Note: I've done this before and I'm doing it again. These are Various One Chapters, all stand-alone. I kind of felt bad because I have so many stories that I don't think will ever see the light of day and some are kind of nice. So, I decided why not post the first chapters and see what you think? And maybe, if you can handle long waits for updates I could possibly post the rest of one or two of these. So, here we go! Warnings will be various but they are all SLASH


Title: Passion Play II

Rating: NC/17

Summary: After Egypt, Harry's change at Hogwarts is apparent. His awareness and intelligence is sharp and the clarity on his mind is astonishing. He's not the same scared boy-who-lived and he never will be.

Pairings: Oliver/Harry, Cedric/Harry with a LOT of overtones of Bill/Harry(main pairing)

Warnings: Underage sex (13), Drama, Romance, Language, Alternate Universe, Coming of Age, Set in Prisoner of Azkaban.


Chapter One

"Harry? Is that you?" Hermione Granger appeared from the pet shop when she saw them and her brown eyes practically bulged upon seeing him.

Harry chuckled lightly at her and gave a nod. Indeed, he was several inches taller than her and while he was nowhere near Ron's height or weight capacity, he was comfortable. He was lean and much more well toned from all the work he did with Bill that summer in Egypt.

Yes, Egypt changed the infamous boy-who-lived. Gone was the pale chalky skin, black rimmed Buddy Holly glasses, and finally the shy and introverted child that blushed every five minutes.

His hair was a silky raven black that was pleasantly wild with a mind of its own. It lay in odd angles around his head, effectively hiding his scar. His eyes were set brilliantly bright and the glow of his tan made him irresistibly gorgeous.

"Bill got a hold of him this summer!" Ron crowed wrapping an arm around Harry. "Bill and Harry got on well."

Oh, did they. Harry thought to himself. "Hi Hermione. How was France?"

She simply goggled at him. She was holding an orange ginger haired cat that was glaring at Ron or rather Scabbers who was latched inside of his best friend's shirt pocket.

"France was brilliant! So much history and art," she exclaimed. "I didn't know you went to Egypt with them. Why didn't you write and tell me?"

"Hedwig remained at the Burrow and it was a last minute decision," Harry said as they headed for Flourish and Blotts for their books.

"Harry mainly worked with Bill this summer on a pyramid," Ron said grinning.

"Really? How did you do that without magic?"

"Will got me a temporary permit to use magic and anyway the entrance was Parseltongue activated."

She stared at him shrewdly. "But Harry, the spells used in curse breaking is very dangerous! They're advanced magic."

"Yes, I know. He taught me some of them. I learned how to fight Inferi, I learnt how to deactivate a blinding ward and even take down a couple Death Traps."

"Inferi?" Ron queried.

Hermione frowned."Inferi are summoned creatures of death!"

Harry rolled his eyes. "They're dead bodies, like muggle zombies. They die by fire. I saw Will and his group take on fifty of them. I hovered in the air and watched."

"Cool! You forgot to tell me that mate."

"Your mum was in range I couldn't," he reminded.

"Ooh, yeah, you're right." He grinned wildly. "Anyway, Harry stayed with Bill for the sleeping arrangements. So I am not surprised that they wound up close."

"Why do you call him Will?" Hermione asked.

Harry shrugged. "Kind of happened." He knew how and why but he wasn't going to tell her that.

"We're not allowed to call him that," Ron warned her. "We do he'll hex us black and blue."

Snickering, Harry pulled out his book list. "I need to also get some starter runes."

"Runes?" Hermione yelped. "You're taking Ancient Runes?"

"And Arithmancy, Will said I should, I dropped Care of Magical Creatures and Divination for it."

She gasped at him. "Really? I thought you were signed up for the basics?"

"I was but I changed my mind after working with Will in the pyramids and seeing all the runes and not knowing what they were. I know the basic Greek, Egyptian, and Roman alphabet along with the seven deadly sins."

Hermione seemed quite shocked that Harry was putting thought into his studies. Ron shook his head. "Only Bill can instill that sort of motivation."

