Chapter 1 – Stolen Moments

The sound of Momma's lullaby drifted into my unconsciousness chasing away the frightening visions of the advancing Volturi – it was times like these that I was extremely thankful for Daddy's mind reading. The nightmare image that haunted me was now replaced with the dreamlike memory of him staring down at me adoringly with his dark onyx eyes, humming the very same lullaby – I smiled sleepily at the happy memory, realising that the lullaby was just as much mine and it was Momma's. I stretched drowsily in the huge bed that once belonged to Him and Momma – blinking restlessly as I recognized that he had stopped playing.

"Would you please stop worrying about the Volturi returning Baby Girl, we will never let them hurt you Renesmee." He whispered softly in my ear as he brushed his cold finger feather light over my soft cheek, tracing the shape of my high cheek bones.

"I know that Daddy. I love you." I told him quietly draping my arms over his shoulders, nuzzling my nose into his neck before planting a little kiss on his cheek.

"Not as much as I love you Renesmee." He exclaimed scooping me out of bed kissing my forehead delicately as he twirled me around in his arms – his warm golden eyes sparkled while he watched me giggling as he continued to twirl me around.

I loved moments like this Daddy – when it was just me and him, the strange sparkle in his eyes he always got during these stolen alone moments with me suggested he enjoyed them too.

"I love every moment with you Nessie." He claimed seriously, chuckling as I rolled my eyes at him for answering my unspoken thoughts.

"Auntie Alice and Auntie Rose want to make you look pretty but I on the other hand think you are already too beautiful." He announced clearly while twirling me around in his arms faster making me giggle louder.

"Careful Edward, you don't want to make her dizzy." Daddy and I both rolled our eyes at Auntie Rose's silly comment before he placed me gently on my feet, holding my waist as he steadied me giving me the crooked smile both Momma and I loved so much.

I reluctantly took my arms from around his neck forcing a hesitant little pout as I looked up at him from my long black lashes, placing my arms on my hips in defiance.

"Good Morning Renesmee." Grandma Esme called popping her head around the door frame causing me to momentarily forget that I wanted Daddy to twirl me around more – as I launched myself into Grandma Esme's arms.

My head whipped back round to look at Daddy as I heard him chuckle – remembering that I wasn't finished with our game yet I readjusting my face into a pout again.

"We have all the time in the world for that little girl." He told me kissing my forehead before he stalked past me and Grandma out of the bedroom, I frowned as I watched him race down the hallway.

"Nessie, wait until you see the dress we have picked out for you today." Auntie Alice sang excitedly clasping her hands together.

I forced myself to beam at her and Auntie Rose before they snatched me out of Grandma's arms and flew me into the bedroom with the biggest closet. As much as I sometimes found being both my Aunts very own living porcelain doll tiresome, I loved them both far too much to hurt their feelings by telling them so – especially Auntie Alice's, I had missed her so very much when she had left us to track down Nahuel.

So I gushed appropriately over the pretty floral yellow dress that Auntie Alice dressed me in and admired the matching silk ribbons that Auntie Rose placed delicately into my auburn ringlets. Soon the ordeal as Momma often called being dressed by Auntie Alice was over and both my Aunts stared at me in awe.

As soon as we walked gracefully into the lounge area Uncle Emmett handed me a glass of human blood from the hospitals blood bank before wolf whistling and winking at me. Sometimes I thought it was Uncle Emmett's mission in life to make me blush, so far he was succeeding.

He pulled me onto his lap as he lounged on the sofa flipping through the channels on the huge 60 inch LCD television that hung on the wall. I learnt back against my Uncles hard chest as I drank slowly from the glass, savouring every mouthful – i wasn't allowed human blood very often.

I twisted around slightly placing my palm onto Uncle Emmetts cheek watching his eyes go blank as I silently asked him where Momma was in my own special way – I often preferred to communicate this way.

"Picking Char-your-Grandpa Charlie up, he can't drive with the cast on, we can't all be as strong as your Uncle Em Hey? He joked proudly.

"Momma's stronger than you." I teased sticking my tongue out – a gesture that Jacob had taught me much to Daddy's annoyance.

Uncle Emmet raised his eyebrows before whipping the glass from my hand and holding me up to the celling with one arm growling playfully making me giggle. But the next thing I knew I was sat back on the sofa in front of a silly cartoon show, Uncle Emmet and the empty glass of blood had disappeared into the kitchen. I frowned a little confused until I noticed that Daddy was waiting behind the front door hand on the handle ready to welcome Momma and Grandpa Charlie in.

"Welcome Charlie, Carlisle and Esme will be so pleased you decided to come." He greeted politely before wrapping him arm protectively around Momma's waist murmuring something in her ear, which sounded a little like I missed you – but I couldn't be sure my ears weren't quite as sharp as the majority of my families were.

"Hey Kidda, I swear you get prettier every time I see you." Grandpa Charlie huffed shyly as he sat beside me.

I gave him my cutest smile before resting my head against this shoulder brushing one of my curls from in front of my eyes, pretending to be engrossed in the moving pictures on television screen –while I was really wondering what Jacob was up to today. I knew Daddy could hear the direction of my thoughts but he ignored them – this was Grandpa Charlie's time – time to pretend to be just human.

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