Hello there, readers! Firstly, thank you for clicking on this story! It makes me extremely happy that you all enjoyed this so much. If you haven't noticed, I've taken down most of my older, poorly written stories. I had it in mind to delete this one too, but I just couldn't. It was my first story with high reviews, and I'll never forget it.

I'm just putting this warning here for all new readers to this story: It is poorly written and I'm sorry. That's what you get when you cross Microsoft Word with a thirteen year old ;-). Thanks to all nice reviews that made me continue, I owe any writing skills I may have now to you.

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" So Mitch asked me to the prom, but I went with another cow instead! Moo hoo! " I rolled my eyes. Why did I ever find this show amusing? " We should go have a night on the farm! "

The TV beeped as I turned it off. I glanced at my watch.

" Well, its about time to make me a sandwich. "

I thought out-loud.

Seconds later, a familiar ring-tone started playing.

" I-n-d-e-p-e-n-d-e-nt- do you know what that means? She got her own house, she got her own car two jobs work hard you a-"

" What Sam? " I heard her laugh. " Wow, not very happy to hear from me huh? "

I sighed. " What do you want?"

She paused. " Well I was thinking, while your at it, make me a sammich too. "

" What are you talking about? How did you know I was even making a sandwich?"

" Well uh…I guessed?"

" Sam. How did you know I was making a sandwich?"

" I heard you! " she laughed again. " How in the world did you- oh no.. where exactly are you?"

Muffled giggles. " Sam? Where are you ?"

" In your room." I gasped loudly, running into my bedroom. When I tried to open the door, it was locked. " Sam, open up !"

" What's the magic word? " Sam said, in a sing song voice. " Open the freaking door Puckett! "

" Ooh! Freddie Benson! Watch your mouth! "

" Sam, seriously open the dang door. "

I heard the lock click, and shortly after Sam's face peeked around the door.

" Are you mad? " I pushed the door open, making her laugh even more.

" Sheesh all I wanted you to do was make me a sammich. "

I took a seat in my computer chair. Sure enough, it was still warm. I glanced at the screen, there were two people in a house, one was using the restroom.

" Sam, why are you playing the Sims? I believe I told you a million times that- oh my gosh! You made a Sim ME? "

She shrugged. " It seemed fun. Plus I made you marry a guy!" My eyes widened.

I looked at the screen again , sure enough, I was married to a guy named Phil. " Fine, then " I said, clicking ' make a new character' .

I didn't look back to see Sam's reaction, but I'm sure it wasn't happy. I was making a character exactly like her. " HA! How do you like that? " I pointed at the screen where Sam was busy getting married to a girl name Regina.

She growled and lunged for the mouse.

" No Sam, don't press that !"

Her eyes widened. " What does it do? "

She had clicked me, then the ' Woohoo ' button.

"Oh great, just great. Look what you did now!"

"Wait…oh no.. what are they doing? "

I sighed. " You' ll see."

"No .. no! get away from the bed !" She screamed at the computer.

She covered her eyes. " Make it stop!"

" I cant stop it you already made it happen!"

The computer made giggling noises. Soon after it…began, it was over.

Sam glared at me. " I would've rather done it with Regina." I rolled my eyes.

Then computer then started played the ' rock a bye baby ' song.

" Oh great, now we're having a kid."

"…Can we name it ham?"

Haha I had fun writing this.

Sorry if it is kind of rushed.

If you don't understand it , I'm sorry.

Its kind of hard to understand if you haven't played the Sims. And I know on the Sims, you have to click ' try for baby' to actually have a baby, but I had to change it just a bit to make this story work. This might be a one-shot unless lots like it, if so I will continue it. I do have a few ideas in mind. Thanks for reading,