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Dean stepped out of the shower, pulled a towel around his waist and went over to the mirror to shave his face. His mind kept wandering to what happened the other day and how Cas had protected him. Why had the angel done it? He was mad at him, wasn't he? It just didn't make any sense.

Dean stared at himself in the bathroom mirror. He had already shaved and now he let his hands travel over his now much smoother skin.

Absently, he turned his body slightly so he could see Castiel's handprint on his left shoulder reflected in the mirror.

Right. The handprint. It was the handprint's fault all this had happened.

After Castiel's hand had accidentally touched it, Dean had felt waves of pleasure sweep through his entire body. It had felt right; like Castiel's hand was supposed to be there.

And, God, did Dean want Castiel, and it didn't matter if the angel was currently in a very male body, Dean wanted him – the angel, not the guy he was wearing. He wanted Castiel. But he could never have him. The angel was angry at him and it was his own fault.

Dean sighed, pulled the towel tighter around his waist before he opened the door and exited the bathroom to put on his clothes. He flinched when he saw someone standing in the middle of the room; blue eyes meeting his own before travelling down his mostly naked body.

"Cas! What the hell!" Dean exclaimed; half surprised, half embarrassed.

Castiel stared at Dean in utter surprise as the hunter exited the bathroom. He hadn't heard anyone in there and thought the motel room was completely empty. He certainly hadn't expected Dean to walk out almost naked. His eyes travelled down the hunter's body and the strong muscles; admiring it before he quickly blushed and looked away.

"Sorry, I didn't know you were here," Castiel said, looking everywhere else but at the half naked human in front of him.

"Uh, right. What are you doing here anyway, Cas?" Dean asked; face flushed and still embarrassed about meeting Cas at a time like this. He carefully avoided looking at the wings before he went over to pick up his clothes from his bed.

"I dropped by to see if you were here. Neither of you answered your phones so I started wondering where you were."

"Oh. Well, I was in the shower, and I don't bring my cell phone there. Wonder what Sam's excuse is," Dean said. He was about to remove the towel and put his boxers on, but he stopped his movements to look behind him and saw Castiel looking at his body intently; wings twitching nervously behind him.

"Cas? Do you mind?"

Castiel stared up to Dean's eyes, blushing and then turned around to let Dean have his privacy.

Dean suddenly remembered that he had actually invaded Castiel's privacy the last few weeks – and was actually still doing it. What right did he have to demand privacy for himself?

But the angel had turned around anyway, so Dean quickly put on his clothes before turning around again.

There was an awkward silence between them as neither of them said anything, waiting for the other to break the silence.

Dean watched as Castiel shifted nervously, eyes fixed on the floor.

"Cas?" Dean asked, uncertainly.

"Dean. Why… why didn't you tell me? That you could see them…" Castiel whispered, not looking at Dean.

Dean was taken a little aback by the question. "Cas… it's not like I meant to hide it from you. I just… I couldn't bring myself to say it. I was afraid what you'd say. What you'd think..." Dean's voice was gentle. He moved his head, trying to catch Castiel's gaze and was rewarded when the angel lifted his head and looked back at him.

In that moment the motel door opened and Sam stepped inside. "Hey," he said as he saw Castiel. He stopped his movements and stared at Dean in surprise. "Uh, I thought you had gone out?"

Dean tried to hide his annoyance and anger at Sam's extremely bad timing, but then turned to look at his younger brother in confusion. "What? I told you I was gonna take a shower."

"Oh. Must have missed that part," Sam said as he closed the door and went over to the small table to sit by his laptop.

"Yeah, you must have," Dean said, still annoyed that the conversation was disturbed by his stupid little brother. "And why didn't you answer your phone? Cas tried calling you."

Sam looked up at that; staring from Dean to the angel and noticed that they were standing closer to each other than they had for a while now. "Uh, the battery went dead. I'm gonna recharge it now anyway." He turned to put his phone into the charger before he looked back; eyes settling on Castiel. "Why did you call? Did you need anything?"

Castiel looked at Sam and shook his head. "No, it was nothing. I think I'll leave for now."

And then Dean saw the wings unfurl and the angel was gone before either of them could protest.


They had almost managed to talk it out – or at least they were about to. But of course Sam had to come and ruin it.

But it wasn't really Sam's fault, Dean knew that. Sam couldn't possibly have known that they were finally talking about things right before he decided to walk into the room. It was just Dean's bad luck.

