Welcome to my new collection oneshots! There will be angst, romance and everything else.

Summary: Maddie is having a hard time when memories bug her about when she found out that Phantom is Danny. Warning: Character death. Rating: T

This story is following Maddie, her way of thinking. Please keep that in mind.

Italics are flashbacks and thoughts.


"Don't think of it," she hissed through her clenched teeth. Tears began to stung in her eyes, small sobs escaping her lungs.

His white hair was soaked in reddish and greenish liquid.

Blood and ectoplasm. "Please."

Her tears were now streaming down her cheeks. With her vision blurred, she slowly walked to the couch. Her husband was asleep on it, making it almost impossible for her to sit on it. Almost. She went to the corner and sat down, carefully not to wake him up. He stirred, but continued snoring loudly. She wrapped herself with her arms and tried to not make any sounds, she didn't want to wake up the man sleeping next to her. She glanced at him, he seemed not to have any nightmares, but it also wasn't a peaceful, dreamless sleep. Unlike her. She was having horrible nightmares at least once a night. They mostly involved her so-

She shook her head. She shouldn't be thinking about this. She couldn't think of this.

The sound of the Fenton Bazooka charging was getting higher and higher, just a few more seconds and she could-

She was thrown back into reality by her husband who turned in his sleep. She closed her eyes in frustration. The action was a bad idea, now her mind could give her more flashbacks of the past.

"Please," he managed to say, "don't.. do this."

She narrowed her eyes. "And why should I? You're a ghost. You're evil. You're nothing but a bunch of ectoplasmic goop of post-human consciousness. The world would be better off without you," she said bitter.

His green eyes gave a hurt expression. A lie, a trick. Ghosts don't have emotions. "No..." he gasped, blood leaking from the corner of his mouth. Red blood.

"What? H-how is this possible?" she stuttered. Ghosts didn't have human blood. That wasn't possible. It wasn't.. It couldn't...

He wanted to wipe the blood away, but didn't have the strength to do so. "Y-you.. have to believe... me. I'm... n-not... evil."

No. He was just playing a trick. All ghosts are evil. Especially him. She couldn't fall for his tricks. Not now. She pressed a button on the Fenton bazooka and the sound she loved so much of charging became higher and higher by the second. Just a few more seconds and she could shoot him.

Her eyes flashed open. It was a nightmare. She told herself. Oh, how she wanted it to be just a sick, twisted nightmare. But it wasn't. This was the reality.

She put her hands on her cheeks, elbows resting on her knees. She could feel the smeared mascara on her fingers, but didn't care. There were more problems than just mascara. Problems like how her daughter Jazz reacted. She knew. She knew about her baby boy and didn't told her. Tears began to leak again, just when they finally had stopped falling. Jazz... She tried to protect him. She yelled at her own mother to stop. And she meant it. She had never seen Jazz so angry.

The Fenton Bazooka was ready to fire. All she had to do was aim, pull the trigger and shoot. Simple. Then why did her stomach ache? Something was wrong. Something was terrible wrong, but she couldn't figure out what. She aimed the gun, her finger slowly reaching for the trigger- "Mom!" She looked up, to find her daughter sprinting to her, tears in her eyes.

"Don't shoot!" her face became pale. "Why not sweetie? It's a ghost-"

"No!" her daughter burst out. "He's not just a ghost. Mom, you have to believe me. He's not evil."

Funny. He said the same thing moments ago. Wait. He said the same thing. That could only mean one thing, he was deceiving her daughter. He made her believe that he was good, protecting the city. But the mother knew better, it was all a illusion, a trick. "Jazz. Listen to me. He's playing tricks with you. He messes with your mind," she said calmly.

Her daughter stared at her with disbelieving eyes. "W-what?"

She was getting impatient now. "Jazz. Go home. We'll talk about this later."

"N-no... No, No! I'm not going home. Mom, please, listen. He's not playing tricks with me, or you. He's really good." The tears slowly found their way over her cheeks. "Please."

"Jazz. Enough." She ignored her own daughter's pleas and aimed for the ghost lying on the ground. Unable to move. Unable to escape. The liquid poodle he lied in- a weird mixture of green and red- started to grow larger. He was seriously injured. He was lucky to be awake in this state. The ghost hunter had tested her newest ghost hunting weapon. It didn't had a name, but her husband would think of that, he always did.

She glanced one more time at the helpless ghost, his eyes closed. His jumpsuit was torn in a few places, his white hair was soaked in greenish and reddish liquid.

Ectoplasm and.. Blood? How was that possible?

"Please," he managed to say. His eyes slowly got open and the pupils became smaller at the sight of the weapon the ghost hunter was holding.

Her heart skipped a beat. It was just a teenager. A teenager like her son, Danny. Her heart skipped a beat again in realization. That filthy ghost was not her son. She gritted her teeth in anger, he was playing a trick with her. Even in this situation, he still tried it. And nearly succeeded.

"Mom! Stop! Don't do this." The desperate look in her daughter's eyes, told the ghost hunter everything. She really didn't want this.

But it had to stop. The woman shot a glance at her daughter who immediately knew what the eyes told her.

She was going to shoot.

At this point she couldn't be quiet anymore, short sobs and gasps came from her lungs. She closed her eyes and blocked the world out. Her husband stirred once more in his sleep before waking up. He rubbed in his eyes and let out a yawn. Then he noticed his wife, crying like there would be no tomorrow. "Maddie..." he tried to comfort her, rubbing his hand over her shoulders.

"H-he didn't d-deserve t-this, J-Jack," she stuttered.

"Shhh, I know. It's not your fault."

Her eyes shot open. "What? Jack, if there's someone who can be blamed for this it's me. I killed... I killed..." She couldn't say it. A bunch of simple words. Just a few words.

"You didn't know. We didn't know."

She carefully aimed for his chest, for the second time that night her finger reached for the trigger. All she had to do was pull the trigger.

And she did. The ecto-beam was released from the Fenton Baooka

"Mom!" her daughter yelled in despair. She pushed at her own mother and together they fell on the ground. The woman's eyes widened in realization. She hastily looked towards the ghost she just shoot at.

A critical hit.

A small smile appeared on her face. She did it. She finally defeated the public enemy number one. After 3 years, she finally did it.

Her daughter, on the other hand, looked miserable.

The woman stared at the ghost. He didn't move anymore. She smiled again. But then a bright blue circle appeared around his waist. The ghost hunter looked at the ghost in fascination. What was that? Was he some kind of special ghost? The circle divided into 2 ones, one going up and the other down. Slowly a white t-shirt became visible. Suddenly she got a weird feeling in her stomach. She crawled a little closer, to find out what was happening.

Jazz was crying uncontrollably, gasping for air. It broke the mother's heart. She loved her daughter, but this was a ghost. The world was better off without him.

The circles revealed blue pants, red shoes and.. and.. Black hair.

Black hair.

His eyes opened one last time, his blue eyes gazed into that of the woman. His mother. His mouth opened, ready to say his final words. But the words didn't came and the blue eyes suddenly looked clouded and it looked like he was staring through her.


It seems... Weird. Yes, that's the right word for it. Weird.

Yes, Jazz could've done more to stop Maddie.

Yes, Jack's comfort could have been more. But I didn't know how. D:

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Maybe I'll write the same story again, but then in Danny's pov. Maybe.

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