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Autumn always had been Tenten's favorite season. The vibrant colors of the dying tree leaves always reflected the true beauty of Konoha…in her opinion, anyway. To her, the leaves transition accurately embodied the will of fire. Every year, the leaves began dying; their brilliant, vibrant green fading to reveal the colors of the last stages of their lives. The leaves clung on as long and as hard as they possibly could, fighting to the end for their survival. In turn, the leaves ended up representing the beauty of her homeland-in more ways than one, and Tenten absolutely loved it.

Konoha truly was a magical place sometimes.

And as Tenten gazed out her apartment window, that was exactly the word that came to mind when she saw the forests autumn beauty surrounding her native village.


Suddenly, a knock came at the door, startling the weapons mistress from her thoughts. The corner of her mouth twitched in annoyance, and as she approached the door to greet her "guest", she forced her grimace into a fake smile.

Her date was here.

Ever since she had turned 18, she had had suitors calling on her constantly-day and night it seemed like-and more marriage offers than she bothered to recollect. She was strongly urged by her superiors to at least go on a few dates, because several of the young men who were attempting to court her were important officials-both from Konoha and elsewhere. There were offers from businessmen, politicians, and there were many offers of marriage between herself and one young man in particular-the son of a wealthy, famous blacksmith. Apparently, since Tenten had no kekkei-genkai to call her own-no family bloodline to interfere with another bloodline in the breeding process, in other words-she was a hot commodity. Tenten was a talented kunoichi, young, and very attractive (and she did not say that to be vain, she had been informed of this more than enough times by her suitors), and that made her a very desirable match for any man of importance. Although she had no substantial amount of money, she more than made up for it with her other…amiable…qualities.

In other words, Tenten was being courted because she was of age, pretty, a strong kunoichi, and, most importantly, because she didn't have a kekkei-genkai that she could pass on to any children she and her future husband might have. She was basically a tool, a breeding machine to them.

And that thought made Tenten absolutely sick.

She wanted nothing to do with this mess…nothing. She was a kunoichi for Kami's sake, a shinobi; and a tomboy one at that! Why would anyone want that in a wife? She could attack and perhaps fatally injure her future husband…that is, if she agreed to any one of the offers in front of her now. She snorted mentally. Fat chance.

Tenten didn't care for companionship. She didn't want children.

She couldn't see herself wearing an apron, doing the dishes, or cooking meals for her family. She couldn't see herself cleaning and doing laundry for a man…she was too independent for that.

She didn't want a husband, a house, and she didn't want to be a housewife.

Women weren't just docile little animals fit to take care of men's every whim-why couldn't the egotistical pigs just get that through their thick skulls? If she ever did decide to marry, it would be because she really loved the man…

Yep, that was the only way you would ever see Tenten walking down the aisle.

At this point, there one only one possibility for that to ever happen, and the chances for him to be in love with her were, well, slim to none.

Tenten's eyes flickered, downcast. There was no way he would love her, even if she loved him with every particle of her being. She had loved him since they were just kids on the same genin team. She was his best friend, and he was hers; they used to know everything about each other. She gave him everything she had…well, spiritually and emotionally, anyway. Before the chunin exams, she trained relentlessly with him, helping him perfect his jutsu's so he could improve, and finally show his family that he was worth it, that he was better than the caged bird they tried to make him out to be. Their friendship slowly started to drift apart, however, when he kept getting promoted. He made chunin, then jounin, and Tenten wasn't even surprised. She would never stop him from his dream of getting stronger, so she never said anything-she only congratulated him and kept helping him to improve. Yes, she gave him her everything.

They hadn't even talked in what, 2 years?

When she would pass him by on the street or in the Hokage's offices they would make eye contact for a brief, fleeting second, and they would look away after a short nod of acknowledgement. It was getting awkward just to be around him, anymore. Tenten didn't know what was worse…losing his friendship, or being in love with him still, in spite of their separation?

Yes, she was still very much in love with him, even though her feminine pride had tried to beat it down for several years. Tenten was still a tomboy, yes, but even when the toughest woman falls in love, she will change for the one she loves.

