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"For crying out loud, Stefan is here again! Do they two ever separate? It's pathetic. It's not that I don't like Stefan – well OK maybe I don't – but he is so... grouchy all the bloody time! And Elena, don't get me started on what she is like when they are together. It's like no one else exists." I thought to myself as I heard Elena and Stefan coming down the stairs giggling. The way Elena was looking at him made me want to hurl. It was sickening. Like her whole world orbited around him and nothing else. I sat watching them from the corner of my eye when I couldn't believe what I was seeing. He tickled her. I'd just got home and here were Romeo and Juliet being all lovey dovey and making me want to bring up the contents of my stomach onto the nice cream carpet in front of me. The tickle made my mind up. I had to get out.

I stood up from the sofa, my body leaving a Jeremy sized imprint where I had sat, and headed for the door, grabbing a hooded zipper as I passed the coat rack. "I'm going out!" I yelled to Jenna, not caring whether she heard me or not. I glanced back just before I reached the door and now Elena and Stefan were standing in the middle of the stairs kissing – or eating each others faces.

It was a cold night outside, a gentle breeze was blowing and the sky was laced with candy floss-esque clouds. I zipped the top up and pulled the hood over my head, trying to block out the chilling wind as I started walking. Not walking anywhere in particular, just walking. "Elena has changed" I thought to myself. "She used to be popular, well liked and adored. Guys wanted her whilst girls wanted to be her. But since she met Stefan she has changed. She's becoming a recluse. Isolated herself from everyone she used to be friends with. I don't even know the last time she spoke to Bonnie or Caroline never mind spent any time with them. Away from the puppy. Or should I say boyfriend." As I pondered the many changing aspects of Elena's personality I didn't really pay attention to where I was going. I was walking but it wasn't a conscious effort, I was just going with it, no plan, no place in mind, just going wherever my feet took me.

I stopped when I realised I'd reached the wood's that had the old church ruin in it. For some reason I had ended up there. The trees around me were creaking in the cold winter wind and the bare branches were hooked around me like an old hag's claws. It was positively terrifying. And I had the strangest feeling in the world. It felt like I was being watched. I looked around, my body telling me something wasn't right. The wood was far too quiet. I didn't like it at all. I knew I had to get out of there – and quickly.

I turned on my heel and pulled my hood lower over my face when I stopped abruptly. "What was that?" I thought, I was sure I heard something. Like a twig snapping and something – or someone – hissing. My whole body was on edge and screaming a warning to me. "Get out of there! Leave! Just put your head down and walk away. Ignore whatever is there. Just get out of there. NOW!" It was screaming but I couldn't move. It was as if the twig snapping had secured my feet there spot on the cold hard ground. I released the breath which I didn't even realise I was holding and clenched my fists by my side. Slowly I turned on the spot, ready to face my follower. The woods around me were empty. There was no one there. Lowering my hood I quickly scanned the surrounding area. That was when I heard it. A snort. Like someone trying to suppress a laugh. That done it for me. Not only was someone playing with me, they were enjoying it. Taking pleasure from tormenting me. The fabled red mist descended and I spun on the spot fuming.

And almost instantly wished I hadn't.

In front of me was not the one person I was expecting to see. But four. Four people who were standing with a feline beauty. There bodies tensed over into a form of crouch. They were staring at me with a hungry look in their eyes. I done a double take when I looked into their eyes. They were black! Pure charcoal black. There was two men and two woman but each of them had the exact same hungry look on their face and the same pitch eyes.

As one the four of them moved to me, slowly, predatory. I stepped back, my instinct for self preservation kicking in. For some reason something I'd learned in Biology popped into my head. The idea of fight or flight. And I knew I had to flee. I didn't want to turn my back on them but I couldn't see a way of running away from them while looking at them. I looked for a way between them, trying to spot a way I'd be able to run past them but they had me covered. I had to turn and I had to run.

Adrenaline fuelling me I turned on the spot and sprinted. For all of about five seconds. Next thing I knew I was on the ground. Face first in the hard dirt. "This is it then" I thought to myself as I crawled away from them. "This is gonna hurt. A lot." I looked round and the four of them were looking down on me, leering at me. It was a look I will never forget. One of the females – a blonde – reached down and grabbed me by the scruff of my shirt and hauled me off the ground with surprising strength for her dainty form. I looked at her face again and I'm sure my heart stopped for a second. She had … fangs. Not like the cheap ones you get for Halloween and fancy-dress parties, actual real fangs where her canine teeth should be. She lowered her mouth to my neck whilst the other female – a red head this time - grabbed my wrist roughly. I scrunched my eyes closed and prepared myself for the pain. I could feel their cold breath on my skin, savouring the moment. When I heard another hiss and a yelp of pain.

The next thing I knew I was on the ground. Again. I opened my eyes warily and the four freaks who had just tried to kill me were standing a few feet away from me. Only they weren't looking at me. They were looking over me, like their was someone behind me.

I heard one of them snarl from between clenched teeth. "You!". I looked round and standing right behind me was someone I knew but hadn't expected to see, looking terrifying beyond belief. Standing behind me was Damon Salvatore!

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