Former Colonel Roy Mustang and former Lieutenant Riza Hawkeye sat in silence as the train made its way back to central. They were on their way back after having visited Edward Elric and his family.

Mustang, who had been promoted to Brigadier General after the great battle with the Homunculus, sat with his arm perched on the window sill, and chin rested on his left hand. He had a bored expression on, as he watched the scenery passing him by.

Riza Hawkeye now promoted to Lt. Colonel; sat opposite him reading a book she had brought along for the long trip back. It had been ages since she had had the time to read any sort of book leisurely, with all the rebuilding of Ishbal work they've been swamped with as of late.

Family, eh? Thought Roy. Fullmetal is all grown up and responsible for children and a wife! He couldn't help but grin at that thought; though he had to admit he did feel envious of the laid back lifestyle Edward was leading back in Resembool.

He remembered his conversation with Edward earlier that day, and wondered if he could truly engage himself in that matter. Would it really be impossible? Could he allow himself that pleasure? His eyes wandered to the woman sitting in front of him and settled on her face. Shaking his head, he rubbed his hand on his forehead.

Roy exhaled loudly. His life was the military, and he had accepted that a long time ago. I don't have the right to think of settling down and raising a family, not after all I've done…not after that war. He frowned as memories of the Ishbal war came flooding his head. It had been hard since he started working with the rebuilding. Due to his current work with the Ishbalans, his past kept showing its ugly head every so often lately.

Most of the people were afraid and rather distrustful of him at first, since many remembered he was one of the many state alchemists that had destroyed their homeland. But with Scar and Miles' help, they had started to be less intimidated and slowly interacted with him. Although, there were the occasional outbursts from a begrudged few. But other than that, things were coming along smoothly and he had no complaints.

He stretched out his arms with a groan and yawned, half expecting Riza to comment on how tired he must be after their long day. When the silence ensued, he looked over at his Lieutenant. Roy couldn't help but smile at the sight before him. She had that serious expression of hers with the furrowed brows, and he watched her eye movements as she read. She was totally engrossed in that book of hers.

Resting the back of his head on his left arm, he leaned back into the couch and watched her read a few moments longer. "Careful Lieutenant, you'll get wrinkles the way you're frowning. Is your book really THAT Interesting?" He smirked, that signature half smile of his.

Startled, Riza blinked and looked up to find his dark eyes on her. "Err...Yes Sir, it is." She replied distractedly, a slight flush on her cheeks, before looking back down and continuing to read.

"Ah, I see." He mused, with a teasing tone of voice and a satisfied grin.

"Lieutenant, what are thoughts on children? Ever thought of having any?" Mustang asked a few moments later, out of the blue.

Riza looked up again and raised an eyebrow at him, and his odd question.

She kept silent for a moment trying to think of a reply. It was true that they had spent the day with Edward's adorable children, and she had noticed how carefree and playful he had been. It was the same way he was with Ishbalan children, telling them stories and acting like one of them as their laughter filled the air.

'He has a way with children, and dogs.' She thought with a smile.

"Hmm? Is it that hard of a question to answer?" He asked teasingly.

"No Sir." She replied sternly "I was just wondering where that question suddenly came from. Of course today's events perhaps, might have sparked it? "

He knew she was referring to the manner he conducted himself with the Elric children and cleared his throat with a quick cough as he rubbed his left earlobe, slowly changing his sitting position slightly. Noticing the gesture he usually made when embarrassed or uncomfortable, she suppressed a smile and continued.

"To answer your question Sir, I think children are a blessing, God's gift to mankind. They bring joy to the lives of those around them and make life seem bright and pure. Of course one mustn't forget about the trials of raising them as well, and not to mention how expensive they can be. But no, I haven't thought about having my own." She lied about the last part.

"God's gift to mankind, eh? How poetic of you Lieutenant. It seems however, that you have given some thought to the matter."He pointed out. "But you're right, aside from being God's gift they can be a huge inconvenience, always needing their diaper changed and constantly crying, not to mention all those expenses that go into raising them… more like God's curse if you ask me." He joked with smug smile.

Riza smiled softly at his remark. "Now Sir, there's no need to stretch the truth that far. Clearly your actions when amongst children say otherwise."

"Ah, you've got me there, Lieutenant!" He shrugged still smiling "What can I say? I'm a softie when it comes to children and dogs."

"You forgot to add women, Sir" She said light-heartedly and they both laughed.

This is my first fan fiction ever, so be kind. I had the idea right after I finished reading the last page of the FMA manga on June 12 - still can't believe its all over x.x- so I started to work on this as a way to make my most favorite couple have some sort of happy ending, a continuation of sorts to the open end Arakawa-sensei gave them. They totally deserve happiness just like Edwin! And they can still stay in the military like they planned already.