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Neji and Tenten's first night together consisted mainly of soft whispers, touches and declarations of love. The two, having only the night before discovered their mutual affections for each other, spent the evening cuddled in Tenten's bed, just riding out their elation-and the aforementioned elation had yet to fade. They avoided each other's wandering hands, and calmed the lust when it seemed apparent in the other's eyes. Tonight was not about lovemaking, it was about reveling in the feeling, and in the knowledge that they actually loved each other.

The morning after, Tenten awoke to utter darkness. Trying to suppress her inner panic at the thought of sudden blindness, Tenten tried to roll over, but was stopped by something…solid? Puzzled, Tenten drew her head back in an effort to look at her surroundings, and instantly became aware of three things: 1) She was in fact not blind, but her face had been pressed into someone's chest when she had awoken. 2) Said chest was gorgeous. And 3) She was in the arms of none other than Hyuuga Neji.

Neji was still sleeping (quite peacefully, Tenten might add), with a small smile on his face whilst he slept. His long, chocolate brown hair was splayed on Tenten's pillow, and he was situated on his side, as was Tenten. In his sleep, he had turned Tenten on her side, facing him, and pulled her flush against him, his arms holding her securely in place. He had yet to relinquish his hold and Tenten's head was still being smothered into his chest. (Not that she was complaining, of course, he smelled divine…like soap and cotton.)

Tenten drew circles on Neji's chest lightly, so as not to wake him, and was fascinated by the way he reacted to her touch. At first he would shift away a little, but then he would draw her back into his chest even tighter. It was so…un-Neji like, but it was so cute! Tenten's inner squealed with delight.

In short, Tenten was left with two choices. 1) Use a substitution jutsu and replace herself with a pillow, or 2) Go back to sleep. In Neji's arms.

The choice was so easy it was almost laughable. She had spent damn near her whole childhood pining for this man, and if she was lying half dead in the desert with the option of water or Neji, she knew she'd choose Neji. Every time.

So Tenten smiled and once again rested her head on Neji's chest, sighing deeply. Oh, how she loved him.

A few minutes later her breathing evened out, and she was almost asleep. Naturally, this was when Neji woke up.

Neji opened his eyes to see light brown walls.

Odd. His walls weren't brown, they were white.

His body stiffened, and he went on alert. Neji sat up quickly. After feeling an odd weight in his arms, Neji activated his Byakugan and saw perhaps the one sight he thought he'd never see…Tenten-His Tenten-in his own arms. Once the initial shock had passed and he had deactivated his bloodline limit, the confusion came. When he remembered the events of the previous evening, his mind and body hummed with content. She was here. She was with him. She loved him.

She was his.

Despite the massive delight that brought to his heart, he couldn't get rid of the despair nagging in the back of his mind. She was just one step closer to being branded with the Hyuuga cursed seal. Even though this felt so right, it was so wrong. He just didn't know which course to take.

Of course, when Neji sat up, he fully re-awakened Tenten, but he didn't seem to notice it. So, he didn't notice her watching his facial expressions with a groggy form of curiosity. When she saw his expression change from confusion to pure agony, she couldn't stop herself from saying something-she hated seeing him like that.

"You're not regretting this, are you?" Tenten questioned, a slight tinge of fear in her tone.

Startled, Neji looked down. She was awake, and emotionally hurt. She'd seen his expression, then. She knew what he'd been thinking.

Never before had Neji hated the fact that he was an open book in the morning more.

"Hell no," Neji growled possessively, pulling her tighter, "I just wish I could protect you." His eyes went from fierce and defiant to saddened and defeated in an instant, and Tenten hated it.

She hated how his family had that much control over him. She hated how they kept beating him down.

She hated that they could control and abuse a man-her man-to the point where he could lose all fighting spirit by just thinking about them.

Tenten hated it, and if he wasn't going to fight them-his family, his fears, and even his doubts-she would.

