Author's Note: My friend helped me finding a plot for a new Dean/Castiel fic. I wanted to write a new wing!fic (I love wing!fics, can't help it), even though I am currently having a writer's block, and she said "what if Dean can suddenly see Castiel's wings?" and suddenly the ideas came flowing to me. She helped me with a lot of ideas for this, so some of the credit goes to her.

I know I haven't updated My Broken Angel for a while, but I am totally lost about what should happen next in that story, so for now I am moving on to a new one. I imagine this fic will have 2-3 chapters, but I am not certain yet since I haven't finished writing the second chapter.

Hope you like it :)

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He thinks it all started the day he and Sam returned from a long and exhausting hunt which had almost proved fatal to them, if Castiel had not shown up in the last minute to help.

They had been hunting down a wendigo when the thing had suddenly surprised them by attacking them from behind when they hadn't expected it. The thing had started throwing them around like rag dolls and clawed at them before Castiel, whom they had called earlier, had shown up and helped them restrain and kill it.

Now Dean and Sam sat back on the forest floor, bruised and exhausted from the fight. Castiel was standing close by, absently watching the remains of the wendigo that were still on fire.

"Well, wasn't that difficult," Dean smirked at Sam, who shot his brother a dead glare.

"Right. This was your idea to hunt down that thing at night when it's most dangerous!" Sam accused, and groaned in pain when raising his voice made his sore throat hurt after the wendigo had smacked him hard across it. But it was nothing compared to his sore ribs, several cuts and bruises, a bloody cut above his right eyebrow, and his hands, which were full of broken glass because he had the bad luck of landing on a broken glass bottle, and the broken glass was all over the hard forest floor.

"C'mon, Sammy! You knew this couldn't wait until the morning! The thing would have killed more people," Dean said defensively. Pain shot through him and he looked at his shoulder which he knew had been badly dislocated by the creature.

He looked up at Castiel, who was observing their fight with a blank expression. "Mind giving us a ride back to the motel? I don't think either of us should ride my Baby right now."

Cas regarded Dean with a frown and a head tilt. "Of course."

Before Sam could protest, Castiel had put his fingers to their foreheads and they were now all back in the motel they had booked the night before. Sam let out a discomforted groan at the sudden transportation. He wasn't as used to this as Dean was.

Dean went to retrieve the first aid kit they always had with them. It was a bit difficult considering his left shoulder was dislocated, but he found himself grateful that God had given him two arms to work with.

He walked back to Sam with the first aid kit and his brother looked up at him. "Dude. My hands. Full of broken glass, remember? You're gonna have to do this yourself."

"Such a pussy," Dean replied, earning a bitch face from Sam. He suddenly remembered that Sam couldn't fix his shoulder either because the man couldn't even hold a tissue without wincing right now, so he turned to Castiel who was, surprisingly, still around.

"Mind helping me out, Cas?" he asked. When the angel seemed confused he added, "my shoulder. It won't fix itself, and Sam's being a pussy right now."

"Hey!" Sam protested.

Dean chuckled and looked back at the angel. "Of course," Castiel finally replied.

Dean's t-shirt had been pretty much ripped apart around his dislocated left shoulder, so when he put himself in position, he felt Cas' hands touching his skin as the angel prepared to fix the shoulder. Dean noticed that the angel's left hand was uncomfortably close to the handprint on his shoulder.

Dean let out a pained groan as Cas pulled him from his thoughts when he fixed the shoulder. He should have paid more attention, he thought to himself.

But then it happened. Castiel was about to pull his hands away from Dean's shoulder when Dean, who wasn't really thinking, turned and made Castiel's right hand touch directly at the handprint, sending shockwaves of strange pleasure through Dean's entire body. He let out a gasp of surprise and Castiel almost immediately pulled his hand away as if burned.

Dean stared at the angel in shock, and saw that the angel also seemed shocked by the contact. But he didn't know if he had felt the same as Dean, or if he knew that the contact had done to him.

