Private Pool Party Chapter 1 Rated M

Thanks to a good friend of mine (csikane) I was inspired to write this story. I just loved your beach party story I felt I had to kinda compete and write one myself. I hope you're not mad. LOL!

Mac had just made the final payments for a new pool which was to be installed in his backyard by mid-week so it can be ready for the weekend. So deep in thought with paper work and thinking about the pool party he's planning to throw this weekend he didn't hear Stella come into his office.

Stella: "Hey Mac, what you doing?"

Mac: "Oh hey Stell, I was just planning a pool party at my house."

Stella: "When did you get a pool?"

Mac: "Just last night i finished the payments, it should be ready for this weekend."

Stella: "So who's coming to this pool if i may ask?"

Mac: "The staff, who else."

Stella: "That is so cool Mac, a nice pool party."

Mac: "Yea i figured that everyone can use a nice weekend, so why not have fun."

Stella: "Did I just hear Mac Taylor say he wants to have fun?"

Mac: "Very funny Stella. Well its just that well this pool is huge why not invite everyone over for some beers and a good time. It is summer you know. Instead of sitting at a hot and humid bar, you can just have a beer and cool off in my pool."

Stella: "Cocky aren't we?"

Mac: "Maybe just a lil. What's the matter Stella, sounds like you are afraid of the water, can't you swim?"

Stella stood quiet for a moment, she figured she play with his mind for a bit, {hmmm if I tell him no will he be willing to show me. ohhh mac in nothing but swim trunks holding me close to his body teaching me how to swim, oh i'll do anything to have his body against mine.}

Mac: "Stella?" he said interupting her thoughts

Stella: "HUH?"

Mac: "I asked if you knew how to swim."

Stella: "Um, no."

Mac: "Don't worry the pool isn't that deep. Just 10 ft that's all."

Stella: "Oh very funny Mac, I guess the next crime scene will be at your house. I can see the headline now. Dectective's 2nd in command drowns because she didn't know how to swim."

Mac: "Awww take it easy Stell, I'll show you if you like."

Stella: "No that's ok Mac, I'll just skip your pool party and sit in a hot and humid bar and have a beer."

Mac: "Oh come on, Stell, I said i'd teach you, geez why you acting like that. You know I wouldn't let you drown or let anything happen to you. I care about you."

Stella: "You sure you just don't want to see me in a bikini?"

Mac: "Stella, I'm inviting Lindsay, Jess, Kendall, and even Don's sister Samantha. I think all of them will be wearing bikinis"

Stella: "Oh I see. Well if you wanna show me how to swim then that's ok too. When will the pool be ready?"

Mac: "Should be ready by this afternoon. So if you want I can show you tomorrow. It is your day off."

Stella: "Ok i'll be there by noon. Is that alright?"

Mac: "Sounds great."

Stella: "OK see you then."

{hmmmmm Stella in a bikini, in my arms, maybe I can do a lil more than show her how to swim. Oh get serious Mac, she's not interested. She tried avoiding the party. Is she really afraid of swimming. I mean I wouldn't let her drown. I love her too much. Man I don't even know if she likes me or if she feels anything for me. Oh i'm such a fool, who am i kidding why would she like me. I'm not even in good shape, I mean I work out of and look ok for my age, but she can do better than me. ughhh I'm gonna tell her to forget it.} Just as he was walking out he bumped into Stella

Stella: "Geez Mac, watch where you going?"

Mac: "I- i'm sorry."

Stella: "Mac, you ok? you look like somethings bothering you."

Mac: "I- um it's-"

Stella: "Oh Mac, before i forget can I leave early so i can by my bikinis. I wanna look good for the party."

Mac: "Bikinis? why do you need more than one?"

Stella: "Well I'll need one for the party this weekend and (she started steping up closer til there was litterly no space between them) And well one for the um, private swim lesson." she whispered into his ear before stepping back.

Mac: "I- um- right, yea sure you can go and ummm buy your umm your"

Stella: "Bikini!"

Mac: "Right."

Stella: "Mac, you alright?"

Mac: "I'm fine, I'll- I'll see you tomorrow."

Mac walked quickly away trying to hid his hard on.

Mac: "Dammit Stella" {hmm you know what i'm gonna take a risk with you. I can't hid my feelings for you anymore.} he thought to himself.

Stella knew exactly what she was doing. She not only proved to herself that Mac is dying to see her in a bikini but is nervous about being with her alone, and well she felt his body heat when she was so close to him.

{just wait til tomorrow Mac, i'm gonna have you all to myself. I'll show you who really can swim. Hmmm I wonder if i can fake a drown just so he can rescue me. Hmmmm Mac, you lips on mine, your hard cock against my pussy, your strong arms holding me tight. Ohhh i need to go shopping before they close.}

Stella: "Tomorrow Mac. I'm gonna make you all mine tomorrow." she said out loud to herself.

Mac: "Tomorrow Stella. I'm gonna make you all mine tomorrow." he said out loud to himself.