Tenten could see herself cooking for Neji.

She could see herself cleaning, doing laundry, and cooking dinner for him and their kids.

She could see herself spending the rest of her life with him.

The wierdos who kept trying to impress her, however…

No. Just Hell no.

Tenten repressed a sigh. The young man walking beside her was no exception. He was in his early to mid twenties, a fairly young suitor compared to what she had been seeing. He actually was quite handsome-Tenten begrudgingly admitted-with his warm brown eyes and perfect smile, but he was still not anything to brag about. The son of one of Iwagakure's most successful businessmen, he was just out for his slice of the pie, trying to see how much he could get…and he was making it painfully obvious. Despite his attempts at making polite, idle conversation with her, Tenten was only halfway paying attention to what he was saying, for the sake of trying to be nice…but Kami, it was hard. Especially when he kept pressing her, asking her for details about her personal life, her likes and dislikes, her friends…the weapons mistress just itched to reach into her dress and pull out one of her hidden kunai…

The smile Tenten had been trying to force onto her face for the majority of the evening finally appeared, but this time with great ease, as her and her "date" finally arrived at the restaurant they would be dining at for the evening.

Cold, white eyes stared out of the darkness, filled with absolute loathing at the filth walking beside his best friend.

Oh, who was he kidding? She was his everything.

When he was younger, she was his best friend. When they both got a little older, she was his rock, his support, the only thing keeping him sane and the only one who helped him see there was a world outside the suffocating white walls of the Hyuuga compound.

And now that they were both in their early 20's…she was the only one he ever would-ever could-want. She was, as he said previously, his everything.

She was perfect. Her warm brown eyes always emanated pure kindness and determination-a determination to prove herself.

'If only she knew how much she has proven herself to me already…'

Her long brown hair had always found a way to transfix his attention upon it during their many training sessions.

'It always looked so soft, and it still does…I want to touch it, to run my fingers through it, to…'

Her loyalty to him was always unwavering. She abandoned her own practice sessions to help him to train…she really was more than he deserved.

'She's more than I deserve, yes, but…I want her to be mine so bad…Tenten…please…'

So it was out of his pathetic whims and needs that he watched her. It was his own ridiculous cowardly way of checking on her to make sure she was alright. He was such an ass, and he knew it. For the life of him, though, he couldn't bring himself to face her. He had already avoided talking to her for so long already (he hadn't originally meant to avoid her, but with his new promotions he had been getting more missions and he had been gone more often than planned); he was petrified of talking to her now. So many scenarios ran through his mind…of her not recognizing him, of her trying to attack him, but perhaps the worst his own imagination could conjure was of her not even listening to him, but rather screaming how much she hated him as she slammed the door in his face.

The sad thing was he knew if he said the wrong thing, that last scenario was more than likely to happen…in fact, it probably would. As a result, his heart clenched painfully, only serving to remind him of how much of an ass he was.

'But not as much of an ass the guy she was currently with is.' Neji's eyes narrowed in murderous intent.

Neji knew of her problems with the men that came snooping around, wanting to court her…his own cousins Hinata and Hanabi were going through the same thing, even though Hanabi was spared most of it for now since she was not yet of legal age.

And yet…every time he saw Tenten go out with one of those men, his heart burned even harder for her. He would have her. He would make her his.

…but he couldn't. That was the issue.

If the only obstacle between Neji making Tenten his was his own cowardice, she would have been his many years ago. He was sure, even in his smitten state, that he could pluck up the courage and ask her out-to court her. It would scare the hell out of him, sure, but he could do it. The real problem was this, however…

…he was a branch child.

While he was sure his uncle would approve of Tenten, having met her a few times and knowing that she was an excellent kunoichi, Neji could not bring himself to drag her into that torment, even if she was willing to risk it. If they were to have relations with one another, his uncle would have to know and approve. If his intentions wanted to get more serious than a relationship, and he actually wanted to marry her, his uncle-and possibly the Hyuuga elders-would have to approve as well. If they approved and she agreed, they would be married, yes, but…

…she would be branded with the curse seal, forever a slave to the main branch of the Hyuuga clan. Like hell Neji would ever let her give her freedom up for his sake. He wanted her…Kami he wanted her so badly…but he had to wait until Hinata became the head of the clan and lifted the Branch family seal. Then he could have his Tenten.