Harry stuck out his tongue. "I'm seriously considering Curse-breaking as a future career."

"Really? It takes a lot of hard work…"

"Yeah, I know. I watched them all summer," Harry reminded her. "I saw firsthand exactly what Curse-breaking requires."

They left Flourish and Blotts and went from shop to shop. Hermione then brought up Sirius Black. Ron and Harry shrugged.

"Nothing I haven't dealt with before."

"Harry this is really dangerous-"

"Don't I know it?" Harry reminded. "I'm not stupid, Hermione. I know he's dangerous but I'm not worrying about it. I'm not panicking over a madman hell-bent on killing me. I'll deal with it when it comes."

He went into Madam Malkin's for new school robes and normal every day robes of mixed colours. It didn't hurt to add to his wardrobe. Bill bought most of what he needed but Harry found that he liked having a choice and he no longer had to wear Dudley's junk.

Hermione was telling them about her time in France, all the museums and magical places she visited.

"Harry only went to a handful of places with us," Ron mused as they entered the Leaky Cauldron together.

"The pyramid took most of the summer," Harry said pleasantly. "Apparently, the basilisk from the Chamber of Secrets had been hidden there."

Hermione gaped. "What? How do you know?"

"Read it on the walls. It was in Parseltongue. The basilisk was hatched in that very pyramid, her name was Lunatian and he moved her for safety to Hogwarts," Harry said excitedly. "Also, it says that Rowena Ravenclaw was not an innocent bright witch as people believed. She was a narcissistic little witch who was jealous of everyone and everything!"

"What? That's not true!" Hermione defended. "It doesn't say that in Hogwarts A History!"

Harry laughed as he collapsed in a booth. "Hogwart's A History is a story written from someone else's perspective. What I read was from Salazar Slytherin himself! Gryffindor and Slytherin were the best of friends, they were so close in fact that they became more, they were lovers."

Ron gaped. "Really?"

Hermione's cheeks flushed. "That can't be true!"

"It is," Harry said with glittering eyes. "They loved each other, they were exceptionally close. However, Ravenclaw wasn't pleased and attempted to drive them apart. That's why Slytherin left. It wasn't because of Gryffindor's fighting with Slytherin over Pureblood propaganda. It was from Ravenclaw trying to drive a wedge between them. She didn't like Hufflepuff because even Slytherin was fond of her as a person. He adored her, thought she was the sweetest witch of the age. Ravenclaw didn't like it. Ravenclaw had the beauty and the intellect but she was narcissistic. She believed that the world revolved around her, which was her downfall. Even her daughter despised her ways and took off."

Hermione was horrified. She stared from Ron to Harry dubiously and she said the most shocking thing Harry had ever heard. "Two men can't love each other!"

"That's rubbish Hermione. They can too," Ron proclaimed. "Why do you say that?"

"It's wrong, it's unnatural!" Hermione said shaking her head. "Magic might be natural but two men? It's very - wrong."

Harry frowned at her. Did she really believe that?

"The wizarding world is not like that!" Ron said sharply. "Here, you can love whoever you want. Two men and two women have just as much right as a man and a woman. Whoever told you it wasn't natural is completely rubbish."

Harry really didn't know what to say to Hermione at this. Her and Ron began to argue. Hermione was using all sorts of reasons why two men weren't allowed to love one another and how it was impossible. It went from procreation to the balance of nature.

"Hermione! You haven't read everything here have you?" Ron snapped angrily shutting her tirade up.

Her cheeks were red. "What do you mean?"

"Men can have children!"

She reared back like she had been slapped. "No - no they can't-"

"Yes, Hermione they can. My cousin Adam Weasley is married and pregnant right now with twin girls. His husband of eight years running he met when he was on an exhibition in Australia! Women can also have children the only difference it takes a special kind of potion for that so while a man can accidentally get pregnant a woman can't by another woman. That is the only difference right there."

"It's wrong! It's wrong! Men can't have children, I don't care what magic says. Not possible, men can't be together. It's wrong, sick!"

