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December 1st 2011

Bruce pulled up to the GCPD building in the Batmobile, as Dick had named it. A lot had changed in the 13 months. The majority of the criminals who had escaped Arkham had been caught and carted off to the new Blackgate prison. After his reconstructive surgery, Dent had helped a great deal with that, prosecuting like there was no tomorrow.

Unfortunately, the Joker and Harley Quinn, as she now called herself, weren't among them, despite Bruce and Dick, now officially working together as Batman and Robin, having gone up against them a couple of times.

All he knew was the signal had been sent tonight. Dick was busy studying for his exams to make sure he got into a half decent university, and Bruce was perfectly fine going to see Gordon on his own. It meant none of Dick's witticisms about whatever was going on while they were talking to Gordon.

As Bruce got out of the car, he pulled the grapple from his belt, firing a line up to the roof and ascending rapidly. He looked around. Gordon was nowhere to be found.

"Gordon?" Bruce said in his gravelly tone.

"The Commissioner didn't send the signal." A strong voice said from behind the structure with the roof access door "I did."

Bruce turned around to face the person who had spoke. It was a muscular man, about Bruce's height, maybe an inch or two taller. He wore a blue skin tight bodysuit with red trunks and a yellow belt with a stylised pentagonal buckle on. A red cape was draped over his shoulders. On the centre of his chest was an upside down yellow pentagon with a red outline and stylised red 's' in the centre.

The man went by 'Superman', a name he'd been designated by Lois Lane of the Daily Planet. The article had given a long bit about how his real name was Kal-El, he was the sole survivor of a planet called Krypton, and some of the details about what he could do.

Of course, Bruce had figured out he had to have other abilities besides flight, super speed, super strength, invulnerability and heat vision. Some kind of wind or freeze ability, given the way in which he'd put out some fires, and obviously, some kind of enhanced senses that helped him find things faster.

There was also the detail of his so called 'secret identity'. It had taken Bruce all of sixty seconds to figure out that little mystery. The fact that an image, albeit a much smaller one, of Clark Kent, one of the writers there, had been more or less adjacent to the picture of Superman on the front page of the publication with Lane's interview with him. It was a simple matter of making his hair less stylised and adding glasses with a marker pen to see they were the same guy. Then again, not everyone had managed to, in under a year and a half, have themselves designated 'the World's Greatest Detective'.

"I wondered when you'd show up." Bruce said simply "Surprised it took you six months to arrive on my doorstep."

"Well, I hadn't planned to." Kent replied "Unfortunately, we need your help."

"We?" Bruce said "I assume you mean you and that little team of yours. What was it, you, the speedster with an ego, that 'Martian Manhunter', the guy with wings, the woman who likes to scream and the guy in green with the ring limited by his imagination and nothing else. Or should I say Clark Kent, Bart Allen, J'onn J'onzz, or John Jones as he goes by in his civilian life, Carter Hall, Dinah Lance and Hal Jordan?"

"I should've known you'd have that figured out." Kent said "After all, they do call you the World's Greatest Detective."

Bruce had to suppress a smirk. Kent was trying to feel him out, figure out what made him tick. There was no way in hell he'd ever manage it, but he was sure as hell trying.

"So, what did you want to talk to me about, Kent?" Bruce asked simply.

"As I said, we need your help." Kent replied "What do you know about the Apokolips?"

"Which version? Virtually every religion in the world has its own prediction of it." Bruce said "Are you referring to the end of days, ragnarok, I could stand here all night going through them."

"No, not apocalypse, Apokolips." Kent said "We're not sure what it means yet, but it apparently involves some living embodiment of evil and the large mass that's been slowly approaching the Earth for the last nine months."

"That all you got on it?" Bruce asked "I could use some more information."

"You and me both." Kent sighed "Anyway, if you're interested, meet me in Metropolis, on top of the STAR labs science tower, at sunset. They're helping us with the observation side of things, for now, at least."

"Fine." Bruce said, turning and beginning to walk to the edge of the roof "Oh, and Kent?"

"Yes?" Kent asked.

"Next time you want to talk, find some other way of contacting me." Bruce said "The bat-signal is not a beeper."

Bruce didn't wait for Kent to reply, instead, jumping off the building, spreading his arms, the cape catching the wind underneath him. He gently descended to the car, pressing a control on his belt to open the cockpit and getting in. He pressed a red control on the dashboard.

"Alfred, isn't Bruce Wayne due in Metropolis for a business meeting?" Bruce said "Something about a project Lex wants our help on?"

"Yes sir." Alfred's voice came through the speaker as Bruce started to drive "Would you like me to cancel it."

"No Alfred." Bruce said "Just have my private jet ready to go in two hours, and pack the new suit. Batman has some business there too."

...To Be Concluded in "Justice League United, Vol. 1: Apokolips"...