If it never happened, however, he could never bring himself to seek her out. He would let her find someone else, and let her be happy. She had given him so much already…he could-would-give her that.

So every time he saw her go out with the scum she so regularly-he spat out the word in his mind-dated, he forced himself to stay back and watch, in case something went wrong. He forced himself to behave, reminding himself that he knew she was safe, and if something did happen she was more than capable of defending herself…

…but that so did not stop him from wanting to murder every man that even so much as looked at his Tenten. She was his, damn it! HIS.

He just wished he could tell her that he was here, that he wanted her-that he loved her. Every time he saw her with another man he wanted to tear out his heart to stop the wrenching pain it always caused. He wanted to let her know she wasn't alone, that he was here. He wanted her to stop doing this to herself…that she didn't have to keep looking.

'Tenten…please…I'm right here…'

Tenten and her date-whose name she had finally found out was Daitaro-were finally leaving the restaurant they had dined at. The place was extravagant, elegant, and very beautiful, but the weapon mistress wasn't stupid. By now, she knew the game, and she wasn't that easily fooled. They wouldn't win her over by money, and it was too bad that they kept trying to do so. It had turned into a contest-who could take the pretty single lady to the most expensive restaurant?-as if that would win over her affections, or make a difference in her choice!

She honestly wasn't trying to be difficult, or play hard-to-get. She wasn't trying to be complicated or a bitch, she really just…wasn't interested. It was just Tenten's way to naturally hate dressing up and play matching games. She had more important things to do, to focus on…such as her shinobi career. She knew that was what she wanted to do…nothing else mattered to her. She knew however, if she tried explaining that to the men who were currently trying to court her, they would get offended and it would most likely start trouble with Konoha officials. She had to play nice because of it, and it was really starting to get on her nerves. It had been going on for 5 years, after all.

It didn't help her frustrations either, that the one she did want was nowhere to be seen. He never was around, she didn't even see him around that much anymore.

'Maybe he forgot about you. He wouldn't want you anyway. You're being ridiculous about this whole thing…just choose one of these guys. They're handsome, rich, and seem to be attentive to you. It's better than a girl like you ever could have hoped for. Quit wishing for someone who obviously doesn't care. You're getting worse than Sakura, always chasing after Sasuke.'

No matter how many times she had those thoughts, however, she just couldn't bring herself to let go of Neji. She just couldn't believe that he had actually forgotten about her. Sure, he was a stubborn ass sometimes, but he would never forget about his own teammates, even if it had been years. Your teammates turn into your family, even when you get older. The bond you grow to share with them as you go on more and more missions together is something unbreakable. It's something you can look back on and smile about. It's something indescribable. It's something you could never forget.

Therefore, Tenten couldn't give up on Neji. She just knew he was out there somewhere, and that he hadn't forgotten about her. She couldn't explain the feeling…she just knew it. Women's intuition, she guessed. So she would continue to wait-she had time, anyway. She was only 23, anyway, and the offers weren't going to stop coming anytime soon.

By this time, they (herself and Daitaro…that was his name, wasn't it?) had reached her door. He had graciously offered to walk her home, even if she was a kunoichi and didn't need it. She, for the sake of being polite, accepted, and they had finally reached their destination.

Tenten could only inwardly sigh her relief, as she turned to say farewell her guest, putting on her best fake smile, and repeating the words she had rehearsed so many times before.

"Thank you Daitaro, I had a lovely evening. You really didn't have to-ugh!"

Tenten tried not to show her disgust, as she shoved the male off of her. While she had been speaking, he had pretty much attacked her with his lips.

Talk about disgusting, and barbaric.

