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Valeria San Román was furious; she almost could not believe the truth even though it was sitting right there in front of her, staring her in the face. She couldn't believe the lies her father had told, or the way he was still hurting her mother, even after her death. It was as though he'd never loved her at all, and was now punishing her for having loved him; the last laugh.

But the joke was on him, she thought, for what he was doing to his family. With his behaviour, he would eventually tear them all apart, and he'd have no-one to point the finger of blame at but himself.

As furious as she was, however, she knew that exposing her father's lie to the world would not be the way to go; it would not only make him look bad, it would make their whole family look bad.

And that would ruin everything she had worked for all these years. So she held onto her anger, and the love that she still felt for her mother, and told herself that these things were enough; these feelings were enough. If only one person knew the truth, it was enough. Her mother would have understood.

Sometimes, underneath all of the anger at her father and the unassuming world, she just missed her mother; she just missed the times back when she'd been a girl and her mother had been alive to love her with sincerity, the way her father never had.