"Sorry, that... that was not supposed to happen," Cas said, staring wide-eyed at Dean's shoulder before looking back into Dean's eyes.

Dean blinked a few times, pulling himself back to reality. "Uh, no problem, Cas." He quickly turned away from the angel and went over to the first aid kit and pulled out a small bottle of pure alcohol, which he was going to use to clean the cuts on Sam's hands.

Sam looked from the angel to his brother, who was avoiding looking at Castiel. "Uh, did I miss something?" he asked uncertainly. He hadn't seen Cas' hand touch Dean's shoulder because he was looking the other way, but Dean's gasp had alerted him, and now he noticed the two of them weren't looking at each other.

"Nope, you didn't, Sammy," Dean said blankly and started to clean the cuts.

"I shall leave you to it then," Castiel said, uncomfortably, and was gone before Sam could say anything.


The next time Dean saw Castiel was the next day when the angel dropped by their motel room, just as they were packing and getting ready to hit the road again.

He heard the familiar flapping of wings and both he and Sam turned to see Castiel standing in the room.

"Hey Cas," Sam greeted, offering the angel a small smile before turning to pack his duffle bag again.

"Hello Sam."

"Anything new? Why are you here?" Sam asked, glancing at the angel as he started tidying his bed.

"I only came to see if you were alright after yesterday's occurrences."

"Uh, yeah, I think we're fine," Sam said, looking at Dean in confusion. Dean simply shrugged and walked closer to the angel.

"Hey Cas, is my Baby still where we left her?" Dean asked.

Castiel did not quite understand why Dean always referred to the Impala as "his Baby", but he didn't ask about it. He nodded silently at Dean's question and Dean's face lit up with relief.

"C'mon, Sammy, we gotta go get her," he said almost eagerly.

"Yeah, yeah, let me pack this stuff first, jeez," Sam mumbled as he packed the rest of his stuff.

Dean was about to join Sam out the door when he suddenly caught glimpse of something behind Castiel' back. He stopped and stared. It was like he could see the faint lines of something behind the angel's shoulders but he couldn't quite make out what it was.

Castiel looked as Dean suddenly stopped his movements and saw that the human was staring at something behind him. He turned his head to look, but he saw nothing out of the ordinary. When he looked back at Dean, Dean was still staring perplexed, narrowing his eyes as if hoping to see it more clearly.

"Dean?" Castiel asked uncertainly, trying to catch the human's eyes.

Dean snapped back to the present and was now staring into Castiel's eyes. "What?"

Before Castiel could say anything, Sam re-entered the room. "You coming or what?" he asked Dean. Dean mumbled something and went out the door. Sam stood in the doorway, staring after his weird brother. He looked at Cas, who hadn't moved since he got there. "Cas, you wonna come too?"

Castiel looked up at the younger Winchester. "No, thank you, I have other things to attend to."

"Okay," Sam said, watching the angel disappear before he left the motel with Dean, heading off to the forest to find the car.


Dean thought he was simply seeing things that day in the motel room, but next few times he saw Castiel, he was seeing it again.

At first he couldn't make out what it was, but then he started to see it more clearly each time he met the angel. It was wings. Well, not their full shape, they were still very transparent, but they were definitely wings.

He must be going crazy, he thought.

They had called for Cas' assistance after they got a case of weird deaths in a hospital in North Carolina. They suspected the reapers to have something to do with it, and needed Castiel's help since he was the only one of them who could see and talk to the reapers.

But Dean's attention was not been on the case. No, it was on Castiel's wings, now even more visible than last time he saw the angel, but still not fully visible.

Dean found himself keeping a distance to Castiel when the angel turned his back on him, and those huge half-transparent wings were suddenly thrown up his face. It was crazy. He knew the angel had wings but he shouldn't be able to see them. No mortal should be able to. Which is why he must be going crazy, hallucinating, and definitely needed more sleep.

"Dean? Dean. Dean!"

