No More Secrets

After their wedding, Arthur and Mira-Liana had told each other everything the other had not known before. How did that conversation go?

Arthur and Mira-Liana were on their honeymoon. They were enjoying themselves immensely, happy at the fact that they were finally husband and wife. At that moment, it was late and they were lying in bed together.

Mira-Liana had her head on Arthur's chest and he was stroking her hair and had his arm around her waist. They'd been talking about each other's pasts—mainly Arthur's. Mira-Liana was finding it quite interesting to learn about her husband's childhood adventures.

"All right now, it's your turn," said Arthur, after having finished one of his stories. "You know everything about me. Tell me about you. I want to know more about your magic. Your letter didn't fully explain some of the details."

"Alright," said Mira-Liana, sighing. "Merlin and I were using magic before we could talk. But it wasn't anything spectacular, we were just moving objects. When we were little, we realized we could feel each other's emotions, communicate with our minds and our magic was stronger when we were together. We kept it secret because Mother asked us to, but Will found out when he saw us using it. He kept it secret because he was our friend."

"Could you show it to me, the mind thing?"

"I can try," said Mira-Liana. Her blue eyes turned gold as she muttered, "Kenza." Well, what do you think?

Arthur looked startled for a moment and then relaxed. It's a little strange, but I could get used to it. Aloud he said, "When you said you'd saved my life so many times with magic, what exactly were you talking about?"

"Ah. That's quite a story, or rather, several stories."

"We've got time. Tell me."

"Okay, well, the first time was when that hag was impersonating Lady Helen. We made the chandelier fall and slowed down time just enough to get you out of the way of the knife."

"That was obvious. Father made you and Merlin my servants as a reward that night, remember?"

"How could I forget?"

"Wait a moment, you said you and Merlin learnt of your destinies after you came to Camelot. Where'd you find that out?" he asked.

"Oh, that," she said, sighing. "What do you know about the Great Dragon?"

"Uh, last of its kind and locked beneath the castle by my father. Why?" he asked, looking confused.

Mira-Liana raised her head and gave him a look and then he caught on.

"Oh, no, no, no, no, please tell me you didn't go off to the Isle on the Dragon's advice!"

"Sorry, but we did. What were we supposed to do? The Dragon's been something of a help ever since we came to Camelot."

"One of these days, I swear—" He cut himself off. "Just go on with your story."

"Alright. Anyway, that was just the beginning. We made the snakes on Valiant's shield come alive to expose him and save your skin—again. We brought in the gust of wind that killed the Avanck."

"Hang on, was it you and Merlin who sent that light to me when I getting the Mortaeus flower for you?" asked Arthur.

Mira-Liana frowned. "I think so. Gaius said we were using magic, but I can't actually remember it very well. All I remember is drinking the poisoned wine and then thinking that you were in danger and we had to help you."

"Good grief, you never take a break, do you? Even when poisoned, you're still watching over me."

She laughed. "Maybe."

"So, what else have you done?"

"We enchanted Lancelot's weapon so he could kill the griffin. Lancelot, of course, heard us using the spell but he promised he'd keep our secret."

"So, Lancelot knew before I did. Swell."

She gently smacked his head. "It wasn't as though we told him. As I said, he heard us using the spell."

"Typical. Go on."

"When Edwin came, we found out he was sorcerer out for revenge against your father and he had some quarrel with Gaius. He tried to kill Uther, but we stopped him by getting the beetle out of Uther's brain and destroyed Edwin. Then Sophia and her father came."

Arthur groaned. "Don't remind me. What on earth possessed me to make me ask for my father's permission to marry that woman?"

"Her magic."

"Excuse me?"

"Well, Sophia and her father weren't what they seemed. They were banished Sidhe from Avalon. They planned to sacrifice you to buy Sophia a life of immortality again, and they enchanted you to do their bidding. Merlin and I had to get out of a lake before you were drowned after we took care of them," said Mira-Liana, looking sheepish.

Arthur's eyes widened. "You mean to say that I never eloped with her? You never knocked me out with a lump of wood?"

Mira-Liana laughed and nodded. "Yes."

"Ana!" said Arthur, in mock anger. "You could've said something."

"And miss the look on your face?" she teased. "It was pretty funny."

"Alright, alright, it was," he admitted. "Hang on; Morgana said she had a dream about Sophia. Was she right?"

"Yes," she admitted. "Morgana can foresee the future in her dreams. It was her warning that alerted us in the first place. She doesn't really know yet, but someday she might."

"I see. Go on."

"Well, when the Druid boy, Mordred, came to Camelot, he called out to Merlin and I with his mind. He knew us as Emrys and Emrysa as our coming had been foretold amongst his people. We bonded with him easily, but the Great Dragon told us that we shouldn't protect him because he was going to kill you sometime in the future. As you can see, we didn't believe it and still don't."

"And nor do I."

"Good. Just before Mordred left, he told me you loved me, but I kept my silence because I wanted to hear it from you."

Arthur smiled. "And you did. Out of curiosity, what was that Black Knight?"

"Gaius said he was a wraith—a dead soul out for revenge. He was once Tristan Dubor, your mother's brother. He swore vengeance on your father because he blamed Uther for your mother's death. Since he was already dead, there wasn't any way to kill him—at least, none that we knew of until we checked the library. A sword forged with a dragon's breath would kill the dead. So, we sought out a sword from Gwen and the help of the Great Dragon. He said you and you alone had to wield the sword because of its power."

"But my father fought in my place," said Arthur, frowning in confusion.

"I know. Believe me, we did try to stop him, but he wouldn't listen. Uther used the sword and then the wraith was destroyed. Naturally, the Dragon was furious and then Merlin had to hide the sword. It's resting a lake until the time's right for it to be retrieved."

"A powerful enchanted sword is resting at the bottom of a lake?" said Arthur, incredulously.

"It's for the best," said Mira-Liana, firmly. "Anyway, we caused the winds in Ealdor and Will took the blame for that. We persuaded Ahnora to give you a second chance. We took care of two of the sorcerers who tried to kill Uther and Morgana. You know about the Questing Beast."

"Don't remind me."

"And then we took care of Sigan and here we are now," she finished, ignoring his interruption.

Arthur stared for a moment and then burst out laughing. "Honestly, Ana," he said, as he slowly stopped laughing. "It's a miracle you and Merlin were able to keep this from me. How on earth did you manage it?"

"As I said, with a lot of patience and someone to talk to, anything's possible."

He smiled and she was on top of him as he caressed her face. "What did I do to deserve you?"

"That's easy. You fell in love with me," she said, as she cupped his face and kissed him.