She knew he would never allow her to marry him as of right now, and become a branch member. He wouldn't even consider it; she knew him all too well. So that left two options. Continue on with their relationship as it was-hugging, kissing, but not touching-like a couple of middle schoolers, or break the rules and do what they wanted. If Tenten did get pregnant, she would bear the consequences. Although Neji would be obligated and even expected to marry her, she would just refuse him. She would rather be thought of as a tramp than upset Neji more by making him propose only out of necessity-and become a slave to the main branch, of which Neji was so fearful. She would never accept a proposal made out of necessity-a point she had made repeatedly for the last 5 or so years with all the men that came knocking on her door.

Not even if it was Neji proposing to her.

She would never want him to feel as if he had made a mistake by making love, and if they did and she got pregnant, she knew that he would see it that way-that he had put her in danger because of his own "selfish desires".

Even if Neji was willing to wallow in despair and never let this relationship go anywhere, Tenten wasn't. She would fight him on this. She'd had enough of them tiptoeing around each other for the sake of his family-hell, they hadn't even spoken to each other in years until now! Tenten wanted this relationship to work.

And Tenten always gets what she wants.

They needed to talk.

"Hyuuga Neji," Tenten's eyes darkened, her tone deepening, "I am not going to allow this to continue this way." Her body was rigid in his grip, set, and her expression betrayed no sympathy for him. She was determined.

Neji, on the other hand, was not as determined. Outwardly, he looked puzzled, eyes full of questions, but inwardly he was somewhat weary. It was never a good sign when Tenten of the leaf gave a threat to a comrade-or friend-and meant it.

Somewhat frightened for their relationship at this point, but remaining cautious, Neji responded, "What do you mean, Tenten?" Unwanted concern laced his voice.

"I mean," Tenten huffed, turning in his grip to look in his eyes, "that I don't want to wait anymore, Neji!" The volume of her voice was increasing with every word at this point, "You're afraid of your family-you've always been afraid of your family-and you allow yourself to be miserable because of them! You can't let them rule you-and it's not just about us!" Tenten picked up on Neji's eyes slightly widening throughout her rant, but that was really the only thing betraying his usual stoic disposition. He'd always been an expert at suppressing all emotion, after all.

"You have always trained so hard for the sole purpose of getting stronger, to prove them wrong. It took Naruto defeating you during the chunin exams to make you see otherwise, and to show you that you can change your fate-to show you that you didn't need to get stronger because of them, but to get stronger for you."

Something barely flickered in his eyes at the mention of the chunin exams, but it was quickly suppressed. That only succeeded in angering Tenten more.

"Even now, you're hiding yourself from me again. You refuse to let anyone in-even the one you claim to love!"

At this, more than just a flicker of emotion was present in his eyes. Pure rage enveloped them. How dare she imply he was lying about loving her, how dare she-

"Don't you dare give me that look, Hyuuga Neji!" Tenten spat, "You know I'm right! You keep yourself composed, even here with me! You don't allow me to see what you're feeling-what you're thinking! You claim to love me, and as much as I love you back, how do you expect me to open up to a shell? It takes two to be in a relationship Neji, or even a friendship, for that matter, and I'm sick of being the only one that gives a fuck!"

At this point, Tenten ripped herself out of his grip and leapt off the bed. She had made her choice, and now it was time for Neji to make his. He needed to see how serious she was about this. Emotions from the past several years-the pain of being deserted, of being heartbroken-had resurfaced, and full force at that. She didn't want either she herself or Neji to be hurt, and that's exactly where this relationship was headed-heartbreak. When Tenten reached her bedroom's doorway, she turned to face Neji once again, only to find that he was already on his feet and moving towards her. His eyes were imploring to her to stay, and she wanted to-Kami, how she so desperately needed to-but he really needed to understand. He really did need to figure out what he wanted first, before their relationship could continue-if it could continue.

Tenten held up her hand, signaling Neji not to come any closer than he already was. There was about 6 feet of space between them, but the overall atmosphere in the room made the distance seem much greater. It didn't help that all either of the two really wanted to do was run and jump into the other's arms and apologize for the whole argument-for everything. The only thing stopping them from doing so was each other.