Ron narrowed his eyes. "I didn't expect you of all people to act like this Hermione."

"I'm right though! It is wrong. It's unnatural!"

"Is this all about Muggle's religion? That doesn't carry over to here," Ron said shortly. "If you ever want to be accepted here you're going to have to drop your muggle views on this particular subject. It is very common to see two guys as it is a guy and girl."

It was a strange turn of events, Ron sounded intelligent and Hermione was looking like the stupid one in this. Harry got up for some pumpkin juice and when he came back, Hermione rounded on him. "Harry! You're from the muggle world, back me up!"

Harry paused and gazed up at her. Ron snorted. "He's not going to back you up."

"And why not?" She demanded.

"I'm gay, Hermione," he confessed after hearing Ron.

Her face caved and her eyes narrowed. "You're not!"

"Yes, Hermione. I am gay," he said again, this time with more confidence.

"You can't be!"

Harry rolled his eyes and passed Ron his drink and sat next to him. He ignored her wild stare as he drank down his goblet. "I'm not arguing with you on this, Hermione. I am gay, I know I'm gay for a fact and if you have a problem with it, you can leave."

She was breathing heavy by this time, her shoulders shaking. "You - can't - know. It's not like you've ever been with anyone, how do you know?"

"I'm not answering that," Harry said sharply.

"The twins are bisexual," Ron said getting a horrified look from Hermione. "Charlie is gay. Most of this world sees things in a very platonic way. The only thing that people fight over is purity of blood."

"Which is even more stupid," Harry said casually.

"You're not gay, Harry," Hermione insisted. "You're only thirteen."

Harry leveled her with a stare. "Do I really have to say it?"

Ron arched an eyebrow. "Say what? I wanna hear!"

"Guys, turn me on. Looking at certain guys can make me rock hard…" Ron burst out laughing. Hermione was absolutely scandalized by his blunt remarks, but how else was he to get through to her without giving away the summer? "Girls don't do a damn thing for me. I know my sexuality Hermione. Don't you dare tell me you know my hormones and my wants better than me."

"I- I can't stand this. I have to go!" She said incensed and slid out of the booth. "I can't believe you two! It's sick, hopefully you come to your senses. I can't believe you Harry Potter!" She hissed angrily. "I never would have believed it of you."

Harry felt his heart sinking as he stared at Hermione as if he didn't even know her. "Good bye Hermione." He turned away from her.

Hermione glared at Ron who arched an eyebrow. "You can leave now, Granger," he snapped coldly. "You've done enough damage."

She was stunned by his attitude. "Fine! I don't need you two anyway."

Her and her cat were soon gone. Harry was staring into his pumpkin juice. "I never would have believed she'd act like my relatives…"

Ron sighed heavily and placed a hand on Harry's back. "Hey, don't let her get to you. She's narrow minded and that's all she sees and knows is her side of the muggle world. She may be intelligent about books but she's stupid when it comes to the communication part."

"I hate to see her go… because of this."

"It's her fault not yours," Ron said grinning. "I knew you were gay."

Harry blinked and stared up at him. "Did you?"

"I caught Bill kissing you." Ron laughed at Harry's dumbstruck face. "I saw you when I came into the house with the leftovers. I also saw you in the museum and yeah I know. You can't hide it from me and you shouldn't."

Harry bit his lip and before he could think about what he was doing he hugged Ron. "Thank you!"

"No problem," he said sincerely and patted Harry's back. "You're my best friend, honestly being gay means absolutely nothing here!"

"I was worried it did," he admitted softly. "You saw how Hermione acted, my relatives are identical to that and so are tons of other muggles. They see it as disgusting and abomination - they use religion to dictate you. I mean I didn't know I was gay until this summer. I was too young to know what I wanted but-" he pinked slightly.

"Bill drove you insane, right?"

Harry laughed quietly and nodded sheepishly. "He did at that." He was so relieved to know that Ron wasn't sickened with him. Hermione was a shock but Ron was the one friend he didn't want to lose.

