"And Musiea, he's just so dreamy..."

"Uh-huh," Musiea smiled. "Pass me the coffee, Mana?"

Musiea squinted at the computer screen, and sighed. It was a quarter past eight and she still wasn't done with the motion for her case on Friday. This was largely due to the migraine that had been plaguing her since she'd taken her third cup of espresso that afternoon and because Mana had been screaming and giggling for an hour now about god knows what. Musiea knew she had to get this done, not only because she was a diligent lawyer, but because this case was important to her.

"Are you even listening to me?" Mana demanded, fisting her hands at her hips. She shot an accusing look in Musiea's direction which Musiea ignored without pity or regret.

"Of course," Musiea lied. "I just need to finish this and then we can talk about Ayuma - "

"Ayuta," Mana corrected. "Are you still working on that case against that jerk?"

"Jerk face," Musiea corrected, humoring her. That was the nickname she'd so aptly given to the moron who she was up against. What kind of man sued an orphanage? He had to be heartless. "He's so arrogant, Mana. Can you believe he had a little boy deliver his mention to me yesterday? Yesterday! I'm not even halfway done with mine." She shoved a stack of papers in Mana's direction. Mana looked over them with vague disinterest until she found a small, yellow sticky glued to the last page.

"Ms. Du Lac, here is my motion... Blah blah blah," Mana read with an overly deep voice. "... I suggest you have your motion ready by tomorrow."

"Can you believe it?" Musiea exclaimed, indignant. "How dare he suggest by when I have my motion ready? If he was here, I'd stab him."

"Wow," Mana paled a little. "You'd do that? I mean sure, he's mean, but killing him isn't going to solve your problems."

Musiea rolled her eyes. "I'm obviously not going to lunge towards him with a knife on sight, Mana. But seriously, who does he think he is?"

Mana squinted at the small, neat stamp on the bottom of the note.

"Escher Prince, apparently."

Two cups of espresso later, Musiea was starting to feel her migraine disappear. That, and she couldn't feel the majority of her head, but that was fine. The motion was done, printed and sealed. She'd love to see the look on the face of that asshole when he saw it waiting for him in his office! Mana had fallen asleep on the edge of her desk, her body angled awkwardly. She had a steady stream of drool rolling down her cheek and Musiea considered taking a picture for blackmail. Not that it would do her much good; Mana wasn't the kind of friend to do anything that warranted blackmail. God forbid she'd ever have to fight for her life, she'd probably kill herself to spare her enemies.

She tied up her choppy hair into a ponytail, firmly securing it with a stray rubber band that she knew she'd have to cut out later. Her hair wasn't exactly famous for it's displays of cooperation. Musiea gently shoved Mana who mumbled something incoherent before staggering to her feet.

"What time is it," Mana slurred as she wiped away the drool before blinking a few times in rapid succession.

"Four," Musiea answered. "

"Mmkay," Mana replied and she bumped into a chair and giggled. "D'ya have to work tomorrow?"

"Of course," Musiea answered. There wasn't a day she didn't work. Some might call her a work a holic, she preferred to see it as being efficient in her line of work.

"Okay," Mana chirped as she stumbled ahead. "I'll come by tomorrow so we can talk about Ayuta!"

Ayuta happened to be Mana's latest point of interest, a guy who literally showed up out of nowhere. He was found by her chauffeur, asleep on her front lawn. From the little she had payed attention to, Musiea had gathered that he had a strange case of amnesia and Mana, immediately smitten, begged her father to hire him. As far as Musiea knew, Mana had already picked out baby names. Musiea was used to this, as Mana had always been the optimistic type, rarely touching down on reality. That wasn't her fault though. Her family treated her like a princess, and she was spoiled beyond belief. The only association Mana had with the real world was through Musiea and even that had to be administered in small doses.

"Drive slowly," Musiea advised as Mana staggered to her vehicle, an overly showy BMW. Musiea shook her head and headed over to her modest Prius. She was probably going to get three hours of sleep before she was back at the office, sorting through some additional paperwork. She couldn't make a mistake, especially when her client happened to be the orphanage she grew up in. She gripped the steering while and frowned as she thought back on the douchebag who was heading the suit on the orphanage.

Escher Prince was going to die a slow, painful death by her hand. He'd never work another case again.

"So was she cute?"

The boy in front of Escher blushed and looked away.

"C'mon, boy, tell me. Did she have a mole? Was her hair fucked up? Was she -"

"Stop being a moron, Escher."

Escher Prince looked over at one of the most influential lawyers in his division and grinned, shameless. "Don't be a bitch, Eluca. I'm just trying to get some information of my opponent."

Eluca gave him a disapproving look. Escher turned his attention back on the boy.


"She was pretty!" The boy exclaimed, giving under Escher's trademark look. He used it in the courtroom to unnerve his opponents and out of the courtroom to charm women into submission; either way, it always worked. "She had yellow hair and big, blue eyes."

"That's enough Zhamo, you're not his informant. If you want dirt on your opponent, hire a private detective."

"A barbie, eh? Makes sense they'd hire a brainless twit. Not like they could afford anything else. This is going to be an easy win."

"I wouldn't be too sure about that," Eluca smarted. She was smiling in that predatory way she smiled when she was winning and no one else knew she was winning.

"Yeah, and how would you know? Have you been looking her up, Eluca? Got a little girl crush, there?"

Eluca rolled her eyes. "No, you idiot. She just walked in, and she doesn't look happy."

okay! so i love the escher musiea dynamic and i wanted to play around with them in an alternate universe. tell me what you're thinking; hate it, love it, want to marry it?