It was sometime late in the evening. Two men stood in front of an open field, and both of the dark haired men were dressed in civilian attire. They were somewhere along the outskirts of central, far from the dim city lights, under the wide starry night sky, which a full moon illuminated and made the whole area look bright and dazzling. They stood side by side, with nothing but black military car that brought them there, parked in the background.

Roy Mustang was formally dressed, wearing a white dress shirt with a slim black tie which lay tucked under a dark blue vest, and a matching pair dress pants. A black trench coat topped his outfit and a cream colored scarf was draped over his broad shoulders adding a touch of class. His raven colored hair was styled in its usual unkempt manner.

Maes Hughes however, wasn't as formal looking. He had on a pair of dark tan slacks, a dark green dress shirt which accentuated the emerald color of his eyes, and a simple brown jacket. Maes swiftly adjusted his drooping glasses over the bridge of his nose, and then tucked his hand in his pocket. Both men stood with their hands hidden within their pockets, staring out into the distance.

"So Roy old boy, heard you saved the world, lost your eyesight eh? Must have been major bummer I'd bet, but then you regained it somehow, and got promoted to General! Well it's not quite Fuhrer but knowing you you'll get there soon enough. But but..." He trailed off.

He turned to face Roy, a wide grin on his familiar face. "But the best news of all is you're finally GETTING MARRIED! Oh, I'm so proud of you!" He said with glee and slapped Roy on the back hard.

Roy stopped himself from toppling over, and then shot him a dark irritated look.

His best friend ignored him and continued speaking, sparkles gleaming in his eyes. "Casanova has FINALLY turned a new leaf, eh? I thought this day would never EVER come at the pace you were going. I mean what the hell? You two kept dancing around one another so much it was a PAIN to watch, not to mention a huge nuisance."

He then suddenly gave Roy a sinister glare "You're just lucky Riza didn't get snagged away by some other guy already, a pretty girl like her shouldn't be left waiting for a clueless idiot such as yourself. Mr. I-don't–have- time-for-Marriage-and-family-because-my-goals-are-WAAAY-more-important-than anything-else-in-the-whole-world."

Roy rolled his eyes as Maes continued his incessant rambling.

"Oh! But I'm soooo happy I could cry, this was the day I've always been waiting for." He suddenly squealed

Maes pulled Roy in a tight hug and rubbed his rough stubble on Roy's cheek.

"Cut it out, Maes!" Roy yelled pushing Maes off, rubbing his cheek and scowling at him.

"I am not a clueless fool."He calmly said though he did sound annoyed. "I had A LOT of issues to handle at the time, besides our relationship was complicated enough without adding romance and intimacy into it, Maes." Roy corrected Hughes, straightening imaginary creases off of his coat and scarf.

"Bah, excuses EXCUSES! I mean you used to get all defensive and stuff if I even mentioned the M word before, and now look at you, not making faces like a mature young man and it seems to me as if you're actually looking forward to it." He patted Roy's back and smiled

"You've come a long way, my friend."

Roy slipped his hands back in his pockets and stared at the ground below him, a slight smile softening his features.

"I suppose I have. I honestly am aware of how much you have always waited for that day to come. But you know Maes, things just haven't been the same without you and I just hate the fact that you're not here to share this all with me." His voice was gruff and his brow furrowed.

There was a brief silence for a while before Hughes finally said something.

"Dude," Maes pulled on the word with a horrified expression on his face.

"What's this share business, you're talking about? What do you take me for some kind of freak? Well I'm not a freak! "he raised an eyebrow at Roy and sounded incredulous.

Waving a hand at him dismissively, he added, "I don't want Riza, she's all yours. No need to share her with me, thank you very much! I am a happily married man. Geez…"

Roy turned to look at him and blinked, completely dumbfounded. Only his friend had that peculiar sense of humor and could turn a solemn moment, no make that any moment, into something totally bizarre and completely outrageous.

He finally recovered and felt like smacking Hughes on the back of his head. A second later he did.

"Ow- Hey! What was that for?

"Quit acting so foolish."

"Quit being so angsty."

Roy frowned at him "I'm not angsty, weirdo!"

Hughes scoffed "Oh yes you are, you brooder!"

The flame alchemist let out a deep sigh; Brigadier colonel Hughes rubbed the back of his head. Then there was another moment of quiet.

"So…Care to tell me what prompted this sudden change of mind about settling down with her?" Hughes asked his voice serious.

Roy shrugged then grinned at him. "It wasn't sudden and after all we've been through. I guess it finally is the right time."

