This starts off with Emily writing invitiations for her and Sam's wedding. This is written in play form.

Leah-(Walks in the room where Emily is) Hey Em?

Emily-(Looks up from what she is doing and looks at her)Yeah?

Leah-(Nervous)I was wondering if you needed help finding a wedding singer.

Emily-Well I have one in mind,but she's exspensive. Why?

Leah-I was wondering if I could...sing at the wedding.

Emily-(Looks at her wierd)I didn't know you could sing.

Leah-(moves a couple of strands out her face and pushes them behind her ear)A couple of friends of mine said that I was good.

Emily-Umm...Sure. Okay.

Leah-(Smiles alittle)Thanks (Walks out)

Emily-(Waits until shes sure Leah is gone;picks up her phone and dails a number)

Rachel (A friend of Emily's from high school)-Hello?

Emily-You won't believe what just happened.


Emily-Leah just asked me if she can sing at the wedding.

Rachel-Leah Clearwater?


Rachel-Why does she wanna sing at the wedding?

Emily-She doesn't. She said because some of her friends said she can sing.(Rolls her eyes) I bet shes just trying to ruin the wedding. Pathic witch.

Rachel-(Laughs)Yeah like anyone would wanna be her friend anyways.

Emily-(Laughs with her)Thats excatly what I was thinking.

Rachel-So what did you tell her?

Emily-I told her she could.


Emily-Everyone feels pity for her about what happened. Especially Sam,so I have to act nice to her to keep him happy. Thats the only reason shes a bridesmaid.

Rachel-But shes your cousin.

Emily-So,shes trying to steal back Sam even though she knows it won't happen.

Rachel-Good what are you gonna do if she ruins the wedding?

Emily-She won't. That's why I called you. I need you hire a wedding singer for backup.

Rachel-Sure. I'll do it.

Emily-(Smiles)Great. I call you later. I have to get back to writing invitations.

Rachel-Ok.(They hang up)

*Meanwhile with Leah*

Leah-(Walks into the club)

Crystal(Works as one of the bartenders)-Hey Le.

Leah-Hey. (Sits in a seat by the bar)

Crystal-I thought today was your night off.

Leah-It is. But I just had to get away from home. Everyone is killing theirselves over the wedding. It's not like anyone even cares about me.

Crystal-I'm your bestfriend. I care.

Leah-(Smiles warmly)Thanks.

Crystal-(Smiles back)So has anyone figured out you've been sneaking off here instead when your supposed to be running partol?

Leah-No and shhhhh. Your the only person besides my family that knows. And I would like to keep it that way.

Crystal-It's not like anyone is gonna know what I mean but 'running partol'.


Crystal-So did you do what I told you to do?

Leah-(Sighs)Yeah I did it.

Crystal-And...what did she say?

Leah-She said sure. But only because she knew I won't do it for money and getting a wedding singer would be expensive.

Crystal-Well aleast she said you can.

Leah-Whatever.I'm just tired of people feeling sorry for me.(Puts her head down)

*A week later with Emily*

Rachel-(Knocks on the door)

Emily-(Opens it)What's up?

Rachel-Are you here alone?

Emily-(Can see the panic in her eyes)Yeah whats wrong?

Rachel-I can't find a wedding singer.


Rachel-I've looked everywhere. Their all way out of the budget.

Emily-(plops down on the couch)That's it. My wedding is ruined.

Sam-(Walks in and sees Emily's expression)Baby,what's wrong.(Sits next to her)

Rachel-We can't find a wedding singer.

Sam-Leah bailed out?


Sam-Then whats the problem?

Emily-...There is no was just kidding.

Sam-(Stands up and heads toward the kitchen)Oh,cause I know a great wedding singer within the budget if she did decide she didn't want to do it.

Rachel-(Looks at Emily)

Emily-(Gets an idea and smiles evily)Rach,give Leah a call. I need you guys help with a few things.

Sam-You need me to help you to?

Emily-No,girl things.(Gets up and walks to her and Sam's bedroom with Rachel following)

Rachel-What are you thinking?

Emily-I'm thinking we give Leah too much to do so she'll screw up.

Rachel-(Smiles with her)what about we give the wrong instructions on how to do something that is the simplist thing and frame her of doing it on purpose to destroy the wedding.

Emily-(Hugs her)I swear it's like your my twin,except i'm better looking.

Rachel-(Crosses her arms)Oh Ha Ha.

Sam-(Heard everything from in the kitchen and is sadden that Emily would do that to Leah but he doesn't want to lose neither one of them so he decideds to do what he can to stop Emily and Rachel from doing what their planning.)