================BELLA'S POV=================

As the group stepped of the plane and on to Russia, I had asked Rosalie if I could possibly carry Marri for a while surely her arms hurt a little? She smiled and gave me the little rat.

I rocked her absently – mindedly as I scanned for a break in the crowd to escape in. Emmett, meanwhile, was still fuming Carlisle.

"He better not follow us." He half – snared at Rosalie. She patted his muscular arm lightly.

"He wouldn't dare." She hissed back. She always did like making people angry.

"Oh dear," I breathed. Edward glanced toward me in question. I raised my chin toward the screaming couple in the middle of the hallway. They were, by the sound of it, getting a divorce and the woman was now ripping open the man's suitcase, throwing his clothes all over. The man was trying to get people to stop stepping on them but was unsuccessful until he resorted to yelling at him. And Emmett had just stepped on a pair of navy blue boxers.

The man soon began cursing and screaming at Emmett, which made Emmett do the same thing back and before you know it, there was a full out brawl taking place in front of me. Surprisingly, the girl never woke up. Rosalie and Edward were trying to pull him of the human. While they had their hands full, I quickly slipped away.

With the girl in one arm, still asleep, I whipped out my cell phone and began to surf the Internet for a hotel room.

================JASPER''S POV=================

It had been two days since our decision to go after Emmett. Carlisle had been inviting Charlie to the house for the last two days and with Esme, they would entertain him while Alice and I sneaked into his office and tried to find out where Emmett had flown the group to with his computer but so far, there had been no success. He had used an alias.

I hit Charlie's desk out of aggravation. "We've tried every name that he usually uses, he could be anyone!"

Alice, however, was staring into the computer screen with her mouth wide out in horror.


"Jasper…we have a problem."