"Hmm… and why don't I believe that?" Folding his arms across his chest

With a curious tone he continued, "My guess is you got jealous of Edward for having cute little kids before you and thought to yourself, hmm I better start getting busy now before I get too old to procreate little flame alchemists of my own who'll probably no most defiantly also inherit my awesome charm and ridiculous good looks." He concluded with a sly grin.

Roy's lips formed into a smirk. "I'd have to admit you've got me there, Maes. You always were too smart for your own good. I totally agree with you my kids will be incredibly good looking and overly talented. " He beamed with pride at the thought.

"Little Flame alchemists and snipers eh? They'll totally drive you crazy but I'm sure Riza will handle them just fine, after all she has been stuck with you, all these years."

"Hmph…stuck with me, you make it sound as if I were a delinquent that needed her supervision." Roy huffed.

"Well you aren't a delinquent, but you did need her constant supervision. Otherwise you would have either gotten yourself killed by your rashness or your office would have been flooded with overdue paperwork." Hughes remarked nonchalantly

Roy furrowed his brow at Hughes and he in turn just shrugged and gave him a you-know-its-true look.

"So, how many children do you plan on having?" Hughes asked.

Mustang blinked for a moment then stroked the edge of his chin in thought. His mouth was covered by the rest of his hand, as he pondered the question.

"I never thought about it before. I dunno, maybe wait, six." He finally answered assuredly.

Hughes blinked, "I don't think so, time's against you buddy. Besides Riza definitely won't allow it, I'm sure she'll still be working in military and you are a handful to her as it is without adding four or six kids to the picture."

"But I always dreamed of having a big family." Roy whined.

"Didn't you just say I've never thought about it before?"

"I forgot about my old dream…"

"What old dream?"

"The one where I live in a huge house with my wife and children. And we sit outside, blissfully watching lots of our kids and maybe a couple of dogs run around and play in the front yard."

"I thought your dream was to be Fuhrer."

"This was my dream before THAT dream."

"And when did this dream happen to occupy your mind."

"Hmm, right around the time of my alchemic training."

"Oooh, I see. Wonder what happened back then for you to be having such thoughts at quite a young age."

"Shut up, Maes."

"Hate to burst your cute little family bubble there, Roy. But I don't think that dream of yours has any chance of ever coming true, unlike your Fuhrer dream."

"It might, I have ways of being persuasive." Roy's famed smirk shone across his face.

"Not in this area and not with that woman, you don't." Hughes held a smirk of his own which made Roy frown.

"What makes you so sure? Riza might as well be sharing a similar dream to mine, you know."

"Ha! Riza Hawkeye wanting loads of children? Hmm we'll see about that. It's surely a bet I will win though."

Mustang didn't reply, instead he ran a hand through his hair and stared out into the distance. They both let silence loom over them again and several moments had passed by. As both men remained quiet yet occupied, each one entertaining his own thoughts. Before Roy finally spoke, a hint of sorrow in his tone of voice.

"I almost lost her that day, Maes. I've never been more afraid of anything at that moment. I can't lose her, not the way I've lost you. I will not allow it."

Hughes let out an exasperated sigh. "Ah come on, quit turning this conversation into a gloom and doom sob fest. It's a happy time, you SHOULD be happy, for god's sakes," Throwing Mustang a mock menacing glare.

Roy turned to face Hughes, a small smile on his face then said, "Riza doesn't want to get married, well 'not until you reach your goal, sir!' she says…but I don't want to waste any more time. My priorities have changed since that last battle with the homunculus and that Father guy."

"Well that's understandable, Roy. She's been so committed to helping you reach your goal that she'd probably feel burdened if she felt she was going to make you fall back on it in any way."

"I thought that might be the reason, but it's not going to happen. I don't plan on ever quitting on being Fuhrer; it's something that must be done."

"That girl really cares for you more than she does for herself. So stop worrying so much, I'm sure she'll turn around and marry you soon enough. You're one lucky bastard though and it's a good thing you opened your eyes and finally realized it, idiot." Meas said, scowling at him.

"Believe me Maes, I am aware of how fortunate I am to have had her by my side all this time. If it wasn't for her support, I wouldn't have made it this far. It was her words that brought me back from the dark grasp of vengeance I submitted myself to that day, I found that monster that took you away…if she wasn't there I might have lost more than I could bear." Roy said, then sighed deeply

Hughes closed his eyes and shook his head. Then he reached out and patted Roy on back, it was a gesture meant to let his friend know that he understood how hard his death must have been on him. And one that conveyed to Roy that it wasn't his fault that it had happened and that certain events are just out of our control. Roy turned to look at Hughes, anguish reflected within his eyes.

