For What Is In A Name?

Jaken fled his masters quarters in a sweat, thrilled and frightened by the predatory look in the god's eyes. "Vile little human does not deserve his attentions." The unpleasant man muttered to himself- deliberately ignoring the fact that he himself was human, as he was often known to do.

As he hobbled down the steep marble steps leading from his Lord's rooms to the massive temple in his honor the fuming servant totally missed the pink glow emitting from below the crushed velvet curtain he'd just closed.

Sesshomaru left the human girl trembling on the floor, choosing instead to sprawl across the marble throne sitting adjacent to the door. A smug smirk lifted the corner of his thin lips when the girl's cobalt eyes drug appreciatively across his chiseled body.

"See something you like, human?" The war-god asked arrogantly. To his shock, the girl responded with an arrogant smirk of her own.

"I was about to ask you the same question, Clandestine One."

His blood ran cold at the cool, sexy edge in the girl's voice. "What manner of human are you, wench!"

She stood elegantly, all trembling gone. "I am no manner of human at all, Cousin."

The shapeless dress seemed to shimmer and shift around her like fog; her short human form grew and re-shaped- the limbs lengthened, became pale and lovely, swathed in the finest silk robe.

The callouses on her human hands softened and faded before Sesshomaru's disbelieving golden eyes, replaced by fine golden jewelry, to match the delicate jewel-encrusted crown gracing her now luxurious head of soft black hair. Her human features bled out into the elfin face of a Goddess, twisted into a sardonic smile.

"So... like what you see, Oh Great Sesshomaru, God of Warriors and Vagabonds?" Her voice was the most lovely sound he'd ever heard, like birdsong on an early misty morning.

Sesshomaru released a shaking breath. "Kagome."

When Jaken told him the "human" was named after the Goddess of Love Sesshomaru assumed that it was mere wishful thinking on the part of her master; humans were often prone to name slaves, and children... sometimes even pets.. after members of the pantheon of Gods and Goddesses which they worshiped.

He had never imagined that the human slave was the namesake herself.

"Why are you here?" Sesshomaru asked, recovering from his shock slightly; the smooth plane of his forehead slipped slightly into a scowl. He avoided his cousins on Mt. Olympus for a reason; this intrusion, though lovely, was not welcome.

The goddess before him let out a tinkling laugh. "Oh Cousin, you are such a stick in the mud." She crossed the room with gliding motions and settled- of all the audacity- in his lap.

His hands reached up to push her away, but the second the tapered fingers brushed her skin he was trapped. The goddess chucked softly as his hands closed around her, drew her closer.

She leaned across the God's panting chest and whispered in his pointed ear, her lips barely brushing his cheek and he shivered.

"I am here, darling Cousin, for you."

Same place as before for art; www (DOT) dokuga (DOT) com look for "r0o" in the fanart section... and this one is called "Kami of Love"

This is the sequel and last installment of WarDog

How could I resist! How! It's not POSSIBLE!

Sesshomaru is shexy, but come on, he's no match for the freaking Goddess of Love! I lhave the idea of sexy goddess Kagome going all incognito and sneaking up and claiming her man- girl powah! *fistpump*... Also, she calls him "cousin" because that's kind of what all those crazy incestuous Greeks called each other... Just keeping with the theme.

Sesshomaru= Mars/Ares

Kagome= Venus/Aphrodite

Tee Hee. Thanks to r0o for being awesome and unwittingly (?) giving me enough inspiration for chapter two. :D

Also, can someone get this plunnie off my head, please? If you'd like it, you have my permission to take it and make it a story. These two are tons of fun, but I have too much on my hands at the moment.