When they got home that night, Harry was still a little bummed at dinner.

"What's wrong Harry?" Mr. Weasley asked with concern. He noticed that Harry had been cheerful setting out for Diagon Alley but when he came back it was different, completely different. So he knew it wasn't because of Bill.

Everyone's eyes swiveled to Harry, who cringed.

Ron scowled. "All Hermione's fault! Her and her stupid muggle ways. Harry, she's not worth it."

"What happened?" Mrs. Weasley asked worriedly.

"What did miss know it all do now?" Fred asked seeing Harry's eyes downcast and playing with his food.

"Nothing, I'm going to lay down. Thank you Mrs. Weasley." Harry was up and left the room, leaving Ron to answer for him.

"What did she do?" Mr. Weasley pressed.

"Harry's gay and Hermione flipped calling him unnatural and wrong."

"Why is it unnatural?" Fred asked.

Ginny frowned. "Harry's gay?"

"Of course he is!" Ron declared.

"Why would it be wrong?"

Mr. Weasley sighed sadly. "Muggles have different beliefs. A lot of them believe that same sex relationships is an abomination, wrong because they cannot procreate and it's unnatural in their eyes."

"That's rubbish!" George slapped the table.

"I believe Hermione has her facts all mixed up. Did you not tell her that males can have children and that they were just as likely to become pregnant as a female?" Percy asked having been quiet the entire time. Even he was a little unsettled.

"I told her everything," Ron insisted. "I explained to her that it was completely natural and that there was nothing wrong with it. At first, she didn't know about Harry and she tried to get him to back her up because he's from the muggle world. She says that two men can't love each other."

"Hogwash!" Mrs. Weasley gasped in horror. "That poor boy. I should go up and send him some cake."

"Let him rest Molly, he just lost a friend," Mr. Weasley said softly.

"I'm afraid there is no fixing this, no matter what she does," Ron said sadly. "Even if she came to accept it. The way she acted in the Leaky Cauldron was out of line. I know I'm a hot-headed prat at times but what she said was nothing short of cruel. It's like Malfoy calling Hermione a Mudblood."

"She'll be very disliked if she tries to enforce that at school," Fred said shaking his head.

"Yeah she won't survive spouting those beliefs off."

"It's one of the largest reasons why Purebloods despise Muggleborns," Percy spoke up. "Muggleborns come into the world spouting off their Muggle Beliefs not realizing they don't pertain to this world, they don't pertain to magic."

"For once I agree with Percy!" George said incredulous.

Mrs. Weasley looked mutinous. "That young girl, why I have a mind-set to tell her parents how cruel she's been."

"They would probably back her Molly, being muggles themselves." Mr. Weasley patted her arm. "It's best to let by gones be by gones."

Ginny sulked. "But she's my friend! You can't ban her from here."

"You may go to her, I don't want that girl here if she's going to act that way!" Mrs. Weasley scowled. "That's final."

"Fine," she pouted and threw her napkin down.


The hustle and bustle of September 1st came with a lot of energy. At the train station, Mr. Weasley pulled Harry to the side to warn him of Sirius.

"Will explained everything to me," he said softly.

Mr. Weasley smiled. "Yes, he's fire called every single day since we've been home asking if you were safe."

Harry blushed slightly and couldn't help but feel a flip in his stomach. Bill was actually that concerned? "Ah well, I'm not going to disappear. I'll take it as it comes. Thank you Mr. Weasley."

Mr. Weasley gave him a one armed hug when Mrs. Weasley shouted for them. "You be good and be safe."

"I'll try! But trouble always finds me."

Laughing, the Weasley Patriarch nodded. "That is true."

Harry was pulled onto the train just before it could take off. Ron grinned. "Alright there?"

"Perfect, let's go." He wrapped his arm around his best friend as they found a compartment in the back that belonged to a lone man sleeping.

This man had chocolate brown hair that was pulled back in a low ponytail. He had a few strange bangs in his face and some visible light pink scars across his handsome face. He was wearing frayed and worn black robes and a briefcase above his head R. J. Lupin.

