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Shoving his brother up against the plaster of their doorway, Hikaru desperately tried to pry his sibling's shirt off. Kaoru, contritely, had long since rid himself of his uniform tuxedo, mewling into his elder's mouth when cold hands found their way onto his heated flesh. Arching imploringly into Hikaru, Kaoru watched with half-lidded eyes as his twin made quick work of his pants and shoes.

Deciding that their bed was too far but preferring not to have anyone else look at his Kaoru, Hikaru rolled them over and kicked the door closed. He then pressed his younger sibling up against their sky-blue walls, groaning once he could already feel both of their freed growing arousals. Although, he was the slightest bit surprised to know Kaoru hadn't worn any underwear — since it had mainly turned him on.

Placing rough, fervent kisses all along the pale expanse of his provided chest, Hikaru took a moment to linger playfully near his nipples but never actually touching the sensitive buds. He knew how much that drove Kaoru crazy — and by the frustrated moans he was recieiving, he was content to know it was working.

Once he reached his clavicle, he purposely took his time to suck on the most supple flesh their, causing his younger sibling to tense and curl his hands into auburn spikes. Kaoru had initally been reluctant to tell Hikaru of where his most sensitive area was — besides the first two obvious answers — the answer being a specific area along his collar. However, it was moments like these that proved to him how sweet torture could be.

Finally, whence he felt satisified with the dark cherry he'd left the suctioned area, Hikaru spared a second to stare deeply into his brother's eyes. He loved how dark they could turn when he would elicit the greatest and most profound desires from him; he honestly didn't think he could ever live without him. Swift in attack, he immediately motioned his attention to Kaoru's legs, and when the latter didn't understand, he leant forward an whispered in his ear.

"Wrap your legs around me." He instructed breathily.

Kaoru's pretty irises dilated, and he absentmindedly shook his head no, before whispering increduluously, "We can't have sex on a wall…!"

Taking it as both a consensual answer and a challenge, Hikaru smirked as he hiked lithe legs up and hooked them behind his back. Once he made sure Kaoru would hold them together, though he was still a bit skeptical, he used one hand to coax his face closer as his free hand reached to prepare him. Kaoru scrunched his face for a moment when his bare ass touched the coldness of the wall, but quickly ignored it when sinfully experienced fingers dove into his velvet heat, stabbing into him pleasurably before roving over a particularly sensitive patch of skin.

Arching into his brother as he laced his arms around his neck, Kaoru whined as Hikaru pulled his fingers away only to replace it with his sex. Hikaru muttered a few swears as he pushed in completely until thhilt, before locking his gaze onto his brother's dazed one. He then swiftly pulled out, circling his right arm around a slim waist, balancing themselves against the wall before fluidly thrusting back in. Haphazardly throwing his head back, banging it not so softly against the obstructing wall, Kaoru ignored it as he focused solely on the intense desire his older brother was emitting.

He could swear he almost could taste the raw need they were both redolent with.

Mouth going agape, he allowed a continuous stream of cries and moans and occassional call of his sibling's name, each increasing in sound as Hikaru thrust in harder and deeper. And, oh God, the friction — the purposeful teasing — his painfully neglected erection experienced between their nude abdomens. He normally would have protested against the embarassing feel of his own pre-cum smearing onto his belly, but he couldn't help but find the sensation… erotic, as Hikaru drove deeper into him than he could before.

"F-fuck, Kaoru, I…" Hikaru tried to describe exactly how much more different it felt, but honestly had a hard time even remembering to breathe.

He never would have imagined Kaoru would have actually allowed to be fucked up a wall. Surely, they hadn't been virgins in a good long time; but that hadn't meant they were already professionals in S&M. Those type of ideas only ever sprung during dreams or playfull conversations, but neither had felt fully comfortable in performing something as lewd as those brands expected. They enjoyed their sex, it went without saying, but it was also because both could always feel the flutter of their hearts when they achieved orgasm.

Hence, it was a little more than surprising — not to mention downright arousing — as Hikaru watched his younger twin beg for his release.