It was late night. Sam had gone out to the local library. He said he was first gonna be back in the morning since he had some plans afterwards. Dean didn't ask what, though he had felt tempted to. He just hoped his brother was getting laid, the guy really needed it.

So, Dean was alone in the motel, looking at some magazine. He didn't even find the Busty Asian Beauties magazine that interesting anymore; he could stare at the pages for hours but he wouldn't get aroused at all. But whenever he thought about Castiel and those wings, he'd get aroused almost immediately.

He had liked Castiel for a long time, but he first started noticing it right after Castiel had thrown himself in front of the archangels to help Dean and stop the apocalypse. But back then, Dean had been able to deny those feelings and ignore them.

But he couldn't anymore.

Dean put aside the magazine and leaned back against the headboard and closed his eyes. The wings popped up in his mind immediately and Dean gasped in arousal. He let his hands find their way to his already hard member and started rubbing himself through his jeans. He imagined what Castiel's body looked like under all those layers of clothes. A groan escaped Dean's lips as he thought about Castiel naked, and how he imagined those wings coming out of the vessel's body around the shoulder blades. He bet that spot was very soft and sensitive.

Dean was just about to let his hand travel into his boxers when suddenly the sound of flapping wings made him flinch and pull his hands out and away from his groin. He stared up and saw Castiel standing by the end of his bed.

"Damnit, Cas! Warn a guy!" Dean exclaimed; hoping to God that Castiel's hadn't noticed what he was just doing. But it seemed like he hadn't so Dean was lucky.

That was when Dean noticed something was wrong. Castiel was standing there, but it looked like he could barely keep himself on his feet. Then Dean noticed that the angel was completely drenched in rain and… was that blood?

"Jesus, Cas! What the hell happened?" Dean stood up and walked over to Castiel; putting his hands on the angel's shoulders to steady him. Castiel flinched slightly but then he seemed to relax.

"Nothing. I just… ran into angels, that's all," Castiel murmured.

Dean guided the angel to sit down on the edge of the bed; careful not to let his arms brush against the wings as he did so. The wings weren't wet like Castiel himself was; apparently they were not affected much by this world. As Castiel sat down, the wings melted into the bed as if the bed wasn't even there. Dean found it rather fascinating.

Dean carefully moved the trench coat and jacket aside to look for the wound the blood came from. There wasn't all too much blood but it still made Dean concerned. He frowned when he didn't see any wound and when the shirt was nearly undamaged.

"Most of it isn't my blood," Castiel explained when he noticed Dean's confusion. "I healed the few smaller cuts I got, but I still have some bruises, but they'll go away soon. And I'm… tired."

"Oh," Dean said. "I guess you killed those angels then, huh?"

Castiel didn't reply but kept looking at his hands, which were now in his lap. That was when Dean noticed something off about the left wing. There were a few feathers missing, close to the wing bone. He saw smaller traces of blood too, but it wasn't much.

"You're staring, Dean," Castiel said, uncomfortably.

"Shit, I'm sorry, I didn't—" Dean trailed off. "What happened?"

Castiel shifted uncomfortably; the wings also shifting behind him. Dean noticed the left wing didn't fold itself behind his back as much as the right wing did. "It's common when angels fight that we seek to injure the other's wings."

Dean was rather shocked but somehow it didn't surprise him. "Because they're sensitive."

Castiel nodded.

There was silence again.

Dean sat down on the edge of the bed next to Castiel; body turned slightly towards the angel and was careful to avoid the wings. Especially the injured left wing.

Suddenly Dean remembered a question that had haunted his mind since this first started.

"Cas?" Dean asked, and Castiel turned his head to look at him with blue eyes. "I don't think I get it… I mean, your wings aren't supposed to be seen by mortals, are they?"


"Then why can I see them? Does it have something to do with what happened back in North Carolina?" Dean asked uncertainly.

Castiel's eyebrows knitted together as he considered the question. "I believe it was a side effect from me touching your shoulder." He looked towards Dean's left shoulder, but with Dean sitting on Castiel's left side, he could barely see it. "Marks like that are rare… I didn't know me touching it would have this kind of side effect for you – no one did. I am sorry." Castiel's expression told Dean he was feeling guilty about this.

"Don't worry about it, Cas," Dean chuckled. "It's not that bad."

Castiel's eyes widened before he looked away, blushing. Dean chuckled a little and they both stayed silent for a while.

"You're… You're not still mad, are you…?" Dean then asked carefully, fearing the answer.

"I'm not mad, Dean," Castiel assured him. "I was at first. Because you had been staring all that time and didn't tell me. I felt… violated." His voice was almost like a whisper, and he avoided looking at Dean as he said this.