"Neji," Tenten started eyes full of anguish, "I refuse to be in a relationship that won't go anywhere, and that's exactly what this is. I won't allow either of us to be hurt like this, by playing games with each other and promising things that no one really believes. Even though we've admitted we love each other, one of us has to sacrifice something for this to work-and either way, it will be me. It's either you allow us to be together and probably eventually marry, letting me become a part of the branch family-" Neji's fists visibly clenched, "or I give up my honor in the event that I do get pregnant, and leave the village. I have no qualms with that-" Tenten added, after seeing Neji's answering expression of shock and horror, "because I won't regret anything that way. We're 23 for Kami's sake! We should be able to make love without worrying about me becoming pregnant, so we won't have to get married! That's just messed up in itself! Neji, one of us is going to break if we try to wait until Hinata takes over, and that's an "if" situation in itself! You know the councilors are still pushing Hanabi to be heir, even after all this time, and no one really knows her position on abolishing the houses. Things could always remain separated within your family! I'm not trying to deprave you of hope, I'm really not-" Tenten pleaded, "I'm just trying to make you see reason! This relationship is risky, and it will require a sacrifice. You really need to realize that. While I'm not opposed to giving up my honor or freedom, you are. You need to make this choice, not me. I'm not the one hindering this relationship."

With one last agonized, fleeting glance, Tenten turned away from Neji, making her escape out the door. She paused, however, when she placed her hand on her bedroom's doorknob and Tenten only slightly turned her head back in his direction, before murmuring quietly, "For you, Neji, and for the sake of being with you, I wouldn't mind being a branch family member. Although you believe it to be a terrible price to pay, I hope you make the right decision. I personally do not believe that it would be such a terrible thing to bear, if we had each other."

Neji watched Tenten leave, frozen in place while his mind was running a mile a minute. Shock ran through his system. She left. She left me. Nothing mattered. Where he had once had a heart, there was a huge gaping hole, incapable of repair. Nothing ever could fix it, nothing but her. Nothing had ever touched him as deeply as she had.

Neji collapsed back onto her bed, facing the ceiling. So many thoughts ran through his head, and they were all somehow connected to her. Memories of last night, of her kisses, her touches, her smell-it was all too much. The knowledge that he had had her and lost her all at once crushed him. He punched her pillow in anger. He knew that their relationship would never work, so why did he allow it to happen? The man that kissed her last night had infuriated him to a point that he lost his composure and became wildly possessive of her, which he had no right to be. She wasn't his, and she had wanted an explanation. Well, she got her explanation-that he loved her-and now she was gone.

Damn it, this was all those other men's fault! They should have stayed away from her, away from them. If they hadn't driven him crazy and made him so protective of her he never would have been like this-so needy, so dependent of her. This was ridiculous. He was Hyuuga Neji, the young Hyuuga prodigy who had achieved the rank of Anbu at only 17. He was the highly intelligent, talented, but unfortunately unlucky son of the second-born Hyuuga twin Hizashi, who was the leader of the Branch family of Hyuuga. They were servants to the main house, not decision-makers or leaders. He was not-could not-be dependent on anyone or anything, because the main house was too dependent of him.

And yet, the throbbing and wrenching pains in his heart contested otherwise.

He knew he was in love with her. He also knew he'd do almost anything to have her. To be with her.

To make her happy.

But damn this was so hard. Remembering her speech, he was purely at a loss. He didn't know what to do. She was obviously willing to become a member of the branch clan-a thought Neji could honestly not comprehend. She knew what he'd been through, what he continues to go through even with the help of his uncle-was she really serious about this? Did she honestly understand what she was asking of him?

Of course, the only other option besides breaking up completely was the alternate scenario she suggested-to go ahead and secretly continue their relationship. In the event she got pregnant, she would have to leave, because if the Hyuuga's found out the baby was one of their own they would undoubtedly seize it, and neither Neji nor Tenten would be able to see him or her again. It would just live and be trained as another Hyuuga.

Another Branch Hyuuga.

If Neji had thought the thought of Tenten leaving the village was unbearable, the thought of their child being a branch Hyuuga was infinitely more so. He had never thought about his own children being branch children before. However, the reality to that fact was no matter who he married or coupled with-with the exception of his cousins Hinata and Hanabi-his children would all be Branch children. Unless one of his aforementioned cousins abolished the houses, that is.

