"Emotions are for humans. I am merely a ghost," his monotone voice spoke softly. Her eyes stared at him for the longest time, refusing to believe those words.

His haunted green eyes just looked at her, not showing one single emotion.

She placed her hand on his shoulder. He just stared at her with his haunted look. "Danny..."

Then he straightened and looked at her. Really looked at her. As if he just discovered she was in the same room as he was.

"M-mom?" Green eyes changing to blue ones. Flickering back to green. Confusion written all over his face.


"Danny, I know it's hard, but you need to focus." He nodded, eyes flickering over the room. White walls, white floor, everything white. "Focus. Look at me." His blue eyes slowly turned to her direction. She gasped shortly. They were unfocused again. There wasn't much time left. She quickly spoke, "do you remember what happened?"

This was no use. He was just looking through her again. She felt an ache in her heart as his blue eyes began to glow an eerie green colour.

Then he just sat in his white chair. Doing nothing. Just watching.

She lowered her head in disappointment before walking to the door.

"Mrs. Fenton. He isn't going to recover. All of our tests are proving that he will be in this state forever. I'm sorry."

She ignored the doctor and walked to the white door. The doctor was wrong. Her son will be better. She just had to wait and hope.

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