I should have…It's my fault and I can't ever forgive myself for not being able to do something.

"Oh, would you stop being so melodramatic, it wasn't your fault Roy. You have to understand that. It was meant to happen and there was nothing you could do about it." Hughes said with a soft smile

"But if I could…"

"No buts…Quit beating yourself over it. You always were one to take onto yourself the misfortunes of your comrades. There wasn't any way for you to know, let alone prevent it from happening. The best thing you CAN do for me now is to take care of my girls, like you've been doing. So get married already, and get busy making little playmates for my sweet Elysia."

Roy smiled a bit at that then nodded. "I'll try my best to convince Riza of that reason."

"You do that." Hughes nodded with a satisfied grin.

Then he started to walk away from Roy's side and before Roy could move or say anything, darkness engulfed him and the scene they had been standing over was replaced by nothingness. Roy called out to Hughes saying words he could not comprehend and sensing thoughts he could not place.

All he felt was a huge unexplainable load on his chest, as if something were suffocating him and pushing him under. He reached out his hand, trying his best to reach the shadow that he thought belonged to Hughes and called out to him again. But the shadow kept getting further away from him and fainter. Running as fast as he could after it, he pulled out his arm and just about caught something, before everything went blinding white.

Riza woke up the next day feeling overly groggy and rubbed her eyes of sleep as she turned her face to gaze at clock on top of her bedside cabinet. She stared at it for awhile, unable to register if what it conveyed was actually true or not.

It can't be twenty past eleven, can it? And why do I have this god awful headache? She thought to herself.

She slowly stretched her arms and yawned, not remembering how she had fallen asleep last night and why she woke up so late this morning, it was almost noon and very unlike her. Good thing I have an afternoon shift today. Riza decided it was time to get something for this headache she had and sat up to get out of bed. But before she even placed her feet on the floor, she noticed something.

The Lt. Colonel looked down and found herself in a peculiar state of complete undress. Her mind went blank for a couple of moments, when a sudden groan and shuffling of the sheets behind her, reached her ear and brought her out of her stupor. Riza closed her eyes and slowly turned around, dreading and completely certain of whom she will find. With a quick inhale then exhale she opened them to find the bare chest and raven colored hair of her superior officer and just turned fiancé, General Roy Mustang.

Dear lord, what have we done last night? Riza rubbed her head and frowned some more.

The Flame alchemist lay on his side, hugging the pillow he was partially sleeping on and a small smile spread across Riza's face at how calm and peaceful he looked. He reminded her of a little boy and she suddenly had the urge to reach out and stroke his hair, but was afraid she might wake him. Riza eyes wandered over him, when he suddenly moved and turned to lie on his back. Her eyes fell on a certain area that gave rise to a strange primal feeling. Her cheeks flushed, a shiver went down her spine, and she quickly averted her gaze.

Hawkeye frowned and was just about to give him the rudest awakening of his entire sorry life when he suddenly reached out and grabbed her arm, startling her.

"No. Don't go yet, Maes. At least let me take you back with the car…Come on!" he gruffly murmured. Riza's expression changed. Her anger and embarrassment disappeared at his mention of Hughes' name and she realized he must be dreaming of his long departed best friend.

"Don't leave me again, Maes…" he mumbled while he tightened his grip on her arm.

Riza stared at him for awhile, not knowing whether she should wake him or not, when a scratching and low whining at the door caught her attention. Poor Black Hayate hadn't been given his breakfast and was defiantly hungry.

Slowly, she untangled his grip on her arm and rested it by his side and pulled the sheet over him. Then got out of bed and stood over their pile of clothing on the floor, scanning through them for something quick to wear. She slipped into her panties then picked up Roy's dress shirt and put it on, relishing the scent of his musky cologne as she buttoned it and folded back the arms.

As soon as she opened the door Hayate wagged his tail happily and barked at the sight of his mistress.

"Shh…quiet Hayate." She said in low stern voice.

"Come along and let's see what you're going to have for breakfast or should I say lunch." She patted his head and gave him a wary smile then walked over to the kitchen with the little dog at her heel.

Roy awoke at the sound of a bark; he opened his eyes and caught sight of Riza walking out of the room with the dog following after her. With a loud groan he rolled onto his stomach, stretched his arms then yawned. Hughes, the memory the dream he was just having made him frown. It had been ages since he last had such a dream but he was somewhat glad as he remembered the conversation they had shared in it. He ran a hand through his hair and scratched his head, smiling to himself at the thought of his future children.

The thought suddenly made him remember the events that had transpired the night before and his eyes shot open and lost their hazy sleepiness.

