk off as Kurt just grinned, seeing Catsy's tail twitch rather excitedly. He knew what she was thinking and hoping for.

Suddenly, a pair of tentacle arms wrapped around Kurt from behind.

"And where do you think you're going, handsome?" Octavia purred into his blue, pointed ears.


Authors Notes:

I'm sorry this took so long to get updated. But as most people know I've got a lot of stories to update. Also, I was planning on having more X-Men interactions, but I'm saving the others for the next chapter. Next chapter will have a lemon. Let me know who you want to go first! And just so everyone knows, the island that Cyclops and Rogue are on is the same one 'Captain' Jack Sparrow and Elizabeth Swann were marooned on in the first Pirate movie.

Also, the next chapter will also have interactions between Colossus and Shadowcat, and Wolverine and Phoenix.