"But then why aren't you mad anymore…?"

Dean swore Castiel blushed even more now and clearly didn't want to explain himself. He raised an eyebrow in suspicion. "Cas?"

"I…" Cas trailed off. "I was angry at you at first. Angels don't like it when someone stares at their wings for too long at the time, not even when it's other angels, and I realised you had done it a lot."

Dean watched as Castiel gazed at him occasionally; looking nervous and uncomfortable, but he didn't ask him why.

"But after a while I…" Castiel trailed off, biting his lower lip before looking away. "Dean, I don't… Why is this important?"

"Because you don't just change your feelings just like that. I totally violated you and then suddenly you aren't mad anymore? Cas, just tell me what you wanted to say earlier. Please."

Castiel looked like he wanted to just fly away from everything, but Dean put a hand on his arm, not wanting him to go just yet. The angel shifted. "'But after a while… I realised I didn't really mind you looking,' is what I wanted to say." Castiel turned to look at Dean like a kicked puppy.

Dean's mouth almost fell open at that. Cas didn't mind him looking at his wings? Did that mean… Could it be…?

"I'm sorry, I shouldn't have—" But before Castiel could finish and before he could move himself away from Dean in shame, Dean's lips were on his.

Castiel's eyes widened in shock as the hunter was kissing him, but then he let himself melt into the kiss and kissed back. It was awkward and clumsy as Cas didn't really know what to do, but he let Dean's mouth guide him. And God, did it feel good.

Dean now realised why Castiel had protected him in the diner. He had been possessive and protective of Dean because he had feelings for him. Dean groaned at the thought and kissed Castiel even harder; placing a possessive hand on the back of the angel's neck. Castiel moaned into Dean's mouth with approval.

After what seemed like an eternity of kissing, Dean pulled away slowly. "God, Cas… You have no idea for how long I wanted to do that."

Castiel stared at him in surprise. "You wanted to…"

"Fuck, yeah. For a very long time," Dean smiled.

Castiel blushed violently, wings giving a small jerk behind him. Dean turned his attention to the wings. They were still so beautiful and magnificent. He wondered if Cas would ever let him have a proper look at them?

Castiel seemed to understand the question in Dean's eyes as the hunter stared at the wings. "Do you want me to stretch them out for you?" he asked shyly.

Now it was Dean's turn to stare in surprise. "Uh, you don't have to..."

"But I want to," Castiel replied before getting up from the bed to stand a few feet away from it. The wings stretched slowly, and Dean got up from the bed to walk closer. He noticed Cas groaning softly in pain as he stretched the left wing out, but then the pained look from his face was gone, and the wings were fully extended.

Dean hadn't seen them properly while they were extended. Mostly Cas had them folded behind his back, and back in the diner they were only fully extended for a short time. Dean watched them entranced; observing the soft feathers move as Cas stretched out the strong wings.

"God, you're beautiful, Cas," Dean whispered; still entranced and staring at the wings.

Castiel blushed and his wings jerked gently.

"Can I… Can I touch them?" Dean suddenly asked.

Castiel's eyes widened in surprise and suddenly there was fear in them. "What? N-No!" The wings folded back against the angel's back.

"C'mon Cas, I just want to touch, that's all," Dean pleaded. He knew he probably shouldn't ask for this but he couldn't stop himself. He wanted to touch them, he had to, or he'd explode.

The angel was now shaking his head and murmured "no, no, no," and took a few steps away from Dean.

"Please, Cas?" Dean pleaded; eyes never leaving Castiel's frightened ones.

Castiel regarded Dean suspiciously. He didn't see any sign of bad intention in Dean's eyes.

After a few moments Castiel's body seemed to relax and he slowly stretched the wings out again – but not fully.

Dean took this as an invitation and slowly walked closer to Castiel. He stood right up in front of the angel's right wing, staring at the feathers in awe. They were so beautiful up this close. He glanced at Castiel's face, which showed him the angel was nervous, before he carefully moved his right hand towards the soft feathers.

Castiel hissed a little when Dean's hand finally touched the feathers gently. Dean waited until he saw Castiel relax before he gently moved his hand through the feathers. Castiel gasped but quickly shut his mouth to stay quiet. He observed Dean's every movement from the corner of his eye.

Dean was in total awe. The feathers felt much softer and better than he had imagined. He had never felt anything like them before. He was obsessed with them, no doubt, and he moved his hand through the feathers all the way out to the feathers furthest away from Castiel's body. Then he walked back towards Castiel's body; left hand gently touching along the strong wing bone as he did so.

