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Cagalli and Lacus are new students at Archangel High school! And between school, fights, plays, and studying can love be found for the enemy.

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"Cagalli, wake up or you'll be late for your first day of school!" her mom called.

Cagalli groaned trying to savour a couple more precious seconds of sleep—was never a morning person; she slowly got out of bed, stretched and started getting ready for school.

Looking out her window she could see the school in the distance "Archangel High school huh?" she said aloud.

"Good morning mom" Cagalli greeted her mother as she walked into the kitchen.

"You better hurry up and eat breakfast! School starts in 45 minutes." her mother warned her.

"Yes mother" Cagalli said rolling her eyes and did as her mother said.

As Cagalli reached her new high school she heard loud girl squeals.

'Hm what's going on there?' she thought, as she was about to see where all the noise was coming from she accidentally bumped into a girl with long pink hair and light baby blue eyes.

"Ouch! Sorry I wasn't paying attention" she quickly apologized to the girl.

"It's no problem, I'm sorry I too wasn't paying attention" the girl replied standing up.

"Hey I'm new here, my name is Cagalli Yula Attha."

"Nice to meet you Cagalli, my name is Lacus Clyne! And I'm new here as well" Lacus said clasping her hands together a happy expression on her face "Cagalli do you know where the office is? I need to pick up my schedule" she asked.

"No I was just about to ask you. Maybe we can look for it together" Cagalli said.

'Maybe coming here wasn't so bad!' she thought. When they got their schedules they were shocked to find out that they had the first three classes together and they had last period as well.

"Well Lacus it looks like we have English, Math, Science, and History together!" Cagalli said excited.

"Plus can meet up at lunch" Lacus laughed.

"Of course!" Cagalli agreed "C'mon class starts in 10 minutes."

When they reached English class they found seats beside the window in the back "Wow look at the view!" Cagalli exclaimed.

"I know!" came an unknown voice; Cagalli and Lacus turned to see who the owner of the voice was. A girl with light short brown hair and blueish green eyes approached them "Hi my name is Miriallia Haww!"

"Hello Miriallia my name is Lacus Clyne and this is my friend Cagalli! We're new here I hope we can all be great friends" Lacus said to her.

"So Miriallia what classes do you have?" Cagalli asked as Miriallia took a seat in front of them; Miriallia took out her schedule and showed them. The girls were happy to see that they had her in English, Math, Science, History and Cagalli had Mirialla also in Gym and photography.

As the girls chatted quietly they heard louder girl squeals. Cagalli now looked fully annoyed; as well as Miriallia.

"Miriallia why is it that there are a lot of girl squeals and screams?" Lacus asked wondering why there was so much noise outside the classroom door.

"You'll see once they come in" she told the two girls with a sigh, Cagalli and Lacus looked at each other.

"They?" the girls asked in unison.

"Yup" Miriallia confirmed.

"They meaning...?" Cagalli asked, as the door opened and in came four boys completely surrounded by girls.

"They are the school richest and hottest guys in school, they also are the schools playboys!" Miriallia said shaking her head in disgust "The guy with navy blue hair he's Athrun Zala, the boy on his right with silver hair is Yzak Jule, the guy beside him is Dearka Elsman. And the boys on Athrun's left with brown and black hair are—"

"Kira Yamato and Shinn Asuka!" Cagalli exclaimed her eyes wide.

"Cagalli do you know them?" Lacus asked.

"Know them? They're my cousins!" Cagalli filled them in.

"What? Wow!" the blonde companions said.

"No not wow more like creepy, and now to find out that there one of the schools top playboys they are so dead!" Cagalli said with a murderous voice and sent Kira and Shinn her scariest death glare.

Cagalli was one of those girls who absolutely hated playboys, 'People who just use women's hearts as toys aren't even worth knowing' she thought disgustedly and took out her book.

"Kira Yamato, Shinn Asuka you are so dead" she mumbled again.

Lacus tried to brighten the mood up by asking Miriallia if she would like to have lunch with them.

"Sure!" she agreed happily "to tell you the truth I don't really have much friends here" she admitted.

This caught Cagalli's attention "Why not?" she asked curiously.

"Ugh just look at most of the girls here they're either sluts or they kiss those guys every footsteps!" another different voice was heard as a blonde girl came up to the girls "Hi! I'm Stellar Loussier nice to meet you!"

"Hello Stellar! I'm Lacus Clyne, here is Cagalli and over there is Miriallia" Lacus introduced.

"Hey Stellar!" Cagalli and Miriallia greeted. Then Stellar asked if she could sit with them and they agreed so she sat beside Miriallia.

"She right that's what most girls are like here" Miriallia said.

"I know it's like a joke!" Stellar sighed shaking her head. "Hey guys what do you have this semester?" she asked. Stellar had English, Math, Science, and History with them but she also had dance and music with Lacus.

"I'm so happy that now I have a friend in each of my classes!" Lacus said happily the others nodded in agreement.

Cagalli was still thinking about what Miriallia and Stellar said.

"Know what Miriallia forget those girls! Let's just be friends we don't need them" Cagalli said determinedly.

"You're right Cagalli! Oh and can you guys just call me Miri!" Miri said.

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