NaruHina: Tales of the Shinigami





Please note that the characters may be OOC, and that I'll toss some of the unimportant captains and vice captains.


"Minato…your son and his wife are dying." Said the stoic Shinigami that bears a striking resemblance to Neji, Kuchiki Byakuya.

"What? When? Why?" Asked the fourth Hokage, vice captain of squad 1, Namikaze Minato.

"They will pass on within the hour. The details for the reason of their death are sketchy at best, but we believe that this is the work of an assassination attempt." Said the child prodigy, Hitsugaya Toshiro.

"One hour eh? I promised them passage here into Soul Society, so I'm on my way." Said Minato.

"God speed." Said a Shinigami with raven black hair, Kuchiki Rukia

"Minato, I want you to hang around Konoha, train your son and his wife to be Shinigami, if they so wish it."

"Hai." Minato departs for the real world.

-Chapter 1-

"Otou-san, kaa-san, who did this to you?" Ginji was in the hospital with her mom and dad. She had intended to tell them she was pregnant, but that got tossed out the window when she learned that they were in the hospital and about to die.

"Well…it all started with…"


The Rokudaime Hokage, Naruto, was doing his paperwork. He would retire tomorrow, and choose Konohamaru as his successor. About noon, Hinata brought him lunch, Ichiraku Ramen take out. Unknown to them, the ramen was poisoned, so after they ate, they slumped over, unconscious. They wouldn't be found until the secretary, Moegi, came in.


The new ANBU members immediately came in, and saw the Hokage and his wife on the floor. This new division of ANBU included Neji.



-Flashback ends-

"…and that's what happened. We have no leads, so we don't know who poisoned us."

"Hmm, very interesting." Said Minato, who stepped out of the shadows.

"Dad! What are you doing here?"

"You're dying son."

"I know! Isn't that obvious?"

Naruto suddenly had an image of Minato burning to death, but it quickly passed.

"Anyway, Ginji, may I ask why you came?"

"I was going to tell you that I'm pregnant, but that seems irrelevant on your deathbed."

"I'm sorry Ginjitsune, I won't be able to see my grandchild."

"Not necessarily. You could stick around. I want to stay here and hang for a bit. We can depart as soon as my great grandchild or grandchildren are born. We could train you in some aspects of being a Shinigami, but your training won't officially start until you're in soul society, where you'll receive your Zanpaktou key blade."

By this time, Naruto and Hinata passed away. Their souls came out younger. They were teens again. A chain was attached to their bodies and lead to their heart.

"That's good, I want my family to be able to see me, and I want to possess a Zanpakutou."


By the time that Ginji was due, Hinata and Naruto managed to learn some kido. However, they were still able to use their jutsu, along with their kido, though they preferred to use jutsu since the incantation for kido were so long…Ginji was at last, giving birth to twins. Kenji was there to comfort her, while Ginji squeezed his hand very hard, almost breaking it.

"Congratulations, Ginji, you have given birth to twin girls." Said the unnamed doctor.

"The red head shall have the name…Kairi. Her blonde haired sister will have the name Namine."

"It's time to go, Naruto, Hinata."

"Right, to Soul Society we go!"


(A/N during the nine months, Aizen and his group have betrayed Soul Society.)

Naruto and Hinata arrived in a new place

"Welcome to Soul Society." Said Minato. "Why don't you two look around for a bit, then I'll escort you to the Shinigami Academy."


"When you're done, I'll be at the ramen stand over there."


"Hai, this ramen stand is actually better then Ichiraku, but don't tell them I said that." 'Considering that the owner of this stand is Ichiraku Teuchi…'

"Oh well, I'm not hungry right now. So Hinata, where do you want to go?"

'When is Naruto not hungry for ramen, considering that we have been dead for 9 months?' "I don't know…wherever you want to g…MOM!"

Namikaze-Hyuga Hinata had never ran so quickly in her life, er death.. Minato thought that she had somehow used Hirashin no JutsuHinata glomped her mother.

"Okaa-san, I missed you so much. What are you doing here?"

"You're speaking to the captain of the fourth Shinigami squadron, one's who specialize in healing." Said Minato.

"Hyuga Hikari."

"Hinata's mom? Say, otou-san, is kaa-san here?"

At that instant, a red headed women appeared next to Naruto. "Boo."

Naruto screams like a girly girl. Everyone present sweat drops.

"Who are you?" Naruto asked, pointing an accusing finger at the women who intruded on his personal space, a space reserved for Hinata.

"She is the vice-captain of the fourth squadron, and also your mother. Uzumaki Kushina."

"KAA-SAN!" Kushina had no time to react, as Naruto glomped her.


Naruto and Hinata didn't even bother exploring Soul Society. They got a grand tour from the captain and vice captain of squad four, whom just happened to be their mothers!

