Out of The Dark



Part One

Claudia was a ghost, she was lucky enough so far not to be burning in hell and was walking around in Johnny's dream…So she decided to wake him up like this…."Wake up.." Claudia said slapping Johnny's head in his dream… "You and I need to talk." Claudia said very demanding and Johnny slowly got up as this would be the point of amazement and I'm so glad to see you, Claudia cut that noise. "I understand wanting payback against Sonny and I hate to say but your blowing it with this thing about Kristina. I want better for you John and not to be like our father." Claudia was ripping him up on how many ways this could go bad. "You want to see something John remember those old movies. You want to see.." Claudia said and Johnny had a feeling where this was going to go..

"No please.." Johnny said and repeated over and over again…Claudia was going to show how decay she was and Johnny was on his knees begging her to stop. Claudia went back to human form and she held her brother tight. "Don't be like me John please don't….Don't let my daughter be like me either…" Claudia said and Johnny woke up. You know for Scrooge it took three dreams but for Johnny it took one…He held his head down as he would remember flashbacks of that dream…