(A/N) here is my Reality Seer challenge; write a story with this as the prologue. In this future everyone but Luna betrays him for selfish reasons. Harry sends his soul back in time to his 11 year old self and gives him the knowledge to fight. Write a fic about how Harry fights against Dumbledore without allying himself with Voldemort. Harry cannot trust Dumbledore, Ron, Hermione, Ginny, or Neville. He must be a Ravenclaw. He cannot become evil, but he may be dark. It must be a H/L pairing.

Harry Potter, slave living under the stairs. For as long as he could remember he had been know as freak. It was only once he went to school that he learned his name was Harry. Now locked in his cupboard, Harry moaned silently, his arm was broken again, of that he had no doubt. He had been to slow with the bacon with morning and his Uncle had hit him to make him hurry. Of course what really happened was he dropped the plate. So of course that deserved a beating from his loving uncle. Harry thought bitterly. He knew better then to cry out; attention was bad; it only brought pain and work.

Harry was nearing his eleventh birthday, only a few more weeks. Suddenly Harry's eyes glowed. No one saw it, not even him, but he felt the effects. Power and knowledge poured into his mind. He remembered things that had never happened; he knew things that were not possible. And his scar burst into fiery pain. Suddenly it all stopped.

Harry looked up and standing in front of him was a man, his feet sunk through the floor, his green eyes sharp and penetrating. Then he spoke.

"Harry if you're seeing this then it worked, you should have all of my skills and Voldemort's memories. Yes you are a wizard, no; you cannot use magic on the Durslys yet."

Harry's eyes went wide as he assimilated new information. He realized what he felt now, memories and powers. His mind had rejected some of Voldemorts memories, only the parts where he was not torturing someone were left. As he was usually torturing someone, or at least contemplating it, some of his memories were missing. At least his skills were in place.

"You know what is coming Harry," the man Harry now recognized as himself said. "You will need to attend Hogwarts, but you should use it as an opportunity. Break Dumbledore for what he will do to you, but remember to gain friends and followers as well. You will need them when the time comes." Harry the elder said.

The older Harry faded out, and left a younger Harry Potter with the knowledge and power he would need to fight the dark lords of the wizarding world. This Harry would be strong, and powerful, he would not be a weak and pliable weapon for Dumbledore and Voldemort. No, this time he was his own side.

It was only a few weeks later when the letter from Hogwarts arrived. Harry had spent that time reviewing what he knew from the future that never happened. He knew how his future self was able to send his knowledge and memories back in time. He also knew why.


Dumbledore had manipulated him into sacrificing his life for a cause he didn't believe in, and gave him no choice. Then when Harry had finally killed Voldemort, Dumbledore reemerged, claiming that it was his power that killed Voldemort and not Harry's. But that wasn't the worst bit.

No, that wasn't the worst bit. The worst bit was using love potions on him to bind him in a magical marriage ceremony that could not be broken without both parties dieing. He had even believed what he was doing was because he loved the girl in question. Of course Ginny was being used as well, as a way to pay off the Weasleys debts. As soon as they were married, Ginny used Potter gold to pay off every debt the Weasleys had.

While Harry agreed on principle, she had never even considered asking him in any way. What was worse was that when she stopped giving him the love potions (plural) she expected him to still love her. Of course the fact that he was stuck with her nearly made him kill them both out of revenge.

After that, he tried to turn to his friends. They all turned their backs on him. Ron revealed that he and Hermione had been paid to keep tabs on him since second year. Ron had been ordered to befriend Harry on the train. Neville had been blackmailed into spying on Harry to have a hope of healing his parents. Only Luna was honestly a friend, but she could do nothing to help.

When Dumbledore murdered Luna to try and force him closer to Ginny Harry snapped. He left England, and spent years searching for a way back in time. He found a ritual to do so. Before he left however he trained himself in various methods of dueling and magical construction. He learned everything he believed he would need to survive in the past.

With Dumbledore actively hunting him, and Ginny hidden in the old Horcrux Lake, dosed with the Drought of Living Death, Harry performed the ritual, only seconds before Dumbledore blew down the door and struck him with an Avada Kedavra.