Dean snapped out of his thoughts and looked up at Sam, who was giving him a concerned look. Castiel was searching the hospital for more reapers, questioning them about the deaths in the hospital, leaving Sam and Dean alone until he came back.


"Dean, you've been staring at Castiel all day. What the hell is going on with you, you're making the poor guy uncomfortable," Sam said.

"I wasn't staring at him," Dean said defensively. Sam didn't seem convinced.

"Right. Just… stop staring at him with that intense look, he thinks he did something wrong. Jeez."

Castiel returned in that moment, his attention more on Sam than Dean.

"The reapers say they have nothing to do with this," Castiel told them. "But it doesn't make any sense to me."

"Why not?" Sam asked, perplexed.

"Because of the way those people died. Only reapers can leave them dead without any trace of crime or sickness," Castiel explained. "With an exception of angels but I doubt they have anything to do with this."

He was doing his best to ignore Dean's constant staring, but he couldn't help feeling extremely uncomfortable. His wings shifted behind him as a wave of discomfort went through his body.

Dean's eyes immediately focused on the movement; how the white, soft-looking feathers moved and made a soft sound when the feathers rubbed against each other. It was entrancing. He hadn't seen Cas move the wings before, and now he stared at Cas with his jaw slightly dropped. Maybe this wasn't a hallucination after all?


The sound of Sam's sharp voice brought him back. He left himself blush slightly and muttered a 'sorry', before turning away.

"Don't mind him," Sam told Cas with a fake smile.

It turned out that this case was similar to a previous case they had once been on, back when Dean suffered from a heart damage after being electrocuted. Some woman in the hospital had used a reaper to kill people she held a grudge against. But this time the reaper did not give a life in exchange for another, but simply killed the people it was ordered to kill.

When they arrived back at the motel later that night, Castiel was still with them. Dean was trying not to look at him, but it was difficult with those huge wings being behind the guy's back all the time.

Dean watched, entranced, as the wings spread slightly as Cas stood in the middle of the room, obviously not knowing what to do with himself. Sam was cleaning the table of stuff so he could put his laptop on it.

The wings were now almost fully visible to Dean. It seemed the longer he looked at them, the more he could see them. It hit him that maybe he was not going crazy after all. Maybe what was seeing was real, and he could actually see Castiel's wings, as crazy as it sounded.

Sam looked between the two before he took his laptop and headed towards the door. "I need to go somewhere else, the reception here is really bad," he lied. "So uh, see ya later guys," and he was out the door before either of them could protest.

"Uh. Okay, weird," Dean said before sitting down on the edge of his bed, stretching his tired body as Castiel observed him in silence. "What?" he asked the angel when he noticed him looking.

"Dean." Castiel took a step closer to Dean, staring down at the man. "Why are you staring all the time? Are you still upset about what happened that night in North Carolina?"

"What?" Dean said, not knowing what Cas was talking about until it him: the night Cas had touched the handprint. "No, Cas, I told you it was okay. Accident, right?"

"Then why won't you meet my eyes anymore?"

Did he hear sadness in the angel's voice? He looked up and gazed into Castiel's blue eyes. The angel seemed tense and nervous, and his wings were tugged close to his body. He quickly looked away from the wings and back into Castiel's eyes.

"It's not you, Cas, it's me," Dean sighed. "I don't know, I haven't been feeling… well... lately, I think I'm just tired, not really thinking about where I am looking. Lack of sleep, ya know. It's not you, really," he promised. He knew he should tell Cas what he was seeing, but he wasn't even sure if what he saw was real, and if it was, how would Cas react? The thought frightened him and he chose to ignore everything. It was so much easier.

Castiel stared at Dean, obviously not knowing whether he should believe him or not, but then his expression changed to one of relief, and Dean could have sworn he saw a hint of joy as well.

"Alright. I believe you, Dean."

Dean gave the angel a grateful smile before he saw the wings unfurl, and with a flap, Castiel was gone and he was alone in the room.

He was so going to hell again for secretly spying on an angel's wings.

To be continued…