"Defense Teacher you suspect?" Harry murmured taking a seat next to him.

"I suppose so," Ron said following and sitting across from him. The two stared at each other.

"I'm sorry about Hermione," Harry confessed quietly.

"Don't be," Ron scowled. "She had absolutely no right to say what she did. I choose you over her any day. You are my best mate not her. You were here first and you will never be replaced, Harry."

Harry smiled. "Thanks," he said sheepish and sagged against the seat.

"So, about this Sirius Black character…" Ron finally brought up.

"Will told me about him. I'm not worried."

"You shouldn't be," Ron said as the man next to Harry cracked an amber eye.

"It's not like I haven't dealt with a murderer before. I'm not letting it ruin my life."

About an hour into the ride, Harry and Ron were playing a game of chess. Harry was losing happily when Hermione stood in the doorway grimfaced.

Ron stared up at her. "What?" he asked shortly.

Harry didn't so much as glance at her and instead reached for his pumpkin juice.

Her eyes fell on the man next to Harry. "Who's that?"

"The new teacher," Ron answered. "What do you want Hermione? Come here to yell at us again telling us Harry is unnatural? Well if you're here to do just that then you can turn your arse around and get the fuck out of here!"

She gasped at him. "I was just stating my concerns! Harry is only thirteen years old, how can you know you're gay at that age? It might just be a phase you'll come out of in a few years."

Harry shook his head. "Unbelievable, now you're telling me it's a phase and that my preference is nothing. Go away Hermione, you've insulted me and my intelligence enough."

"Harry's sexual preference isn't any of your business Hermione!" Ron snapped. "How do you know what goes on with him behind closed doors? What business do you have to preach to Harry what you believe is right and wrong because you're stupid muggle world says so?"

"It's logical Ron. Being gay is unnatural, two men and two women are not meant to be. You can't be in love that way," she hissed balling her hands into fists.

"How do you know?" Ron snapped scathingly. "How the hell can you possibly know this Hermione? You may be a smart witch but that gives you no right to speak for someone else's feelings!"

"He's just a teenager, he doesn't know what he wants!"

"You can't possibly know that, Hermione. He might be a teenager but that don't mean he doesn't know what he wants. Harry is Harry."

Harry rubbed a hand over his face. "I am so tired of this argument over my sexuality. It's my business Hermione not yours so stay the hell out of it. I won't tell you again. Stay out of it. Next time you open your mouth I will stun you out of this compartment!" She stared at him in shock. Harry stared back icily. "Don't tempt me."

Finally, seeing that she was cornered by both guys she left the compartment. Ron snarled at her. "I can't believe her. She's such a hypocrite!"

Ron got up to find the trolley lady and Harry remained where he was thinking everything over.

The compartment door slid open and when Harry looked up, he blinked when he saw his Quidditch Captain Oliver Wood leaning against the doorway. He had short brown that was spiked on the top and short on the sides. He had the boyish look down to a fine science except for his body which was absolutely drool worthy. Though Bill was quite a few notches better but Oliver being a diehard Quidditch player was right up there.

"Harry! There you are. The twins said you'd be here…" He paused when he saw the teacher next to him.

"He's asleep!" Harry waved as he stood. "How are you Oliver?"

Oliver smirked and arched an eyebrow. "I - am great and you look even better, what did you do this summer?" He towered over Harry, his light blue eyes were startling and made him blush slightly in the cheeks.

Was Oliver interested? Harry thought to himself. "I was in Egypt."

"I see."

Harry cocked his head to the side innocently. "And pray tell Oliver, what do you see?"

"Well I hope to see us winning the cup this year and you not being in the hospital wing!" He taunted with a playful poke to the chest.

"I'm going to do my best!"

"I hope so, this is my last year and I want that damn cup and we can't do it without you."

Harry decided to make this a two way game. He stepped up into Oliver's path tauntingly. "What do I get if I win a game?" he purred quietly.

Oliver took in a deep breath as he stared down into Harry's bright eyes. "Oh, I don't know, what do you want?"