Not to mention very disrespectful. Therefore, Tenten decided to re-think her 'I've got to be nice to the pigs' ideals. Before she could get a word out, however, several things happened in quick succession.

Firstly, a feral growl followed by a scream sounded into the night, as someone leapt off a nearby roof and mauled the offending party.

Secondly, the man with whom she had gone out to dinner (she didn't even remember his name anymore, in her anger), stood up off the ground and took off running as fast as he could, nursing a broken nose and limping rather unattractively.

When Tenten snorted and turned to thank her savior, her jaw quite literally hit the floor. Standing there quite impressively, with the absolute damnedest look on his face, was the one and only Hyuuga Neji.

He looked pissed.

"Tenten," her former teammate managed to growl out, "get in the house."

The weapons mistress raised her eyebrows. Was he honestly ordering her to go inside her own house? He had another thing coming, best friend turned love interest or not.

"You think you're gonna make me, Neji?" Tenten stated more than asked, clearly annoyed.

With a growl, the Hyuuga prodigy grabbed his female counterpart by the arm and dragged her inside her house almost forcefully. This only served to make the young kunoichi a little more cautious of the man.

Clearly, he was not in a great state of mind right now, and provoking him might, just maybe, be the death of her.


"Umm…welcome to my home," The young kunoichi awkwardly tried to reason, "I mean, since you've never been here before-"

"Why?" The Hyuuga interjected, voice laced with so much venom that Tenten actually flinched.

"Why what?" the kunoichi responded, trying to keep as much of her cool as possible-her best friend was really scaring her right now.

"Why," the prodigy snarled, "did you let that scum touch you?"

Shock ran through Tenten's system. Was that why he was so worked up?

"Neji…" Tenten tried to reason, her hands coming up in a guarded position.

"I want a reason, Tenten," the male took a deep breath, trying to calm himself, "and it better be a damn good one." He knew how much he was scaring her. She was trying to hide it, but he could still tell. He wasn't her former teammate for nothing.

"Neji, I didn't let him kiss me! I was talking to him and all of a sudden he sort of jumped on me. I was trying to tell you before," Her eyes narrowed, clearly showing her irritation, "but just like always, you let your temper get the best of you."

He externally kept his facade, his face expressionless, but on the inside he ducked his head in shame. He knew, he knew he shouldn't have reacted so, but he just couldn't stop himself. The guy had kissed his everything, after all.

Neji had no response to her words, so he responded the only way he could without causing her too much distress.


If anything only irritated Tenten more, it was that stupid syllable. Honestly, did every quiet, analytical man have that as a sort of catch phrase? By Kami, she was going to kill who ever uttered that stupid grunt first, because they seemed to have caused a chain reaction and now she was rambling and Neji was staring at her…

Oh. Maybe she should say something now, instead of blanking out.

Still incredibly irritated, Tenten snapped at him further, "What do you care, anyway? Who I kiss is my business. You don't even care enough to even talk to me…it's been over 2 years, jackass! And don't give me that 'I've been busy' crap, either. You could have found time within two years to talk to me. As far as I'm concerned, you've committed the greater crime here. Do you seriously think you can just start talking to me again after you beat the shit out of one of my dates and everything is magically going to go back to the way it was?" She gave him another pissed off look. "Hell no! So again, why does one date matter so much to you?"

Neji's heart dropped, just like he had expected it would. There was no way he could explain his absence to her. He was just trying to resist temptation, and to keep her out of any danger he could have caused her. He cared about her too much for that, and this whole fight was pointless. It hurt enough as it was when he saw that guy kiss her…how was he supposed to fix this without pissing her off further at him?

"It matters to me," Neji paused, choosing his words carefully, "because he kissed you."

'Only I am allowed to kiss you. Me. No one else. That is why it bothers me. Please Tenten, just let it go. I can't tell you anything…I'm so sorry. I'm sorry…'

Tenten's heart melted with his words, and she felt her anger slowly ebbing away. Still, she couldn't believe it. He actually cared about her being kissed by another guy? This was too good to be true. Yet, she had to, had to know why. Was it just a teammate thing? Or did he, could he…?