The reality was, nothing he did or did not do would change the fact that his future offspring would be Branch Hyuuga. No matter with who, where, how or why. When might affect it, but that was unlikely.

'Damn you Tenten. What have you done to me?' Neji cursed himself inwardly.

He had to focus. He had to make a decision, after all. One that would affect not only his life, but Tenten's as well as any future children…permitted he and Tenten were allowed to be together. There was no one else he would ever allow himself to be intimate with, she just meant that much to him.

'Kami, help me make the right choice,' Neji pleaded to whatever higher power there might be, closing his eyes and dragging a hand tiredly over his face, 'because this-she-is everything to me.'

Tenten was sitting alone on a particularly thick branch of a large tree in Konoha forest. This tree wasn't just any tree, however. It was special to Tenten…and her team. One day after a particularly brutal mission-the first one in which they'd had to kill, in fact-the three walked in silence. It had been somewhat late when they had returned home, and Gai-sensei, understanding their feelings perfectly, left them alone to give the mission report himself. None of the three had wished to go home, so they wordlessly agreed to just keep walking. Covered in blood, sweat and mud, the teens kept walking until they stumbled upon this tree. For some odd reason they were intrigued by it. There were multiple scars raking its surface, deep cuts imbedded into its trunk. It was stained with paint, blood, and Kami knew what else, but it was still standing proudly. It was, in fact, one of the oldest trees the young genin had ever seen.

They started to climb it, pumping what little chakra they had left to their feet. As they continued upwards, they were amazed to find that there were sections of the tree missing-a result of exploding tags, no doubt-and the tree had adapted. New limbs were sprouting out of the blown off sections and it was beautiful.

Now the three, maybe with the exception of Lee, had never been ones for such romantic notions, but something about that tree had drawn them to it after the initial shock of taking their first lives as ninja. It was the first time they had watched someone die by their own hands, and it was somewhat traumatic. This tree-it seemed as if it knew their pain offered a comfort the three young genin had so desperately needed, as they nestled inside the tree's large, motherly arms and fell asleep in its large limbs for the night.

When the three had awoken that morning they'd carefully carved their initials into it, in order to give it a part of themselves as well. As Tenten traced her fingers over the kanji each had skillfully carved with their own hands, she was hit with a powerful sense of nostalgia. It seemed this tree really did offer comfort.

After walking and wandering around aimlessly for most of the day, Tenten eventually found herself in front of the very same tree she so clearly remembered from her childhood. She had tried to find it again many times, but no matter how hard she tried, she never could.

Until now.

Tenten was worried, frightened, nervous and confused. She was angry, hurt, totally in love and dejected all at once.

She was angry at herself for yelling at Neji. She was confused because she didn't know what to do now, and where their relationship would stand after their break-up. Would they still be friends, or…?

She was totally in love with Neji, but dejected and hurt that she had given that up, even if it was for good reasons. She didn't regret her actions, but it still hurt all the same, and she was worried and frightened that he would just give up on her and find somebody new. That he'd find someone with whom a relationship would be so easy. Someone he could learn to love…

Someone better than she.

Tenten buried her face in her hands, tears threatening to spill. She had never meant to hurt Neji like that, but it had to be done. He needed to come to terms with himself or it would never work between them. She wanted to be with him-oh Kami, she wanted it so badly-but she couldn't allow it to go any further until she knew what the future would hold.

Or if there was a future at all.

And that scared Tenten the most.

"Tenten," A deep baritone voice sounded from the base of the tree, "We need to talk."

'It's Neji,' Tenten thought to herself, trying not to panic, 'just act calm, and remember-deep breaths!'

Tenten instantly leapt down from where she had been previously perched, and after straightening up, she took him in.

He looked the same as he did this morning, only he was looking down at the ground, fists clenched at his sides. He looked ridiculously defeated, or as if he really hated himself. At that moment, Tenten's hope plummeted to the very bottom of her heart. Of course he wouldn't want her that seriously. Why would he marry her? Or want her? He was the Hyuuga prodigy, and she was just commoner filth. He'd never seriously consider her.

"Tenten," Neji muttered quietly, "before I give you my answer, I want to ask you some things. Is that alright?"

Tenten nodded, but after she realized he wouldn't have seen that while staring at the ground, she responded just as quietly "Yes."

