Title: Too Close to the Ground
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Sam/Gabriel
Spoilers/Warnings: All of s5
Word Count: ~ 1,860 (this chapter)

A/N: So basics it's been a while. A long while, and I apologize. I don't expect you to remember the exact details of the last chapter, so here's a quick summary.

It's Sam's last night in town so he and Gabe have finally decided to take it to third base, and Sam let slip that he's in love with Gabriel. Meanwhile, John's just accidentally said 'yes' to Michael, and some shit's about to go down.

Being in love, Sam thought, was much like having a man with a very large steel fist dig his fingers into your chest and pull you along by your ribcage. You were driven by that ache, willingly following it and completely happy about the fact that you had no choice in the matter whatsoever.

The boy straddling Sam's hips was the source, and Sam wanted to be closer to him, as though the steel fist was somehow attached to Gabriel, too. And yeah, Sam decided he liked that idea.

"What did you say?"

Sam smiled at Gabriel's confused face, a little rut drawn between his eyes. Sam stroked it away.

"I said," he might have been just about to fuck up the best thing he'd had in a while, but he didn't care, because it was so, so true. "I love you."

An odd look fell over Gabriel's face, half-contemplation, half-shock. Sam continued to stroke the stress from between his eyebrows, until his hand found itself slowing and stopping. He just left his hand there, cupping his boyfriend's face.

"God, Sam," Gabriel finally whispered, before pulling him in for a kiss, soft and sweet (he didn't even try to use tongue this time). They paused like that, for a prolonged second, simply enjoying the feeling of each others' lips.

Sam had spent many intimate moments with Gabriel, but none of them as intimate as this one.

"Sammy…" Gabriel said reverently, muttering into Sam's mouth. His lips spread into a smile, and he took Sam's upper lip between his, briefly biting down on it. "I love you, too."

The steel fist tugged a little harder.

"How long?"

Gabriel's chest was flush against Sam's, and Sam thought he could feel Gabriel's heart beating nearly as hard as his own.

"About…since the moment I met you."

With a bright smile, he grasped the back of Gabriel's neck and pulled him close to pepper his face and neck with kisses, muttering little 'I love you's and grinning the whole time.

"Sammy…" Gabriel whined, bashful at the praise. Sam chuckled and brushed the hair back from his face, pecking him on the nose.

With a smirk, Gabriel shifted his hips forward a little, pressing his still-clothed and needy erection into Sam's hip, and letting out a low keen.

"Fuck, Gabe…" Sam muttered, suddenly remembering, and running curled-up fingertips over the skin of Gabriel's back. He bucked towards the heat surrounding him, feeling his own cock begin to take interest. With shaking fingers, he undid Gabriel's belt buckle and lifted the boy to pull his jeans off.

He palmed him through his boxers, leaning down to suck a bruise on Gabriel's pulse point. Gabriel swore and clung to his shoulders, before his hands moved down, trying to unfasten Sam's own jeans.

There followed a quick cascade into nakedness, a few more kisses quickly turned filthy, and an attempt at a subtle grab for the lube on the bedside table. It failed, causing Gabriel to fall over backwards and the two of them to tumble to the ground in a pile of laughter.

Michael took a look at his new vessel. It was nothing new, to be entirely accurate; he'd already been inside this body, and not a whole lot had changed. Perhaps the appearance, and a coldness to the man's soul that hadn't been there before.

John, Michael said, scolding, to the man in his head, the man whose body he now inhabited. Just calm down. This is what's best for Sam.

Fuck you.

John banged on the walls of the cage inside his own head, looking at what his body was seeing as if through a tunnel. Fuck you straight to Hell, Michael, or whoever you are. If you dare touch Sammy, you dirty son of a bitch…

"Calm yourself, John. This will be far easier on both of us if you don't argue."

Michael spoke out loud, his voice smoother and of a lower register than John's normal voice.

Shut up! Get out of me!

In a blink, Michael stood before the Miltons' household, John momentarily silenced by the teleportation.

"This is what you wanted, John," Michael said coldly, looking up at the house, to a room on the top floor whose window was glowing with candlelight. "This is what you wished for, isn't it?"

No, John begged. Please, no. Don't hurt him. Don't hurt either of them…!

"I make no promises that I can't keep, John. I'm sorry."

Once Sam had the smaller boy on his back, he pressed him down and wouldn't let him move, leaning down and breathing hotly over the bulge in his boxers. He mouthed the head through the cotton, making the wet patch even wetter. There was a gentle mantra of 'fuck fuck fuck fuck…' from somewhere above him, but for now, all he cared about was the addictive taste of Gabriel on his tongue.

Slowly, and once he'd replaced the Gabriel's taste on the fabric with the taste of his own spit, he pulled down the boxers, immediately wrapping his fingers around the base of Gabriel's cock and giving it one swift lick.

"Shit, Sam…" came the wanton cry, as Gabriel tangled fingers into Sam's hair. Sam only suckled briefly at the head though, before stooping low to take one of Gabriel's balls into his mouth. He rolled it around a little, and looked up to see Gabriel watching his every move with wide eyes.