Oh dear, this going to be so awkward now. I hope she doesn't pull that gun out on me.

He thought as he buried his face in the pillow. He couldn't help but smile though, at the thought of it finally happening, granted it wasn't how he wanted it to happen but it happened.

The two mere glasses of wine had loosened his beautiful fiancée's inhibitions and totally changed her reserved character into one of demanding temptress and he was more than happy to comply with her every command. He would have to remind her of that fact when she returned to tell him off later which he was sure she would.

Hmm, maybe I should just go over to where she is and get this over with instead.

He jumped out of bed and pulled on his boxers then strolled out of the room, the aroma of coffee and something cooking on the stove pulled him towards the kitchen.

When he reached the doorway his eyes fell on Riza who had her back to him, busily frying eggs and sausages on the stove. He was about to walk over to her and startle her but decided against it, they had to get over the whole 'awkward morning after' first. Roy leaned against the door frame, folded his arms and merely gazed contently at her, as she carried on with her chore.

"I know you're there Roy. Did you sleep well?" She asked without realizing it and completely regretted uttering the question.

He grinned, that's Hawkeye for you, always ever so sharp and in tune with her surroundings. If she hadn't realized he was burning holes in her back with his staring he might have thought she had gone lax.

"I think I slept well enough, what about you Riza? I'm guessing you must have one hell of a hangover and with only what, two glasses of wine? I didn't know you weren't much of drinker." He drawled with smirk.

"I'm not a fan of the drink as you are, sir." She retorted, purposely using the word she knew he wouldn't like, in an attempt to place some distance between them again.

"Sir? Come now, I think we're much past the formalities now Riz, especially after you invited me to share your bed last night." He said his voice amused

Riza turned off the stove and then turned to face him, her face held that expressionless mask and he couldn't quite tell if she was going to clobber him with some random kitchen utensil or not.

"So you're saying I seduced you, is that it?"

Roy grinned smugly and gave her a single nod.

"How is it possible? I simply cannot understand, and if that's the case then I suppose all those other women before me had their way with you just as easily then. So, that really means that you aren't that womanizing legend they make you out to be." She looked at him with a bored, uninterested expression.

Roy frowned, "You make me sound like a victim, Riza. I don't appreciate that. Do you even remember what happened last night?"

Riza folded her arms across her chest, imitating his stance and frowned back at him, "No. I don't remember much after the dancing part. Everything is slightly fuzzy afterward but I'd be a fool to believe your words, Mustang."

"Alright alright, so it happened, and who cares WHO started it. It was bound to anyway sooner or later, right future Mrs. Mustang? He smiled widely at her.

"Not in that way, it wasn't. I wanted it to be meaningful and to at least be sober enough to remember the details of it all."

Again, she regretted what she said. She seemed to be doing that a lot this morning.

Roy flashed her one of his mischievous smirks.

"If it's the details that have you so peeved, I could gladly tell them to you bit by boring bit. Or better yet why don't we have a second go at it and I could show you just how much you like…"

Roy was cut short from completing his sentence by a sharp blow to the gut. He didn't notice her coming close by or else he would he would have avoided the blow. He caught both her arms in a quick grasp to elude any more hits.

"Ugh…you really didn't have to do that, you know. But it's good to know just how strong you can be, since you are going to be the mother my children and that means they are going to be just as strong and beautiful as you." He teasingly said rubbing his stomach.

Riza narrowed her eyes and stared him down. Words did not need to be said for her to convey what she felt about his smug remarks. Roy gazed back at her with laughter in his eyes. He simply adored how she reacted to the whole uncomfortable situation. The intimacy thing between them had been a complicated affair. But he realized that after last night, things wouldn't be as hard anymore…Hopefully.

He wrapped her arms, which he still had restrained, around his middle and embraced her with his own, pulling her close to his chest. Riza did not fight him, instead she closed her eyes and sighed as he held her. She couldn't stay mad at him for long, sometimes. And in his arms, hearing the sound of his strong beating heart, she knew that she had finally found the one thing she had always hoped for yet feared to have.

"I'm sorry Riza, I didn't realize how foolish it was of me to think that you were okay with it. I should have ended it before it got too far." He said, Riza could feel a slight hint of guilt in his voice.

She didn't say anything. She just smiled against his chest.

This man could be obnoxiously cocky and unbearable but he always knew when how to make things up to her and was capable of being exceedingly gentle when he wanted to be. She understood and appreciated the fact, that she was the only one with whom he could be his true self with. To the other people he was the flame alchemist who had no weakness, and could do almost anything. Yet she knew him better than anyone else. She knew his good side, as well as his dark frightening side.