"I need motivation to win unlike you the house-cup doesn't sway me." Harry shyly gazed down, doing it all on purpose so he could get Oliver's attention. He was taking all he was taught by Bill. He wanted to see if it would work. The thrill of it all drove up his spine and pushed him forth, teaching him to not be nervous.

It worked.

He chuckled huskily and lifted Harry's chin. "Hmm, you are young," he said quietly. "Maybe a little too young."

Harry brought his bottom lip out in a pout. "I'm sure Hufflepuff will enjoy that cup this year-"

Oliver laughed darkly and nudged Harry up against the window of the compartment. He placed his hands on either side of the teen and then inclined his head toward the professor. "Is he asleep?"

"I think so, he's not woken, even with Hermione's homophobic hysteria."

"Muggleborns," Oliver ground through his teeth. "Where were we?"

"Discussing this cup you so desperately want. I love Quidditch but to really win I need some form of proper motivation. I'm not die hard like yourself."

Eyes widened at the sudden realization of what this boy was doing. "Why you little minx!" Oliver teased. "Are you trying to seduce me?"

Harry gasped. "Me? Seduce you?"

"Yes, Harry Potter, you seducing me!" he retorted pushing up closer until their bodies were touching.

"I don't seduce," he sulked playfully. "I've never seduced anyone."

"Well you're doing a damn good job of it for a first time…"

Harry stuck out his tongue. "I have no idea what you're talking about. How do you know, I wasn't meaning a box of chocolate for my efforts?"

"Such a wretched little liar." Oliver grinned. "You go away to Egypt and you come back this adorable little minx… how is it possible?"

Harry allowed himself to blush, if only to show Oliver his innocence. "I only wanted to play with someone I know." He poked Oliver in the chest and in return it got him a demanding kiss to the lips. Harry's hands fisted Oliver's robes, opening his mouth to the older teen and succumbing to his control. Oliver began the kiss but Harry kissed him back like he had been taught, causing Oliver to fight back voraciously. His hands clinging to Harry's body.

The kisses were nice and hot but they weren't like Bill's. Oliver's lips were a little harsher but sexy. One of Oliver's hands was in his hair, fisting and mussing it up while the other held onto his waist for leverage.

Ron walked through the room and gaped, his eyes widen when they saw Oliver and his best friend kissing. The teen smirked before turning and walking back out to wait out whatever it was they were doing. He just hoped the new teacher didn't wake and startle them.

He wondered briefly whether to grab Hermione and show her exactly how gay Harry was. But decided not to, why break up Harry's fun for that wench?

"Why young Harry, what have you been doing in Egypt?" Oliver growled lowly after parting from Harry's delicious lips.

Harry grinned. "Not much," he fibbed chastely tugging at the wrinkled robes. "Just what I like."

"Oh?" Oliver was very curious now. "Do elaborate Harry."

Harry's fingers grazed Oliver's boyish cheeks. He could tell the simple movement was driving the Keeper insane. He slid his tips from down to his neck causing the seventeen-year-old to shiver visibly. "Why should I give away all my secrets?"

Oliver chuckled lowly. His own fingers had been playing with the tucked shirt of Harry's until it came undone. He brushed along the boy's hip getting a soft sigh. "Secrets, huh?"

"Mhmm." He flicked his tongue across Oliver's bottom lip. "My secrets aren't to be given out completely you know. I'm not going to hit on just anyone Oliver," Harry hissed and nibbled that same lip before sucking in his kiss.

Initially, Harry wanted to see if he had the guts to hit on Oliver and take it somewhere. He had no true idea that he'd be successful. Though he wouldn't knock it, if Oliver wanted him Harry would show the Quidditch player he was no typical thirteen year old.

He could feel Oliver's hard on pressed against his body and almost giggled aloud.

Parting, Oliver grinned. "So I'm the lucky one?"

"You could say that. Or I could call you a victim?" Harry grinned impishly. "However you want to look at it."