'Does he love me too? I've never seen him react to something so much before, and it makes no sense he would freak out over something as stupid as a kiss…I have to know.'

Tenten put on her best game face. She wanted answers, and she was about to get them, one way or another. "Why is he so special? I've kissed lots of guys…"

Despite Neji's best attempts at maintaining his neutral face, his eyes narrowed. Even in the darkness, Tenten could see the deep depression his furrowed eyebrows had caused on in his expression.

She almost giggled. She wanted to, but she couldn't because then he would see what she was doing, and there was no way she was going to let that happen. She hadn't found out what she wanted to know yet.

Neji's heart twisted painfully once again. So she'd kissed lots of guys, huh? Just how many of them were those idiots that came pounding at her door, begging for her hand? He didn't ever think she could be so shallow, but right now his heart was definitely ruling his head. Logic was not being heard, and his brain couldn't process that disbelief right now. So he answered angrily, "Lots of guys, huh? How many? And while you're at it kissing them, how many of them have you fucked? Have they paid you off enough when they take you to those fancy restaurants, or do you charge extra on top of that?"

A hard punch was delivered to his face, and she kept flailing her fists and feet, hoping to hit him hard enough to hurt him as much as his comment had. Her dress, though, had limited her movement considerably, and she wasn't able to do nearly as much damage as she would have liked to before he recovered and restrained her.

When he grabbed her wrists, she kept trying to kick him, and he expertly turned them, and shoved her back against the wall. He trapped her legs between his, using enough force so that she couldn't move and try to knee him in the groin. That definitely wouldn't have gone over well for either of them. Eyes still glazed with rage at her actions and comments, he glanced at her face, into her eyes, for the first time since he had made his last comment. The rage in his eyes was immediately replaced with hurt and guilt.

She was crying. Tears were pooling from her warm brown eyes. The eyes he had loved since he was 14; the eyes that were always so full of life before, now reflected agony and hurt. He was the cause of it. The guilt that hit him when he saw her crying was nothing compared to the hurt he suffered when he heard her whisper the one word that shattered his resolve.


This was too much. He had finally screwed it up. He had finally done the thing he had never wanted to do since he first fell for her-he finally hurt her. Not wanting to do any more damage than he already had, he released the girl of his dreams from his grip. Taking several steps back, he desperately tried to hide the physical proof of how their close proximity had so badly affected him moments ago while still facing her. He opened his mouth, but no words came out. He just didn't have any words. He couldn't express just how sorry he was-for everything. Still, he had to try. Otherwise, she would always hate him. His heart shriveled within himself. It hurt badly enough as it was, to know that she hated him right now.

"Tenten…I'm…" He looked at her. Her form was currently slumped against the wall, in that damned dress. Her makeup was running, her tears clouding her eyes, and her chest was heaving with the effort of trying to hold back sobs. At that moment, he wished so desperately to grab her and wrap her into his arms, but he couldn't. He was the one that had hurt her so.

That thought finally gave him the courage to speak. He finally knew what he had to do.

"Tenten," he looked at her, but she wouldn't meet his gaze.

"Tenten, please just look at me," he begged, his eyes pleading with her, "Please listen to me." He was finally letting his emotions show. She was the only one to have ever seen him like this, and she was the only one that ever would. He was determined now. She would hear him out. He would no longer allow her to hate him without first explaining himself. If, after he told her the truth, she still hated him, he would leave. He would even let her hate him. It wasn't as if he didn't deserve it.

Slowly, painfully, her head slowly looked up at him. Her gaze finally met his. She would listen to him, she would give him that. It didn't matter that he had just stabbed her straight in the heart with his words. She still loved him, even after the way he had just treated her. She should know better, she did know better, but…she couldn't let him go. She couldn't. So she pulled what little of herself she had left back together, and prepared herself to be shattered again, only this time completely.

"Tenten…I'm so sorry. I didn't mean a word of it," Neji finally unveiled to her all his hurt, all his guilt, and all his pain. "I really truly didn't. I only said that because you had just said you had kissed a lot of guys, and…that hurt. That's the truth, I swear it. I know you aren't like that, and I know you don't enjoy the attention all these guys give you. Please forgive me."