Castiel gasped and whimpered, and Dean felt the wing jerk. Dean looked at him in bewilderment. "You like this, don't you? When I touch them."

Castiel bit his lower lip in shame and nodded.

A grin formed on Dean's face. "That's kinky."

"Dean," Castiel warned. But then Dean was kissing him again and he forgot about everything else. He barely noticed when Dean slowly dragged him towards the bed; gently pushing him down onto it.

Castiel made a surprised sound but then Dean was on top of him and shushed him. "Can you make the wings lay on top of the bed rather than going right through it?"

Castiel regarded Dean with a frown, but did as Dean asked. The wings were now much easier for Dean to touch as they lay on top of the sheets. And then Dean started stroking them gently – the left wing too, but carefully avoided the place where it was wounded.

Castiel gasped and his back arched off the bed, causing Dean to chuckle. He felt Dean's hardness against his thigh as the hunter stroked his wings. Carefully, Castiel moved his right hand down and cupped Dean's cock through the jeans, squeezing gently.

Now it was Dean's turn to gasp. "Fuck, Cas!"

Castiel's eyes widened at the reaction Dean made from his touch. He started rubbing his hand against the front of Dean's jeans until the man was gasping even more, and his stroking on Cas' wings became less controlled. Dean leaned down and kissed Castiel roughly as they stroked each other; both lost in lust and sensation.

"Fuck, Cas," Dean gasped as he pulled away from the kiss. "I… I need you, Cas. Right now," he growled.

"Yes," Castiel breathed. And then they started shedding each other's clothes rough and fast. Every layer needed to get off now. In less than a minute, all the layers were off and they were now naked before each other.

Castiel looked just like Dean had imagined. His frame was smaller than Dean's, had less muscles and was slim. But God, the guy was hot. Dean's cock was so painfully hard and leaking, and looking at Castiel all laid out and naked before him didn't help that matter.

Dean leaned down and started sucking and nipping on Castiel's throat, causing the angel's back to arch off the bed and gasp Dean's name. Dean chuckled. He grabbed the lube from the table beside the bed, coated his fingers with it and started pushing a finger gently against Cas' entrance.

Castiel tensed a little as Dean's finger tried to intrude his body, but he relaxed and let Dean's finger breach him. Soon there were two fingers, and then there were three and Castiel started moaning and writhing on the bed. "Dean… please, I can't… I want…" he whimpered.

Dean shushed him gently and pulled his fingers out, smiling when Castiel whimpered at the loss. Then he lubed himself up and slowly pressed his cock into Cas.

Both were moaning and gasping as Dean slowly penetrated Castiel. It didn't take long before he was fully inside and started moving. He thrusted gently at first, to let Cas get used to the feeling, but it wasn't until Cas' legs moved around his hips to pull him further into him that he started thrusting faster and harder.

Castiel was moaning and whimpering Dean's name; nails pressing into Dean's back. Dean changed positions; sitting up and pulled Castiel into his lap, still thrusting into him, and placed his hands possessively on the angel's hips. Castiel's cock was trapped between their bodies; smearing precome all over their abdomens.

Castiel's wings moved around their bodies like a cocoon as they were both lost in lust and pleasure. Dean moved one hand from Castiel's hips to the base of Castiel's wings. He gently touched where the vessel's body and the wings met and Castiel gasped loudly, threw his head back and arched his back. "God! Dean!" he shouted in pleasure.

Dean chuckled smugly and started stroking that spot even faster and even more. He moved his other hand from Cas' hip and started jerking the angel off roughly.

Castiel screamed in pleasure, and it didn't take long before he exploded in Dean's arms with a wail of Dean's name.

Dean felt Castiel's muscles clench around him as the angel came, and with a shout of Cas' name, he came inside the angel; bright lights flashing before his eyes as he climaxed.

They both collapsed on the bed, sated and exhausted.

After they caught their breath, Castiel snuggled up against Dean and made a contented sound. Dean didn't usually snuggle, but he found himself not caring now and snuggled back against Cas; pulling his arms possessively around the angel's waist and buried his face in the angel's hair.

"Are you still mad at me for looking?" Dean asked after a while.

Castiel thought about his question before he smiled and answered: "No. But next time you see something out of the ordinary, let me know."

Dean chuckled, pulling Castiel closer and closed his eyes. He soon fell asleep in the arms of his angel. And he was happy.

The end.


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