Laughing again, Oliver observed him. "Well, little minx, I came in here with a reason other than ravaging you."

"I think it's the other way around," Harry teased pushing up against Oliver and kissing his chin.

It made Oliver's eyes go dazed. Another simple movement that would easily reel someone in. "Why are you choosing me to be your lucky victim?"

"I know you," Harry said softly. "I might not know everything about you. But I know you are a good person. You're gorgeous and even you know that-" Oliver smirked at this. "I'm not looking for a relationship and neither are you."

"How do you know?" Oliver taunted.

"You're seventeen," Harry said simply. "You're a Quidditch Star to be. I'm thirteen, relationships are impossible…"

"You're right, of course," he said. "Not like I can say no anyway. You can tear a married straight man from his wife with just a smile little minx."

Harry laughed at this. "I wouldn't do that!" He gasped out and slipped his arms around Oliver's neck and kissed him on the cheek.

"Keep that up and I will own your arse."

Harry was about to say something to that little comment when the train suddenly came to a lurch, sending Harry flying with a yelp and Oliver to catch him and fall against the compartment seat. "What the-?"

Ron and Neville toppled into the room, the lights extinguished and everything became black. The entire train erupted in screams and gasps of terror.

"What's going on?" Neville squeaked.

"No idea, looks like someone's coming aboard!" Ron said in horror.

The door opened again and this time it was Hermione with Ginny.

The chill in the air was overwhelming, Harry shivered violently when Oliver's arms went around him and scooted over so that someone could sit.

A depressing air filled the entire train, a strange sort of drenching sadness. Harry flinched when he heard a distant roar in his ears. The compartment door slid open and that was when Harry saw it for the first time. A floating black cloaked creature with bony scabbed hands… but that was as far as he got for everything blacked out and screams thrummed inside of his ears. A woman's plea and a man's scream.

"Go! No one is hiding Sirius Black under our cloaks," A low husky voice snapped out sharply above all the roaring and screams. "Expecto Patronum!" A bright flash of blinding light swamped Harry and the room around him. The hollow sound of screams and pleas slowly diminished, leaving him passed out in Oliver's arms.

When Harry awoke, he was cold and shiverish. A cloak lay draped over him and when his eyes opened, he was staring up at a worried Oliver. There were whispering all around.

Oliver jerked. "Harry!"

Everyone bristled.

"Harry are you alright?" Ron asked in concern.

"That - was a Dementor?" he said remembering Bill explaining them.

"Yes," said a foreign voice and when Harry raised up, he was aware of being in Oliver's lap and across from them was the sleeping professor wide awake. He handed Harry some chocolate. "Eat it."

Hermione was standing to the side frowning at him for being where he was. Ginny was goggling while Neville shuddered against Ron.

"Do you know what a Dementor is?" The teacher asked.

"Yes, I was told they were guards of Azkaban prison. Once served Voldemort-" (nearly everyone flinched or shrieked but Lupin) "but the Ministry somehow got them under control and they spread fear and despair… but why did I hear screams when I passed out?"

"No one screamed!" Hermione declared. "It only got really cold and you passed out and how do you know about Dementors?"

Harry rolled his eyes. "Will told me," he answered coldly.

Professor Lupin frowned at her before turning to Harry. "What did you hear exactly?"

"A woman, begging and a man telling her to take something and run-"

The man before him paled.

"That's rubbish, Harry! You didn't hear anything," Hermione snipped.

Oliver glared at her and Ron hissed. "How would you know Hermione?"

Professor Lupin regarded her a moment before turning back to Harry. "What you heard was something in your past. If you have a painful memory those Dementors make you relive it. They are cold, cruel, and terrible beings. They do not know innocent from guilty. Harry hears things from his past, young lady because he's suffered horrors that you know nothing about," he said sharply standing and making her flinch. "Now, Harry you are going to eat that chocolate and I'm going to talk to the train conductor." He smiled gently at the teen before leaving them entirely.

Harry sagged against Oliver, who continued to clutch him.

"Are you sure you're alright, little minx?" Oliver whispered into his ear.