Afterwards, they were lead to the Shinigami Academy in Seireitei, or the court of pure souls, where they received would eventually receive their Zanpakutou and learn the history of Shinigami. (Naruto and Hinata pretty much slept through this) until the end of class, after everyone was dismissed. The instructor noticed that two familiar Shinigami in training were sleeping with their heads down. Since this was her last year before she went back to her squad, she decided to give them both a rude awakening.

"OY GAKI! Wake up!" The woman punched and shattered the desk that the two were sleeping on.

Naruto and Hinata, still somewhat sleepy, slammed into the floor, than immediately snapped their eyes open, looked up, and shouted out. "Tsunade-sama!"


Tsunade was the fukutaicho of squad 8. Even in her old age, she seemed to emit tons of reiatsu, which showed because she looked younger, and it wasn't a Genjutsu, as Hinata discovered with her Byakugan...

"Who's the taicho of your squad?" Innocently asked Naruto, after the Shinigami academy.

"The taicho is…"


"Jiraiya-sama?" Asked Hinata.


"Stop calling me that! My name is Jiraiya-taicho!"

Jiraiya had a half full bottle of sake in his hand. Naruto could smell it. He covered his and Hinata's nose with his hands.

"Still drunk as ever, eh Jiraiya?" Said Tsunade. Jiraiya chose to ignore her.


(A/N there will not be any more Naruto characters replacing any Shinigami taicho's of fukutaichos's, if ever)

It has been three years since Naruto and Hinata joined the Shinigami academy. Everybody had received their Zanpakutou earlier that day…everybody except Naruto.

"Hmm, this is odd…why didn't you receive a Zanpakutou of your own…unless…you wouldn't happen to be a Key Blade Master, would you?" Asked one of the instructors.

"Yes I am."

"Then try summoning your Key Blade."

Naruto held his arm out, and the Key Blade appeared in his hand, but it lacked a Key Chain.

Naruto, being a Key Blade master, and being a master of Kenjutsu wielding the key blade, easily converted his Kenjutsu knowledge into Zanjutsu, with the help of squad 11, people who specialized in sword fighting.

Hinata had challenged Naruto to a spar later that day, so Naruto stood waiting in an open field and summoned his Zanpakutou. When Hinata arrived, she unsheathed hers. Hinata was more ready to fight then Naruto first initially thought, having stalked him when he was receiving sword training. Both of them knew they needed to know the names of their Zanpakutou soon, unless they wanted to be like the taicho of the eleventh squad, Zaraki Kenpachi, who didn't know the name of his Zanpakutou, but due to his immense spiritual pressure, or reiatsu, his Zanpakutou was powerful enough to be considered in Shikai form anyway. Rumor has it that if Zaraki were to ever achieve Bankai, it would be the end of the world, but Zaraki had no interest in Bankai anyway.

Naruto and Hinata at last raised their swords, drawing out as much spiritual pressure as possible, which wasn't much. However, the slight raising of their spiritual pressure drew in Minato and Kushina, who were passing by. The two Shinigami-in-training got into a basic Zanjutsu stance, then rushed at each other. Naruto performed a sweeping low sweep with his Zanpakutou, but Hinata jumped over it, and countered by bringing her blade down on Naruto, who rolled out of the way. "Destructive Art 4! White Lightning!" Naruto countered.

Hinata sunk her Zaznpakutou into the ground, and used it as a lightning rod. The battle just started, but Kushina and Minato were proud. The battle swiftly escalated into a kido and Ninjutsu fight, but then reverted back to a normal spar, with kido and Zanjutsu with the occasional Ninjutsu.. Eventually, they both tired out, and collapsed atop of each other. Minato and Kushina escorted them both home.


In Konoha, Sasuke and Haku were getting bored. They have been married for twenty some years. Sasuke especially missed Naruto, although he didn't want to admit it. In the next day, the two would be discovered dead by none other then Sakura. It looked like the rookie nine from generations past were slowly dying, as Neji had passed the next day, shortly followed by Tenten. Soon after, all of the generation of the Rookie Nine died, but they still had offspring enrolled in the ninja academy.


The former rookies, now ex-ANBU, had an honorary funeral in Konoha, while all of their souls were watching. They knew that they were dead, but had no idea what the broken chain on their chest meant. Neji joked that "The chains of destiny are broken."

Everyone present thought 'Armageddon is coming!'

While they were shocked at Neji, a Shinigami from Soul Society came up behind them. '1, 2, 3…12 souls?'

"Hey, do you happen to know Namikaze Naruto?" The Shinigami asked.

Sasuke replied as he turned around. "That dobe? Why?"


"Yeah, what's it to you?" Sasuke tried to act all tough, in order to intimidate this seemingly new foe.

"Fool! I am the fourth Hokage and also that dobes father…Namikaze Minato."

