Chapter 7: The chessboard: En passant

Hope didn't remember as much as she should, or as the Cullens wanted her to remember. In the end, the decision was up to Jacob, as he was the eldest. His vote had been final. However, they let The girl have her vote to; thanks to the gifts of Edward, Jasper and Renesmee, her option was respected. Of course, it wasn't clear if she fully understood the consequences, but with her approval, she was injected directly into the hearth with the vampire venom. A few little bits were injected into her limps, to make the transformation go faster. In barley 2 days, a new vampire had been awakened.

Fate's transformation wasn't nearly as ... hard. Or easy. Depending on how you see it. Easy, as in, Only one took that decision. No other voices where needed. Hard, as in the pain itself; the length of the pain. She was taken together with her classmates, by Heidi, for the Volturi and their clan to feed of. She had know things weren't right. She felt it. She knew they weren't human, but she couldn't stop her classmates, nor could she do something about it. She followed. She had tried to stay out of the way of the Volturi and the vampires, but that was no use. Aro had seen that she was ... different. Dispite everything, he managed to touch her. And he saw her toughs; he could hear her senses tell her not to trust them, that they were not 'alive' and her own mind telling her that something like the 'undead' doesn't exist. He had laughed, and said loudly; "Aaaa what a talent!" Just before biting her, and injecting her with poison. Only 1 second after his words, his clan had charged in, and ate the rest of Fate's classmates.

There isn't much else to say on their transformations. Aro was very happy as Fate woke up, since her gift was almost equal to his 'witch twins'. She could now feel the perfect difference between vampires and humans. She even picked out a werewolf. She could feel, smell, hear, see, taste and even touch them. Life Flames, as she called them. Aro was very pleased with her. He cherished her, like he cherished Jane and Alec. So much even, that he forced Jane and Alec to spend time with Fate. So they would be 'friends'. Much to Jane's dismay of course. To her, it seemed a new girl was here to take her place. She even had plans to remove her, to get rid of her. Not that she could hold her anger for long. Alec, who was always the more calculated one of the 2, knew that it was no use. Aro's anger was no use to them, and Fate could be of use. He didn't see her as an obstacle, but as an tool. A useful tool, that shouldn't fall into the wrong hands. So together with Aro, he worked on Fate's loyalty to them. Jane soon saw the advantage, as being friends with her did hold a direct advantage: Aro's approval and joy. What could be more fun for him, then when Jane and Fate were friends, and working together? She could tell where her opponents were, and, as time progressed, Fate learned to 'draw' the 'Life Flames' to her. Give them to Jane, to Alec, to Aro. She could master her gift better and better, and Aro often let humans come to help Fate practice. She pushed the Life Flames from one human into the other one; Gave a dying man enough force to live for another 30 years, but do of his illness, his body made the Flame burn faster, and with a lot more fury. The 30 years quickly became 25 years, 20 years, 15 years, 10 years... Aro found this very fascinating. Some things apparently, couldn't be fixed with the Force of Life alone. But there was the apparently. Aro simply couldn't resist; He told Fate to drain the Life of many other humans, and give it to him. The man healed. If only they had enough of the Force... It wasn't the only experiment that Aro ordered for. With the next experiment, he had another dying human come. This time, Fate drained the Stolen Life of a vampire. Aro was trilled. The human healed instantly. He almost appeared to transform... But the effect was only temporally. The human briefly gained vampire-like gifts: He had a skin that sparkled, and that wasn't be shattered with stone. His eyes remained the same however. Aro had her do experiment after experiment, even the same ones times again and again.

Hope's fate was much more gentle. So much more. She was accepted as a daughter, gift or no gift. Welcomed, she quickly developed the baby-like status, similar to Renesmee. Hope, as it turned out, was body-like, younger. 16, where Renesmee's body was 17. What Renesmee had hoped to be an ally in her often cheating her classes, turned out quite different. Hope enjoyed the lessons, and wasn't any help at all in escaping them. Jacob and she loved going out in the woods. They spend a lot of time alone, but for all but Edward, it was unknown whether or not they where lovers. Renesmee quickly let go of her 'old' position as the 'baby'. In fact, she was even happy with that! She was allowed to so much more, since there was a new 'baby'.

Fate grew closer and closer to Alec and Jane. For as much as that was possible. She came to view them as teammates, relay able as soldiers. She never forgot that Jane had been hostile to her once. Nor that Alec was her brother. She didn't want to trust them, but as long as Aro needed her, she didn't have any other choice then to trust them. She could not leave, nor change her position; she was trapped. But that didn't mean she had it bad. If she desired something, Aro would order his clan to find it for her, bring it, exactly like she asked for it. Never less, a golden cage is still a cage. Jane even started to like her. Or rather, her power, as she noticed the ones hidden in shadows, gift or no gift. Jane saw her as a pet, rather than a friend or a teammate.