Keeping eye contact, Sam let his ball slip from between his lips, before slipping a finger inside his mouth. Gabriel let out a groan, letting Sam know he'd guessed what was about to happen.

Sam hadn't forgotten the condom lying a few feet away, and he wanted nothing more than to take this last step before he left. Despite the warning, Gabriel still tensed when Sam pressed the pad of his spit-slicked finger gently against his hole.

He tried to calm him by placing an open-mouthed kiss against his thigh, and telling him softly to 'Shh, relax.'

Gabriel tried to, and Sam managed to get the tip of his finger inside Gabriel's tight pucker. With a smirk (and using techniques he'd picked up watching all that gay porn for research) Sam flicked out his tongue and licked around his finger.

Sure, it tasted like ass. It honestly wasn't the best thing Sam had ever tasted, but it wasn't the worst either, and Gabriel's reaction more than made up for the taste. He fumbled for the lube, still licking around Gabriel's rim, and slowly relaxing him so he could push his finger in a little further.

Once he'd reached the lube he squirted a generous amount onto both the finger already inside Gabriel – fuck, he'd never get over how hot that was – and the others on that hand.

He rubbed soothing circles into Gabriel's hip, and Gabriel relaxed, letting his finger in more. Soon enough, he was in to the root, that impossible heat squeezing down against the intrusion, and Sam almost came from the thought of that same heat around his cock.

Holding his breath, Sam ever-so-slowly crooked his finger upwards, almost immediately hitting what he'd been aiming for.

Gabriel keened high, bucking his hips further onto Sam's finger and his own hand flying to the base of his cock to keep himself from coming.

"Fuck, Sammy, Sammy…" he whined, sweat beginning to bead on his forehead. "More, please…"

Sam was only too happy to obey.

A second lubed-up finger pushed in alongside the first. Gabriel swore again, pushing back and silently begging for more. Two fingers became three soon enough, and Sam slid up Gabriel's body to kiss his jawline and tell him what a good boy he'd been.

Gabriel whined when Sam removed his fingers, grasping at his shoulders. Sam took an earlobe in between his lips, running his tongue over it. "Come on," he whispered soothingly. "Sit up. Want you to ride me."

"God, yes…"

Sam's breath was coming faster now, in synch with Gabriel's, as the smaller boy shakily lifted himself to straddle Sam's thighs. Sucking in a breath, Sam ripped open and rolled on the condom, before wrapping his arms around Gabriel and mouthing his collarbone.

"You ready?"

"Fuck, yes, Sammy, please, want you…want you so bad…" Gabriel pleaded, positioning himself over Sam's cock.

Sam hissed in a breath when the head began to breach the tight muscle, burying itself deep into the slick heat of Gabriel's body. He didn't breathe again until he was buried all the way, his balls nestled against the skin of Gabriel's ass.


Sam wanted to move so badly, thrust up into that tight heat and make Gabriel scream his name. He stopped himself, just barely, watching Gabriel's eyelids flutter as he got used to the sensation. The smaller boy bit his lip, hard.

"Does it hurt?" Sam finally asked, his voice strained. Gabriel nodded, not opening his eyes.

"Are you okay?" he asked, even quieter, a hand reaching up to stroke Gabriel's brow. He shivered a little and smiled, before nodding.

Very, very slowly, almost like a slow motion scene in a movie, Gabriel shifted his hips.

Both let out deep groans, filling the air between them with their damp breaths. Then, with a grin that lit up his face, Gabriel grasped onto Sam's neck and did the same again, only faster this time, and this time, he didn't stop.

The rocking circle of Gabriel's hips had Sam hypnotized, and soon he was burying his face in Gabriel's neck and simply enjoying the sensations. God, this was perfect. He told Gabriel so.

"You're perfect," he countered, tugging a little on Sam's hair and speeding up his movements.

They were both hurtling towards the finish line here, Sam could tell. Of their own volition, Sam's hips began to move, finally thrusting up into Gabriel's body, aiming for that spot that had made Gabriel react so violently before.

He knew he'd found it from the way Gabriel's hips stuttered. The bucks of his hips became arrhythmic, and he found Sam's mouth, appreciatively tongue-fucking him as soon as their lips met. He keened into Sam's mouth.

Sam was close too, only a few more of those sinful twists of hips, only a few more of Gabriel's desperate noises filling his ears and he'd be gone.

He just closed his eyes and let himself feel.

Sam could tell when Gabriel began to come from the way he buried his face in Sam's neck and bit hard to muffle his shout. The muscles around Sam's cock fluttered and clenched, and soon Sam was losing it too, pushing up into that pliant body and hearing distantly the breathy mutters of his name into his neck.

The first thing Sam felt after what felt like years of stillness and silence, was the gentle but wet kiss Gabriel placed on the corner of his mouth. He kissed back, tasting Gabriel's tongue slow and steady, still not daring to open his eyes in case none of this was real.

The next thing he felt was feathers.

Running his hands over Gabriel's shoulders, his hands soon came into contact with fistfuls and fistfuls of huge, soft feathers.

"Holy crap…"

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