Title: Counting to Ten

Synopsis: A short series of ficlets based on the wonderful Twincest pairing. Each have to do with performing a lewd act on a bed —otherwise, mayhap somewhere else, but still of the sort.

Rating: M - [PWP]; There might be some slight OOC, so I apologize beforehand.

Disclaimer: Bisco Hatori-sensei owns Ouran Koukou Host-bu and all it's characters; I solely use them for writing funtimes.

Author's Note: I figured, since / have a personal favoritism for them, might as well, Y'know? Also, I decided on keeping Hikaru seme for all of them, because he just seems like the more dominant one to me. Feedback and criticism is appreciated~.

A sharp, breathless cry tinged the brisk midnight air with erotica and sensuality, as a thatch of orange hair threw itself back.

Mewling into the hot, coaxing mouth above him, the younger adolescent sent his elder a pleading look.

Pulling away to catch their clearly needed breaths, much to both their chagrin, the older carrot-top allowed himself to smirk some.

"You know, I don't think I'll ever get tired of seeing you like this…"

Flustering an impossibly darker shade of red, the younger thrust his hips up into the warm hand coaxing his sex to full arousal. Head tossing to the side, in an absentminded attempt to hide his current wanton, he gave another groan into the chilly air.

"H-Hikaru…Ah! S-stop teasing me!"

Smirk gaining more territory on his face due to his current mischief, said twin stopped with his once feather-light caresses and resumed going about it his usual ways; passionate, fervent and mind-blowing.

Forefinger caressing the skin on the underside of his erection, he nipped at the offered skin of his brother's neck with a clear passion. Thumbs tracing random figures along his balls all the way up to his weeping tip, he gave a final predatorily bite to his younger brother's clavicle before snaking his hands down lower until he teased the soft, sensitive patch of skin between his sac and the tantalizingly puckered entrance of his ass.

Whining, though thoroughly aware it did nothing but make Hikaru desire to elicit more of those sultry sounds of approval, Kaoru grinded into his touch.

Prompt in finally fingering his way into his sibling's tight heat, he fleetingly sent him a wary look in case the other needed a moment to adjust.

It was Hikaru who was left breathless, however, as the youth beneath him began to slide in and out, shamelessly fucking his elder's digit.

Finding it harder and harder to stop his own fully engorged sex from twitching, Hikaru wasted no time as he thrust in another finger, breaths growing ragged himself.

Suddenly, however, all coherent thought was stripped from him as he felt his younger wrap a slick hand around his neglected arousal.

"Hikaru… please, I want…!"

Taking a deep, shaky inhalation, the former briefly scissor the slowly loosening muscles with a faint grin.

"You can't expect me to give up my second favorite part of this, can you, Kaoru?"

Chewing on his lower lip rather harshly, he shook his head against the sodden pillows beneath them as Hikaru knowingly brushed a bundle of nerves he had been looking for.


Kaoru's tone was firm, despite his lust, and the former gave a soft chuckle and pecked his lips longingly before fastening lithe legs around his waist securely.

Purposely taking his time to pull out his fingers, he gave a sly look at his twin's half-hearted glare, before guiding himself and thrusting into the surprisingly slick warmth of his brother.

Tossing his head back in an even more erotic fashion, Kaoru cursed idly before the two began to move.

Starting at a slow, teasing pace, he found his body was unwilling to let himself drag the process out any longer and they promptly increased their tempo.

Bed creaking softly against the thrusting weight and jerky movements each gave; Kaoru moaned a sweet call of his older brother's name to the winds, swearing his undying love to his counterpart through heavy pants. Reaching down to stroke the younger male's nearly forgotten erection, Hikaru suckled along his chest, laving at his swollen nipples before finally giving strong strokes to his sex as he snapped his hips upward to meet the deep bucks his twin met him with.

Eyes never leaving the gaze of the other's, Kaoru reached up with a trembling hand to tug roughly at auburn hair before crying out in ecstasy, their building pleasure cresting into shocks of delicious orgasm and a high they'd never get enough of.

Moaning quietly, Hikaru's body limped forward as he rest his forehead against his brother's, body still shaking from the tremors convulsing through him as he released himself smoothly into the body that seemed to mold perfectly against his own in that position.

Hands resting beside Kaoru's head, Hikaru gave another chaste kiss —one in which always left him asking for more contact— before pulling out uncharacteristically gently and lying to his twin's side.

Honey orbs slowly focusing on something other than their aching groins, they chuckled softly to one another for nothing in particular, before strongly embracing each other and hiding under the covers they kicked aside earlier.

There were some things only one Hitachiin could be able to confide in the other Hitachiin, despite a friend's vow that they should try to be more trusting to everyone else. Yet, they both knew quite clearly —no one else on the face of the Earth could ever compare to the strong bond each held for the other.

Even if the act itself was too sinfully taboo for many to understand and fully grasp it's deeper meaning that it withheld, they knew they would never stop loving their beloved other, because they were all the felt they needed.

And neither would have it any other way.