A smirk tugged it's way onto his lips, as he used his free hand to wrap around Kaoru's sex firmly, thrusts slowing to a sluggish tempo. This both annoyed Kaoru, as well as unnerved him when he caught the devious flicker in honey eyes.

"W-what —?"

"Say it."

Eyes widening, Kaoru flustered at the knowledge of what he meant; however, that didn't mean he was going to comply so easily.


Fingertips lightly dancing along his throbbing shaft, Hikaru quirked a brow that dared him to deny his request.

"What was that?"

Gulping down a bundle of nerves, Kaoru kept his resolve strong and tried to keep his gaze as level as he could.

"I'm not going — to — nghh!"

As much as he tried to hold his whines back, he couldn't even remember what was happening when his brother gave a soft lick to the leaking head.

Looking up, face still inquisitive, he pursued; "Say it, Kaoru."

Pressing his lips together, the younger sibling put on the most innocent, puppy-dog face he could.

When Hikaru reached up and had his face mere breaths away, Kaoru whispered rather sensuously, "Fuck me into oblivion."

Kaoru was confused when Hikaru intially didn't seem to have heard him, but was even more confounded when the latter simply chuckled softly.

"Not that, idiot; I want you to say… you know… what you always say." He explained, but was thrown off himself at the thought.

Kaoru made it apparent how lost he was; for once in a long time, he didn't know what his brother was talking about. Then, as Hikaru muttered a "never mind" and began to increase the tempo again, he thought he understood.

Leaning down, Kaoru whispered into auburn spikes with as much sincerity as possible, "I love you, too, Hikaru."

And it certainly seemed to do the trick, because it took Hikaru no time in slamming ruthlessly back into his brother with the awkwardest smile he'd ever seen on him. He was prevented from thinking too much of it, though, when his sibling's intentions were made clear.

Wrapping sinfully veteran fingers around his throbbing length, Kaoru had no control over the sounds that escaped him as they pumped up along his shaft, delaying along the base and tip. He had initially tried to tilt his head back, to ease the sudden tension buidling up along his collar, but Hikaru had pressed them so close along the wall he had no other choice but to gaze down as his sibling pressed in further and deeper, before pulling nearly out.

Had Hikaru always been so good at sex?

Kaoru definitely could not say, but opted with the notion that perhaps it was due to their constant… practice of intimacy, that granted him such promise.

Briefly, a jolt of utter pleasure shot up through every vein in his body, and he ditched every lost thought of logic in order to feel it again. Lacing his arms around his older brother's neck loosely, he pressed himself forward instead and was content in the surprise Hikaru wore as he ground down to meet his thrusts. Earning a smirk and faster strokes, Hikaru pressed their lips together into a passionate kiss as he sped up his pace. His smirk only grew and his self-entitled masculine pride flourished when Kaoru began to whine with a need they knew he hadn't experienced before.

Digging his nails bluntly into his older brother's otherwise flawless back, Kaoru forced their mouths apart when he felt the familiar wave of tingling orgasm begin to wash away his senses.

However, whatever he was going to say was replaced with the rather loud call of Hikaru's name, his own blissful display or release coercing the latter into giving way, as well.

As if the last drop of his energy had left them when they ejaculated, Hikaru's legs wobbled in protest at the sudden heaviness he felt supporting both of them. Hurrying over to their bed as fast as he could, Hikaru watched as Kaoru slowly unlocked his legs from his waist before slowly pulling off of his flaced sex. He gave a short moan when it brushed against his sensitized entrance, but merely blushed as Hikaru straddled along his slumped figure, his lips twitching to the side.

To his amazement, he could have sworn it was the brightest smile he'd seen Hikaru give him.

"I love you too, Kaoru."

And to Hikaru's amazement, his younger brother could no longer hold back the tears that had threatened to fall before.

Even if it hadn't been the first time they'd confessed to each other, it lifted an invisible and otherwise unacknowledged weight from their chests.