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Summary: When stricter laws comes in at the ministry, meaning every prisoner must be proved guilty before or after they are jailed, the back log of cases of the prisoners already in Azkaban must also be dealt with. Sirius Black is within weeks proved innocent and freed, determined to take custody of his beloved godson.

Time for Truth


It was in that moment that Sirius Black begun to believe there was an angel watching over him once more. Five years in Azkaban was long enough for anyone to lose their faith, any prisoner would testify to that. But when the news came to Azkaban, it was as a gift from god.

Five years after the end of the wizarding war, the time had come for the ministry to begin to clear out the prison of those who they were not sure were guilty or not. Many suspected prisoners had been put away on the chance they may have been guilty. Though he doubted if his name was on that list of the doubted, Sirius now knew he had the right to protest his innocence. And when they gave him the truth serum then he was going to be able to reclaim his life but more important than that he was going to be able to reclaim the most important thing in it. His god son.

Five years had passed since he had held his pup in his arms and he longed for him more than anything in the world, a little bit more everday and if he had spent days crying since he had been in jail then it was all and only for him.

James's boy.

Well, maybe not only for him. The image of his best friend in his head was always enough to bring him to tears. He himself had lost a lot. But at least he was old enough to comprehend what was going on.

He had to get out for his sake as well as that of the Potters whether they be dead or alive.

But more than for James and Lily, it had to be for Harry.


His whole world revolved about that precious, precious boy.

And soon they were going to be together now.

So, so soon...

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