"I must have been too forward for you to…" She said in a whisper not daring to finish the sentence, her stomach feeling uneasy at the thought of what she might have done and she didn't dare face him.

He sensed her embarrassment and smiled. "Well I'd have to agree with you there, Riza. It was like dangling a big piece of meat in front of a starving dog. "He said factually

And there it was, just as he predicted it. She pulled away from him and the embarrassment was replaced with a furrowed brow, a slight flush residing on her cheeks.

He thought she looked adorable.

She felt like strangling the big oaf standing in front of her.

"Are you calling me a piece of meat, Roy?" She snapped

"To be fair I did call myself a starving dog, which I really was by the way. And the meal this dog had was well worth the wait and beyond my wildest expectations, might I add." He grinned.

Riza hid behind her stoic mask once again, the only part betraying her, her eyes which glared deep into his soul. Roy shuddered for a moment. He knew that stare, if she had a gun nearby. She wouldn't hesitate firing it at him. He was thankful she did not.

"You're insufferable, Roy Mustang." She seethed in low tone

"Hmm, I think we've had this conversation before dearest, and my answer is still the same. I may be so, yet you still love me." He mused

"And you're an utterly detestable, arrogant man."

"Yet you stay by my side, Riza Hawkeye or should I say Riza H. Mustang."

Riza decided to ignore him; if he wanted to act that way then she wasn't going to encourage it further by getting mad since that was what he wanted. She marched back inside the kitchen and brought out two plates, a loaf of bread, two mugs, a butter tray, and a coffee pot then set them on the table.

She went over to the stove, grabbed the pan and emptied its contents on both plates. Pulling a chair out, she sat down and started buttering a slice of bread. She then poured herself some coffee and sipped it slowly, completely disregarding his presence.

Roy watched her sip the contents of her mug, fully aware that she was snubbing him. He strode over to the table, pulled out the chair opposite her and flopped down on the seat. He stared straight at her face and after several moments had passed she looked up at him and held his gaze without revealing a hint of emotion. She then pushed the pot over to him then grabbed the piece of toast off her plate and took a bite.

"Thank you, my dear lieutenant." Roy said and he poured himself some coffee.

"So, I had an interesting dream. Want to hear about it?" he asked looking at her with a smile as if he hadn't done anything wrong.

Riza directed her attention to the plate of scrambled eggs and sausages in front of her and forked herself some, taking a bite, and still not making eye contact with the man before her. Roy titled his head to one side and grinned at her display of complete indifference.

"Hmm, okay then. It was about Hughes." He raised an eyebrow, checking to see if that would melt her coldness.

Nope. Not a thing.

Riza didn't even flinch. Unbeknown to him, she'd already heard some details of his dream, but even though she was slightly curious. She knew he would tell her about it even if she appeared like she didn't want to listen. But judging from the way he was acting, it didn't look as bad as she thought it was.

"Right, so we were discussing a lot of issues. How so many things had happened and how I wished he was still here among us." He said with a distant look on his face.

"He was happy, extremely happy about us finally getting married. He even told me not to worry, since you would turn around and agree to marry me sooner than expected," he laughed a little and went on.

"Instead of the whole 'waiting until I'm Fuhrer and than it will happen' mindset that you have right now." He gave a mock frown and stared at her while he sipped his coffee.

He went on to continue, "He asked me how many children we would have and I told him six or seven perhaps. Then he said you wouldn't agree to such a huge number, since you would probably be working still and that it would be too much to handle since I was already a handful to you as it were."

Riza grinned a little at that, it was a very true statement. She didn't look up at him and took another sip of coffee.

"Little snipers and flame alchemists. Wouldn't that be something to look forward to, Riza?" he said with a sigh. "I think you would make an amazing mother. You've had enough practice with me and the boys. Maes said so too, he said that they would drive me crazy but you would manage them as effortlessly as you have been dealing with me, all these years." He smiled at her.

"Maes always was an intelligent and perceptive man." He heard her say quietly.

Riza then looked up and met his gaze, noticing he hadn't touched his food. "Eat your breakfast, Roy. Coffee on an empty stomach is not a good thing." She said in a no nonsense tone of voice.

She then took another slice of bread and started buttering it. When she was done, she placed it on his plate and gave him an 'eat-that-now' glare.

Roy smiled at how her 'maternal instinct' which he liked to call it often, came up out of no where. He knew better than to go against her, especially when she was in that sort of mood that she was in now.

So he picked up the piece of toast and munched on it, with a wide knowing grin on his face.

He knew better than to go against the mother of his future children.

The End

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