He looked at her, eyes full of regret and pleading, waiting for her response. His heart slowly began to warm as she took a deep breath, wiped her tears, and nodded at him.

"I forgive you, Neji." She weakly smiled at him, which slowly grew into a genuine one. "I knew it was affecting you, and I just wanted to mess with you. That's why I said I had kissed a lot of guys. It was stupid and cruel of me to say that. I guess I owe you an apology, too. I'm sorry." She frowned, and looked up at him sadly. "I really am sorry. I know how you are, and I shouldn't have pushed it."

Neji just nodded at her. She knew that was his way of saying he forgave her. She slowly sat up, and she started to make her way over to him, but he held up his hand as if to stop her. When she looked at him questioningly, he shook his head and said, "I'm not finished."

Her eyebrows shot up, and she leaned back against the wall. Still maintaining eye contact, she motioned for him to continue.

He took a deep breath, and began once again.

"I don't like how these guys treat you. I don't like how they think they can buy you off, when I know you so much better than that. I don't like how they treat you like an object." He looked at her, eyes softening. "I know you better than that."

"You've been my best friend since we were genin. I've known you longer than probably anyone else, and I feel very…protective of you. Especially when those vultures are circling you like you are something to eat."

"I'm sorry I haven't talked to you in so long. At first, I truly was busy. When I got promoted to Jounin, I was sent on many more missions than I previously ever had been. We are short on Jounin as you know, and there was-is-much to do. Then I became an Anbu, and my workload once again drastically increased. I was gone months at a time, and so I couldn't contact you as much. However, you are right. I could have found you on my days off, or in between missions. I'm sorry. I do have a good reason for avoiding you, though."

Tenten's interest peaked once again. She straightened up, listening intently. This had better be good.

Neji inwardly gulped. He took a deep breath, and his eyes darted around Tenten's living room, looking for something, anything, to give him the courage to say what he had to say. He looked at her couch, the pictures on her shelves, her door, anything and everything he could think of, but when he gave up and resettled his gaze upon hers, the words came out as easy as breathing.

"Tenten, I love you. I have since we were fourteen. I'm sorry I've been avoiding you, but that's the reason why, I swear," his eyes pleaded with her again, begging her to understand. "I didn't want to drag you into any more problems than you already had. You know how it is to be a branch family member. I couldn't…I can't let you get dragged into that. I knew if I continued to hang around you, I would end up giving myself away eventually-being around you got to be almost unbearable, so I took the easy way out like a coward. I'm sorry. I'm stupid, and I ended up hurting you. I let my emotions bottle up for so long, that I lashed out at you…and that idiot that kissed you earlier. As long as I'm being perfectly honest, though, I don't regret lashing out at him. He deserved it." Neji smiled weakly. "This is the truth. I swear it, Tenten. I would never hurt you intentionally. You were-and still are-my best friend, even though I want more than that. Even if I don't deserve you, I still can't help but be selfish and want you, anyway. If you don't want that kind of a relationship, please tell me right now. I don't want pity dates, or a 'let's see if we can make it work' type of thing. If you honestly don't feel that way, tell me so. I will back off immediately. It's completely your choice. I just can't continue on like this anymore, knowing that every day, you meet new guys, guys that can offer you more than I ever possibly could. If I could give you any more than what it possible of me, I would in an instant. I would give you anything you ask of me-there's no point in denying myself any further…I can't refuse you. No matter what you ask, I will always do it, even if it's against my better judgment, because I love you. I love you, Tenten. I always have."

Tenten watched him in disbelief, her heart beating so fast she thought she would surely die right then and there. Had he just said what she thought he'd said?

"Wh-what?" Her mouth was hanging open in a most unflattering way, she knew, but she couldn't close it. Her mind was numb. She couldn't move, she couldn't even breathe.

His eyes, still pleading, closed for a moment, before opening again and repeating his earlier statement, "I love you, Tenten."

