Hunith's Prayer

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Hunith's choice to send her only children to Camelot was far from easy. How did she feel when she watched them depart from her?

The sky was clear and the day was beautiful, but it was a contrast to Hunith's mood as she watched her two young children, Merlin and Mira-Liana depart from her and the only life they'd ever known in the small village of Ealdor.

While Hunith knew they were of age and more than capable of taking care of themselves and Gaius would help them in any way he could, and she knew it was the best thing to do, it didn't make her decision to send her children to Camelot any easier. Feeling sad, she silently prayed.

"I pray you'll be my eyes
And watch them where they go
And help them to be wise
Help me to let go

It'd been very difficult to make the choice to send them to her older brother in Camelot, part of her wanted to hold on to her little ones for a little longer, but she knew she had no choice. Her children's gifts were getting beyond her understanding and they needed more help and guidance than she could give them. But her heart still ached from her children's departure.

Every mother's prayer
Every child knows
Lead him to a place
Guide him with your grace
To a place where they'll be safe

It was every mother's fate to believe that her children were special, yet Hunith would give her life that Merlin and Mira-Liana were not so. All she ever wanted was for them to be safe and happy. What mother didn't?

But with children as precious as hers, the desire for their safety was even greater and the hope for their future happiness was even more so.

I pray they find your light
And hold it in their hearts
As darkness falls each night
Remind him where you are

Hunith had hope that her precious son and daughter would be safe with Gaius in Camelot, even though it was a risk. Their gifts and inexperience with the world made them vulnerable and even though Hunith had always steered her children towards the right path, but it wasn't enough.

They needed a purpose for their gifts and she couldn't provide that. Gaius would protect them, he would be the father they never knew and he would watch over them in their darkest hours when she couldn't be there for them. It was because she loved them so much that she had made her difficult decision.

Every mother's prayer
Every child knows

Need to find a place
Guide them with your grace
Give them faith so they'll be safe

Hunith wished her children's father could've been there. Perhaps he could've helped in some way, but he wasn't. She could only pray that things would work out as she hoped. Her children would be safe, protected and loved no matter what happened.

"May the heavens watch over you both, my darlings," she whispered, as her prayer fell onto the winds that blew.

Lead them to a place
Guide them with your grace
To a place where they'll be safe