Losing Faith In Himself


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Thanks go to Cezille 07 as usual but in this chapter, Perry's opening up a little to Moira about himself especially his feelings when Phineas and Ferb grew up and went to college leaving him behind.

I hope people like.

Later that night, Perry couldn't sleep as he kept having bad dreams about something terrible happening to Doof but the young angeling felt bad seeing pain in his hazel eyes that were normally filled with innocence.

"Did you always stay with Doofy or just recently?" she asked.

Perry sighed at her question making her wonder if something was bothering him in his heart as she sensed great sadness inside.

"Once upon a time, I had a family who cared about me.

My owners were the most awesome kids in the Tri-State Area always using their imaginations to build amazing things and help other kids in the neighbourhood but I thought it would never end." he said.

Moira was in awe.

"They seem totally awesome!

But what happened?

Why aren't you with them now?" she asked him.

Perry's turquise furred face darkened as those memories returned.

He'd blocked them out since living with Doof but knew he'd have to revisit them.

"As the years went on, they grew older.

They still built wonderful inventions.

But it was like they'd forgotten me.

But that wasn't the worst part.

After graduating high school, they left Danville to go to college.

I was sure Phineas would take me with him.

But they left me behind with Linda.

It hurt me so bad.

Especially after everything we'd been through.

After that, I left.

I realised that Doofy was my real best friend.

And I've been here ever since.

I never really trust anybody besides Doofy." he explained.

Moira felt bad for him.

"You should learn to trust people Perry.

They might surprise you." she said.

"Or let you down." Perry told her.

She was stunned hearing that.

But she was curious as she remembered entering Doof's mind through her powers and wondering what the turquise furred male's mind was like as she used her powers to enter.

Moira found herself in the coast of Sydney but for some reason, an aura of sadness hung in the air.

She wondered why such a beauitful place would be sad but she remembered this was Perry's mind as he heard crying but saw somebody leave with a sack over his back as she knew what kind of person he was.

He was a poacher but gasped remembering platypi came from here.

She decided to follow him as her heart raced.

The poacher then came to his lair on the outskirts of Austrailia as Moira heard something in the sack whimper.

"Shut up in there!

Nobody's coming for ya!" he said.

Moira was stunned hearing that as she followed him unseen as a young platypus male around the age of three was flung into the cage but she gasped seeing who it was.

It was Perry but he looked terrified and hurt.

She couldn't believe something this terrible had happened to him so young as she saw the wounds on him as she used her powers to ease the pain but the turquise furred youngster wondered who she was.

"It's okay Perry.

I'm Moira.

What happened to you?

Where're your parents?" she said.

He looked sad hearing her ask that.

"They left.

That poacher took me and my parents left.

He hurt me." he answered.

Moira understood now that he hadn't trusted anybody from an early age but she knew that his mental self needed to be soothed.

That was the only way Perry could feel better.

She then scooped him into her arms and flew out of there.

He was stunned as they were flying over the city but found his family in Sydney as he ran towards them and joined them.

Moira then left...

She smiled seeing Perry was asleep but the scowl on his face had became a smile making her happy as she knew that helping his mental self find inner peace had helped him a little but she didn't blame him.

Maybe she could help him find closure...