She took a step toward him. "Say it again."

He looked at her questioningly, but complied. "I love you, Tenten."

"Again." She took another step.

"I love you."

"Again." Another step.

"I love you."

She was right in front of him, and he was gazing down at her with pure adoration and want. If she didn't step back, he was bound to do something foolish…

…then he kissed her.

It was soft, gentle, and everything he had always dreamed it to be. Her lips were soft, and she was kissing him back, responding to every move he made, and…

…oh Kami, she was kissing him back!

He pressed his mouth more firmly against hers, and his hands shot out-one wrapping around her waist, pressing her even closer to him and the other threading itself through her hair, bringing her head further into the kiss. She was kissing him back…

How was he feeling right now? Well, happy was an understatement. Ecstatic was more accurate, but still not the right word…it was…


She was perfect.

She forgave him after all the crap he had pulled, she was still his best friend, and…

…she had never given him a real answer about his feelings. Sure, a kiss meant she had to like him back, but he wanted to hear her say it. He had to hear her say it. He stopped his lips from moving, with great difficulty, but let his lips linger against hers, formulating his question. "Tenten…"

"Neji, I love you too." She looked at him, her glazed warm brown eyes staring into his soul. Her kiss swollen lips were so deliciously taunting him, but her sweet words were what really did him in. "I love you too." She repeated.

With that, the Hyuuga prodigy finally lost all composure.

Kissing her with a fury that hell hath no, he smothered her with his love. He hungrily kissed her lips. When he pulled back from them, he planted soft tender kisses all over her face, while murmuring her name. After a short while, her name was accompanied by quiet sobs.

"Tenten…" He pressed his lips everywhere, worshipping her beauty with his tender displays of affection. He kissed her cheeks, her nose, her eyelids, her forehead. He kissed her neck, her hair, her ears, and her lips, oh Kami did he kiss her lips-the same lips he'd been dreaming of for the past 7 years. "Tenten, Kami I love you. Please, please, know that."

"Neji, I do know that," she looked at him, smiling, "and I feel the same way."

Internally crying with happiness, the Hyuuga prodigy was finally at peace. He picked up his girl-his girl, he smiled uncontrollably, and spun her in circles. They were both laughing.

This was the way it was supposed to be.

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So this is like, my longest chapter ever! Yay! haha! :P

So what did you think? As I said earlier, this was kind of a break kind of thing. It is/was intended to be a one-shot, so yeah. I seriously thought about adding a lemon, but then I decided to just leave it to you. It's already 15 pages long typed on word, and I fear making the story any longer. If I drag it out too long, it'll lose focus, and readers won't want to read it. So if you want a lemon two-shot, review and ask for it, and I'll see what I can do. ;) Neji might have seemed really OOC in this to you, but to me I don't think he really was. Neji is a very arrogant, stubborn person sometimes, and I can't see him willing to share his girl, you know? In that sense, I can see him being possessive. He's a proud, intellectual, and naturally quiet person…but you know what they say about the quiet ones. ;) As for Tenten, she's a very stubborn, proud and tomboyish girl and I tried my best to keep her in character. She was arguing with Neji a lot, even if she did love him. As much as the two argued, though, the fight never really meant anything because they really did love each other. *sighs a pathetic wishful sigh*

Uhm, well…overall? I think I did pretty well with this. I certainly like how the plot and storyline go. I just have some issues with my writing skills, like usual. When I go back thru and re-read everything, it just never seems to be right, and I hate it. When I read other people's work, their sentences flow together so well, and I struggle with it, I think. They use a larger vocabulary than I do a lot of times as well, but I still continue to try. Wow. I'm making myself sound really bad here…LOL. Well, anyway, tell me what you think, and please guys, review. I get so few reviews compared to views as of right now it's kind of ridiculous. I'm trying really hard to write as fast as I can and get everything posted, and it's kind of a let-down to see the lack of enthusiasm and reaction I'm getting. Thanks guys! And thanks for my loyal fans and followers who have been reading and reviewing! You guys make all this possible!