Neji looked up, and Tenten barely had a chance to read his expression before he replied, "Why do you love me?"

Tenten stared at him dumbly. Was a confirmation all he wanted?

"I love you because you're strong, intelligent, handsome, and loyal. You have always been my best friend. You know everything about me, and I know I can confide in you about anything and you will always be there. You are everything I've ever wanted, and I trust you more than anymore else. You're perfect. That's why I love you."

Neji nodded slowly, taking it all in before continuing, "Do you honestly, truly and completely understand what will happen if you do become a branch family member?" Neji looked composed, but his body stiffened slightly, betraying his inner turmoil.

At this, Tenten was actually offended, "Of course I do, idiot! Have I not been your best friend all these years for nothing? I know all about the beatings, about the servitude, and about the curse seal jutsu! Are you kidding me, Neji? I know. And I'm willing to do it for you."

Neji nodded numbly, considering her answer, and then he finally asked, "If we are not allowed to be together, would you truly leave?" Again, no emotion showed except the flicker of turmoil in his eyes at Tenten's instant reply of "Yes."

A heavy silence lingered over the two, and suddenly the ten feet separating them disappeared as Neji swept Tenten into his arms. Holding her close, Neji pressed his face into her neck, smelling her hair, memorizing her scent. When he drew back, he held her at arm's length and said, "I want to be with you. If you truly understand what would be expected of you as a Branch Hyuuga, and you are still willing, I-" Neji took a deep, unsteady breath, "I will not stand in your way. Just know that if there was another way to not put you through this, I would do it. I would rather kill myself than see you bound like me, but I fear you leaving more than anything. I would never know what would have happened to you, or our child, or…anything. I would never hear from you again, and to me, that's worse than any sort of physical pain. If this is what you truly want, I will not argue," Neji put on a weak smile and quoted himself from the first time he told her he loved her, "I can't refuse you. No matter what you ask, I will always do it, even if it's against my better judgment, because I love you."

Closing his eyes, Neji rested his forehead against Tenten's, and concluded with, "Forgive my selfishness, Tenten."

Tears poured from Tenten's chocolate brown eyes. This was more than she could ever ask of him. He was allowing her to marry him, to marry into the family that had oppressed him from birth, because he loved her and wanted to be with her. He wanted her to be happy, and she was happier now than she had ever been in her entire life.

"Thank you, Neji," Tenten barely managed, "I really mean it. Thank you." A watery smile was evident on her face.

Tenten wrapped her arms around him, and their lips met in a fierce embrace. Pulling him tighter, the two battled for dominance, but eventually Neji won. Running his hands through her long, unbound hair, Neji licked her bottom lip, asking for entrance. Tenten granted it, and he roamed his tongue roamed her mouth, enjoying his love's taste. This was the first time either of them had enjoyed a kiss like this. The night before they had tried to keep it chaste, sweet and innocent, so neither would be quite so worked up, but now they knew they could be together. The walls and barriers of etiquette that had kept them apart for so many years were finally gone, and now the two could finally cross the threshold and enter into a world that had been alien for the two for so long. There were no words to describe it. It was perfect. It was bliss. It was the very thing the two young shinobi had wanted for a very, very long time-each other, with the promise of being able to be together indefinitely.

Slowly, Neji ran his hands down up and down Tenten's back, rubbing small circles while the two poured themselves into the kiss. This was about sharing themselves with each other, body and soul, for the first time. There was no rush, no great hurry. Everything was slow and deliberate. Everything was done only in the mindset of pleasing their partner, and thus they showed their love for each other.

Neji removed Tenten's jacket at the same time she displaced his shirt, and they spent a while feeling each other's toned stomach muscles, enjoying the feel of the flesh of which they had so long been deprived. Neji reached down to suckle the hardened nub that was her nipple through her bra, and Tenten threw her head back and moaned her pleasure. This only succeeded in arousing Neji more, as he felt his erection swell to a size it had never been before. Kami, what Tenten could do to him…

Neji buried his face once again in Tenten's neck and started to nibble the sensitive skin there, taking his time and making her even wetter than she was before. He reached up and cupped her breasts whilst he nipped and sucked at her pulse, making her shiver and moan his name. He bit back his own moan. He never thought his name could ever sound so erotic, but once again Tenten had proved him wrong on something. He daresay it would not be the last time, either.

