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Questions and Answers

As soon as we were outside the enormous Meeting Hall building, I scooped Hisaki up in my arms, spinning him around.

"Kandace," he complained, grimacing as I sat him back on the road. I couldn't care less that we were standing in an upper-class area right out side the grand hall and shinigami were staring at me because I seriously needed to take a shower. None of it really mattered to me at the gave me a lopsided smirk, the way that only he could, which I returned gladly.

"So, what are we gonna do now?" he asked, one dark eyebrow going up in an I-know-something-you-don't-know look. I rolled my eyes.

"Hn. Well, I'll tell you what we're not going to do," I assured him with finality, unable to keep the grin off my face. "We're absolutely not going to save any more idiots from soul-devouring monsters."

"Are you sure about that?" He asked, not seeming to believe what I was telling him. I pushed my eyebrows together, not quite understanding.

"Am I - huh?" I stopped, noticing that his midnight eyes were not focused on me, but instead locked on something behind me. I followed his gaze with confusion, wondering what on earth he was talking about. Then I realized what, er who, he was looking at.

Byakuya had just stepped out of the Captain's Meeting Hall and was halfway down the marble-white stairs, his gray eyes on me and Hisaki. I turned slowly, then, without a second thought, I took off in a dead run toward the lying bastard. As he stopped at the bottom of the pearly staircase, I practically slammed into the shinigami, taking ahold of the front of his shinigami uniform and, standing up on my tiptoes, pressed his lips to mine.

That'll shut him up for a little while, I thought offhandedly.

It was a short kiss, since we both completely froze the moment we realized what we, or I really, had just done. For a fraction of a second, we simply looked at each other stupidly. Byakuya was the first to let his breathing restart.

"Well, you're welcome, Akari," he said with quiet surprise, sounding a bit lightheaded and out-of-it. I let my trademark smirk fall into place as I treated myself with the fact that I had just completely outdone myself.

"Much obliged, your highness," I replied smoothly, starting to feel a bit lightheaded myself. Byakuya gave a short laugh under his breath that I knew only I could hear as I unhitched my fingers from his uniform. He watched me with interest.

"I was actually going to ask you something," he started, grabbing my full attention. "Before you decided to tackle me." I could feel myself turning red at his unusually sarcastic

comment, but continued to smirk anyway.

"And what would that be?" I inquired, arching one eyebrow with interest.

"The Head Captain spoke with me after the trial about what you have been doing in your village. He agreed to allow you and Hisaki to become shinigami," he paused, seeming to consider something. "If you wish."

My eyes widened. I had definitely not seen that one coming. A month ago, I would've either cracked up or had a heart attack if someone had asked me a ridiculous thing like that, but neither happened then.

"What's my motivation?" I asked skeptically, but secretly wondering if it was such a bad idea after all. Byakuya gave me an amused look.

"Well, for one," he offered. "Shinigami don't get arrested all the time for killing hollows."My mouth fell open at how sarcastic he was being. That was my job.

"Hey," I said defensively, crossing my arms. "I don't get arrested all the time." Once every few months didn't count as 'all the time,' did it? Naahhhhh. I could tell Byakuya didn't believe me, though.

"Hmmm," I bit my lip in concentration, looking at the too-clean seireitei road, as if it held my answer. "I'm not sure," I admitted. It was something that I would need to think about some more. Byakuya nodded, handing me a wrapped package. I took it, giving him a questioning look, but he only shook his head.

"Just come to the Kuchiki manor if you decide you want to."I frowned as he walked away. I would have a lot to think about.


It was a shinigami uniform in the package.

The thick, rough material felt baggy and unfamiliar as I walked down a thin pathway that may as well have been made out of solid, freaking gold. Oh, why not? It wouldn't have stood out at all. In fact, it would've gone quite nicely with the exotic plants, stained glass ornaments and diamond encrusted bird bath.

I tugged at the black uniform, which was sadly much nicer than anything I had ever worn and owned in my entire life. Sighing at how unbelievably ridiculous that fact was, I stopped in front of a colossal, wooden door to the most unnecessarily enormous house I'd ever seen. I knocked.

What am I getting myself into?

Well, I could always just knock out whatever servant opened the ornately carved door and make a run for it. I mean, nobody would notice. But, then again, I actually kind of, sort of wanted to do this. It was a new adventure, and I was a sucker for trying new things.

I was still wavering between my two options as the entrance to the mansion was pulled open, revealing none other than Byakuya Kuchiki, the corner of his mouth twitched up in an expectant almost-smile.

"Oh, wipe that smug look of your face," I muttered, crossing my arms in front of me, walking through into his house as he stepped aside for me to come in. Hisaki was already sitting happily on the sofa, his shinigami academy uniform on.

Well, I supposed that it was my duty to bring some sanity into their idiotic shinigami world at the very least. They certainly weren't capable of holding it on their own, after all. So, between Byakuya Kuchiki and saving the world on a daily basis, maybe this whole thing wouldn't be so bad.


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