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"Closet time!" Geoff yelled.

"I think Duncan here needs to get in there," Owen said, when he came back with the promised hot dogs.

"Do me a favor," Duncan commanded.

"Like what?" Geoff wondered.

"Do not put princess in the closet with me," Duncan replied. Geoff and Owen smiled at each other, then looked at Duncan.

"No worries dude," Geoff said. Duncan hi-fived him, and then walked into the closet. Owen quickly shut the door, and Geoff went to get Courtney.

"Courtney, dudette! Time for the closet!" Geoff yells. Courtney looks up at him.

"With who? If it's Duncan, there is no way that I will do it! He's an inappropriate little juvenile pig!" Courtney ranted. Geoff quickly rolled his eyes.

"Nope! Just step into the closet! Your dude is waiting," Geoff said. Courtney sighed, and followed Geoff. He stood outside the closet door, when Courtney went in. Geoff quickly shut the door.

"GEOFF!" The CIT yelled. Geoff quickly set the timer.

"Seven minutes starting… now!"

Inside the closet with a bitchy former CIT…

"GEOFF! I will SUE you for this! I have lawyers god dammit!" Courtney yelled.
"This isn't a treat for me either princess," Duncan said. Courtney turned to him.

"Of course it wouldn't, because you'd rather be in here with GWEN!" Courtney yelled.


"Don't 'princess' me! You kissed her! You chose her over me! You two should've never talked! I should've protected you! Now, when it comes to me, you couldn't give a fuck about-" Courtney was interrupted when Duncan slammed the wall.

Outside the tiny closet with a bitchy former CIT…

Everyone is staring at the closet, hearing the yelling between the bitchy former CIT and the hard-ass delinquent.

Inside the closet with a bitchy former CIT…

"It's always about you Courtney! You, you, you!" Duncan yelled, actually calling Courtney by her real name. Courtney gasped.

"No I don't! I point out the obvious things that are wrong! Like how you kissed Gwen!" Courtney yelled.

"I kissed Gwen because I was caught up in the moment! You don't know anything about me Courtney! My life is MINE, not yours!" Duncan yelled back. Courtney glared at him.

"Well, if that's how you feel Duncan, then… just, whatever," Courtney said. Duncan was surprised, that she was actually giving up.

"Princess, if you weren't so uptight, I'd still be with you," Duncan said.

"Yeah right!" Courtney snapped at him.

"No, seriously princess, I would. Go back to the day that we stole the food. You acted like a normal, non-uptight teenager. Where did she go?" Duncan wondered.

"She left when you kissed Gwen," Courtney replied. Duncan threw up his hands.

"Why won't you just let it go already? You're my princess, not Gwen. Besides, I think she likes Trent again. Anyways, just let the stupid fucking kiss go," Duncan said. Courtney smiled, and leaned in to kiss Duncan. She pecked him on the lips a couple times, and then it turned into a make-out session.

Outside the tiny closet with a bitchy former CIT…

"She's moaning! He scored dude!" Geoff yelled.

"They were just yelling though," Owen noted.

"Owen, my dude, it's the art of bipolar," Geoff said. Just then, his timer went off. Geoff attempted to open the door, only to have it kicked by Duncan. Courtney and Duncan came out a couple minutes later. Courtney's hair was ruffled, and Duncan's shirt was wrinkled.

"Well, um, it looks like you too had fun," Geoff joked. Courtney winked at Duncan, rolled her eyes at Geoff, and walked off.

"So, Duncan, since we're friends, can I have the deets?" Owen asked.

"Ask that again, and your ass will be in the water the next morning," Duncan replied. Owen kept his mouth shut.

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