"I remember you! You were the one that busted up Ginji's wedding!"

"Can't we just forgive and forget?"


"If there is one thing that I hate, it's this. Besides this one instant, don't EVER say never!"

Sakura cowered under his killing intent and reiatsu pulse. "H-Hai."

"Good, now ready to see the dobe?"

"Of course, I miss him." Sasuke thought he whispered, but everyone heard him. "…What?"

"I have to hurry, your soul chains have almost eroded completely."

"These are soul chains? What happens if they erode completely?"

"Trust me, you don't want to know…"


Minato had managed to use Soul Burial on all of them, but he was a little late for Sasuke, who was turning into a hollow, but Minato managed to save him in time, and one by one, they disappeared to Soul Society, where they just happened to arrive where two unknown Shinigami were sparring.

"Ready, Naruto-chan?"


"Hai, Hinata-chan."

'Hinata too?'

Naruto and Hinata built up immense spiritual pressure. The ex-ANBU, not used to reiatsu, collapsed immediately, all except Neji, who attempted to emit killing intent. It was barely noticeable, but it was enough for the two to be interrupted, so Naruto and Hinata stopped what they were doing.

"Neji-nii-san?" Asked a startled Hinata. "Hai, good to see you, Hinata-sama."


Everybody from the ex-ANBU entered the Shinigami academy, while Naruto sparred with Hinata again. Before long, Hinata thought of something. "Hey Naruto-kun, maybe we should tell my Okaa-san that Neji-nii-san is here."

"Yeah…can't wait to see Neji's expression when he sees her."


The ex-ANBU, particularly Neji, were dead tired from the first day at the academy, when all of them realized that they had no place to stay. So they started exploring town, when Neji ran into Naruto and Hinata.

"Hinata-sama, Naruto, do either of you know of a cheap place to stay here?"

"The cheapest, but first, I want you to meet someone."


"You'll see. All right, come out!"

Out from the shadows stepped perhaps the most beautiful woman, pardoning Tenten, that he had ever saw. The stranger seemed strangely familiar to Neji though…

"Neji, don't you recognize me?" Hikari's voice was a dead giveaway to her identity. Neji's eyes widen in surprise, before he falls backwards and faints.


"Damn, I expected him to do something else…" Naruto said as he put away his camera. While Hikari took Neji to the fourth squadron barracks, Naruto and Hinata rounded up the ex-ANBU.

When they were all finally gathered together, Naruto made an announcement.

"Ok, you could either live with Hinata and I at my parents house, even though it's crowded, or you could live with Hinata's mom, where Neji is living, and space in unlimited, at least until you all graduate."

"I think I speak for all of us when I say that we'll move in with Neji." Said Tenten.

"Why? Do you not like me?" Asked Naruto.

"I have a feeling that you aren't telling us something." Shikamaru said, but couldn't figure it out.

"No no! Both houses have the same accommodations, but our house currently serves cup ramen for breakfast, lunch, and dinner." 'Except when Mom cooks, which she rarely does, since she rarely comes over."


Everyone, for now, decided to live with Neji. Unfortunately, Kushina decided to move out, since she couldn't stand Hikari's cooking, and preferred other things.


The ex-ANBU's third year had finally concluded, and they had all received their Zanpakutou. When all of them had graduated, they decided to form a new squad, known as the Konoha Division, which will consist of all of them. Yamamoto-sotaicho of squad one agreed to it, but only on one condition. That condition was that either Naruto or Hinata had to achieve Bankai after everyone graduated within 5 years of their graduation date, or their plan was void, which gave them eight years. This plan was especially difficult for them, since they haven't even unsealed their Zanpakutou yet, so they decided to try to unlock them today, or as soon as possible, so as soon as they became members of squad 10 under the command of Captain Hitsugaya Toshiro, they started to fight hollows. Captain Hitsuguya assisted the two greatly in trying to unseal their Zanpakutou, and Naruto finally managed to do it by the end of the first month.


Naruto, Hinata, and captain Hitsuguya were sparring. Toshirou was trying to help them unseal their Zanpakutou. After Captain Hitsugaya managed to freeze Hinata with his Zanpakutou Naruto snapped, Naruto's spiritual pressure rose.

-Naruto's mindscape-

Naruto had been here before, but never in Soul Society. As it is now, it looked very familiar. It was a stain-glass piller, and it depicted a picture of Sora fighting Roxas's. Confused to why this image was there, he continued on to another platform, but this one was barren. Awaiting him on the pillar was a very beautiful woman.

"Hello, Naruto-kun." Said the figure with the likeness of Hinata.

"Is that you, Hikari?"

"Close, but not quite. My name is…"

-Out of mindscape-

'My Zanpaktou's a girl…whatever.'

"Awaken, Hikari-Hime!" (Light Princess)

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