Smiling, he nodded. "Fine." He nibbled the ends of the chocolate while in thought. He couldn't help but wonder who it was that he heard. It was then he realized that he was wearing Oliver's cloak. It was quite a bit bigger on him and he thanked the older Gryffindor.

"No problem, can't have you freezing to death on me," he teased bouncing Harry who laughed a little bit and leaned back against him.

"I'm sure you can warm me up."

Ron snickered, Neville gaped. Ginny was fiercely red. Hermione was glaring.

"I can certainly try," Oliver said into his ear and tightened the cloak around Harry. "But I'm not into exhibition."

"And why not?" Harry teased playfully.

Oliver chuckled. "We don't want to scare the innocents."

"Too late," Ron teased but he was grinning.

"Ulgh, how can you do this Harry?" Hermione snapped.

"What?" Harry asked irritably.

"Oh damn, we have another Muggleborn idiot," Oliver taunted making her glare. "I had one in my dorm and it took a couple guys bending each other over in front of him before he finally shut his mouth on the subject."

Harry burst into snickers, Neville went brick red and Hermione was open mouthed. "Disgusting!"

"Leave Hermione! You're not wanted here," Ron snarled and shoved her out the compartment door just as Fred and George came rushing up.

"We heard Harry had a bad reaction?" Fred said suddenly and then looked at the red-faced Muggleborn. "Oh look George, it's the homophobic know-it-all."

"Know-it-all? If she was a know-it-all she wouldn't be homophobic!" George reminded him.

"Better leave Hermione, you might get cooties. I like them both!"

"Yeah sometimes Fred and I take them together," George grinned as she held a hand to her mouth before rushing off.

"You guys are so mean!" Ginny growled.

"Chase after her then," Ron snapped. "She's not wanted here."

The twins turned their full attention to Harry and smirked identically when they saw him in Oliver's lap.

"Now we know what you wanted with him," Fred said bobbing his head.

"He seduced me!" Oliver declared but he had a smile on his face.

"I did no such thing," Harry mock gasped.

The twins chuckled. "How are you feeling Harry? Really?'

"I'm fine," he said waving a hand casually.

The twins remained until Professor Lupin came back. He introduced himself and asked the twins to pass chocolate around to everyone who'd been affected. Neville took some to help as well.

Harry crawled off Oliver and sat beside him. "I'm going to check my friends, I'll see you soon," he said winking and leaving Harry and Professor Lupin by themselves.

Professor Lupin's deep amber gold eyes glittered. "How are you feeling Harry?"

"I'm alright, thank you," Harry said softly. "A little confused." He pulled Oliver's cloak tighter around him.

"Dementors can do that, rather foul creatures."

"Yes, I noticed."

"Hm, Harry, I thought you would look more like your father," he said wistfully.

Shocked, Harry stared at him wide eyed. "W- well, I changed a lot this summer."

"No glasses?"


"Ah, you have your mother's eyes though."

"You knew them?" Harry asked stunned.

He nodded. "I did, Harry. They were good friends of mine."

"Oh, you went to school with them?"

"Yes, your dad and mum were great friends of mine. Both Gryffindors."

"Wow," Harry said smiling small. "I haven't heard much about my parents."

"I'm Remus, Harry. Please use that while out of my class?"

Harry smiled. "Of course, I'd love too!"

Remus then regarded him. "I couldn't help - but overhear your fight with that young girl."

"Ah, Hermione. She was our friend."

"A lot of Muggleborns come into this world and have no idea that everything they were ever taught is a lie. Laws of Gravity, Hereditary Genes, and all the things that are impossible in the muggle world. Most Muggleborns wind up basing their accusations on muggle religions. Many muggle religions also state that magic is an evil endeavour, yet here they are."



Harry lapsed into silence with Remus and then. "That was the Patronus Charm you did, right?"

Remus smiled. "It was. You should get your robes on, I suspect we'll be arriving soon."

The teen nodded. "Thank you Remus!"

"It was a pleasure," the teacher said soft and earnestly.