Out Of The Dark



Part Fourteen

It's been two months since Isabella hit town and during that time. There was a wedding of Johnny and Olivia where Isabella and Brook-lynn would the maid of honors while Spinelli filled in as the best man with Ethan. During this time Jason and Sam followed up with there big wedding which came with a micrale of Sam and Jason expecting there first child. Jason had Spinelli, Sonny and Carly as the best people to Sam's choice would Kristina, Molly and Alexis…

During this time Port Charles got there version of Sex and the City girls which would the Girls which would Isabella, Kristina, Katherine and Brook-lynn. Katherine was the only one with someone, she was with Spinelli. Brooke-lynn was the flirt but never wanted anything serious. She was the reigning karaoke champion and works in Johnny's shop. Isabella went to go to school for her G.E.D and is trying to get Vincent her father to make her a club. Kristina is also going for an early exit from high school as well. Brenda and Sonny brought back there storybook romance with daughter Lila loving her new siblings….

Little did they know that in ten short months someone was going to die…