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Chapter 3


That evening I was nestled securely on Daddies back as we raced through the trees, feeling completely confident that Daddy and I would arrive at the clearing before the rest of my family –Daddy was the fastest. This was the reason why I preferred to race with him as I enjoyed the extra thrill – of having the wind whip through my ringlets as I gazed as the distorted blur of the trees as we speed past them.

Running was so much fun, I could tell Daddy thought so too, by the way he playfully dodged and leaped freely through the air – so I was a little disappointed when he stopped and set me gently on the mushy ground.

I peered around anxiously at the very same clearing where we had faced the Volturi a couple of months ago – even though the snow had now melted and disappeared it still had the same eerie look about it, or maybe that was just my imagination.

Daddy had been watching my assessment of the clearing very closely, his lips pressed into a tight line until I smiled sweetly at him – admiring the matching baseball cap he wore. Auntie Alice had insisted we all dress the part – so I now sported a Forks baseball jersey under my cherry rain coat – I must admit I felt very strange wearing trousers for a change.

When I dragged my eyes away from Daddy I was happy to see the rest of my family were slowing towards us with animated expressions – I never knew my family were so passionate about baseball until now, maybe it was because I'd never experienced a thunder storm yet.

I saw Auntie Alice nod her head slightly at Momma who grabbed my hand gently as Daddy took hold of my other – I knew the reason for their actions when I the saw a flash of light in the distance followed by the roaring sound of thunder echo all around us.

Unintentionally I flinched at the sound before starring wide eyed into each of my parent's eyes in turn, my gaze lingering on Momma's golden tinged red eyes before I excitedly returned her smile as the next rumble crackled.

"Let's play ball." Alice sang happily to the others making them quickly take up their positions after showing me their most enthusiastic grins – leaving the two of us stood central in the clearing.

"Nessie Watch." Auntie Alice explained then demonstrated how to bowl an imaginary baseball gracefully as I watched each flowing movement carefully.

"Now you try." She sang positively beaming as she placed a shiny white baseball into my open palm.

Timidly I scrutinized Momma who seemed such a long distance away from me holding a baseball bat, then I coyly mimicked the movements Auntie Alice had just performed and let the shiny white baseball fly from my hand.

I watched it whizz silently through the space between us before it collided loudly with Momma's wooden bat and set off in the opposite direction into the trees – the sound of the collision was almost as loud as the thunder that once again rumbled.

Delighted with my first bowl I jumped excitedly giggling as I watched Momma race from base to base with her eyes glued to mine – she looked as if she was enjoying this just as much as I was. Luckily I wasn't too much of a distraction for her as she still made it to the final base before Grandpa Carlisle leaped to clasp the shiny white baseball that Daddy had directed at him – when I saw Daddies beaming expression I couldn't help but wonder if he had let Momma win.

Auntie Alice and I took turns bowling while she explained the rules to me and jumped up and down excitedly with me every time one of my family didn't strike out – I know I should have only cheered for the family members on my team but it was hard to take sides when I loved them all dearly.

I was so elated when it was my turn to bat but also relieved that Daddy was going to help me – I felt much safer and confident with Daddies arms wrapped around mine helping me glide my swinging bat forward to meet the ball that speed toward us rapidly.

When the ball crashed against my hard wooden bat it sent it soaring towards the trees. I giggled loudly hearing Daddy chuckle while he ran with me to each base – I knew he could have ran passed me but he didn't, instead he just matched my pace encouragingly. When we reached the final base before Auntie Rose caught the ball I knew that Grandpa Carlisle had most definitely let me win but I had expected he would – that hadn't stopped me putting all my effort into running as fast as I could though.

I was a little disappointed when my family left their positions and I realised the game was now over, it had been such a fun game – I never wanted it to end. If I'm honest though I was also feeling a little tired so was very grateful when Uncle Jasper Cradled me to his chest and we raced the rest of my family back to the house – as he told me how proud he was of my superb baseball skills.

I don't know whether my tiredness was increase by Uncle Jasper's presence or if I just hadn't realised I was so tired because of all the fun I was having but as I snuggled against his hard chest I just couldn't keep my eyes open.

Soon I felt so overwhelming tired and content I couldn't help but drift into a deep sleep surrounded by colourful pictures and family and baseballs soaking like birds through the dark sky.