Tenten, getting impatient, reached behind her and unhooked her bra. Withdrawing from the kiss, she bit her lip as she let it fall to the ground, stepping ever so slightly backward and letting him admire her nervously. Kami, this was so embarrassing, but there was no one else she would rather let admire her body in this way.

Neji stared openly, pure lust evident in his eyes. She was perfect. Everything about her was perfect. He closed the distance she had placed between them and pulled her close, once again crushing her lips against his in a passionate embrace. He sucked on her bottom lip as he withdrew from the kiss shortly thereafter, and sank down onto his knees to give Tenten's hardened pebbles the attention they had been previously denied. He quickly learned what pleased her and what didn't, and he used that knowledge to get every moan, whimper and sound out of her that he possibly could. He just couldn't get enough of her at this point-even her breathy, needy voice turned him on.

After Tenten's breasts had received a satisfactory amount of attention, Neji sank lower. With Tenten's help he pulled off her pants and underwear and came face to face with her sweet center for the first time. Moving quickly and sweeping her into his arms, he carried her to the giant tree he remembered from his childhood and sat her against it, nestling his head in between her legs as he began his feast. Instantly, her cries increased both in number and volume, and Neji was so hard he couldn't stand it. He had never had an erection so painful it caused him near unbearable discomfort and physical pain, but he would endure it for her pleasure. She came first. Period.

She was close, from the way her walls were tightening around him and the way she was hoarsely crying his name between pants and moans. He was already holding her down to limit her hips' movement, so he could get deeper and please her more. Slowly, he inserted one finger and curled it upwards before dragging it back slowly towards him. She screamed and shouted his name this time, arching her entire body further into him. He bit back a moan-her smell was overpowering his nostrils…it was arousing him so much-and he pushed two, then three fingers into her. Still lapping at her center, and pushing his fingers into her harder and faster, he brushed his tongue against her clit and she screamed her release into the night, for all to hear. Neji shuddered. It was now or never.

After Tenten recovered from her intense orgasm, Neji asked, "Tenten…do you want this? You know if we do this, there's no turning back." Neji's eyes pleaded with her to say yes, but she knew if she said no he would back off immediately. This was Neji, her teammate, her friend, and her lover. She knew if she was dying from blood loss and he was lying on the ground bleeding with a severed arm, he would be screaming at the doctors to give her his blood, to take it, to save her. She trusted him more than anything or anyone else. She would give him this pleasure, it was the only thing she could give him that would ever be significant enough to show him how much she truly loved him.

"Yes. I love you, Neji," Tenten panted, "I'm yours."

Overcome with an insane happiness, Neji quickly discarded his pants and boxers and positioned himself at her entrance. Looking into her eyes once more to see if she had perhaps changed her mind and receiving further permission, Neji covered her mouth with his in a passionate kiss and muttered against her lips, "I love you too, Tenten. I'm sorry."

Quickly, Neji snapped his hips forward and broke through her barrier, officially taking his best friend and lover's virginity. Cries of pain erupted from Tenten, but Neji just clung on to her tighter and pressed his lips against hers once more, silencing them. Neji felt terrible for causing her such pain, for making her cry….that was the last thing he had ever wanted to do, but at the same time he was having a much harder time concentrating on her pain right now than he should. Her walls were squeezing his member, applying a delicious amount of pressure and massaging his manhood in a unique way that only a woman could. That only Tenten ever would. It was taking all of his self-control not to lose himself right there, and to remain perfectly still so that he would not cause her any more pain than he already had.

Soon enough, chocolate orbs met his once again, and she experimentally pushed her hips into his. Gasps and moans erupted from both of them at the contact, and Neji clutched her arms even tighter than before in an effort to control himself. Slowly, the two began to set a pace that soon increased drastically. Neji thrusted faster and faster, and Tenten bucked her hips to meet his thrusts, urging his manhood to delve even deeper within her walls. Soon, it was too much for her, as she was already over-sensitive from having already came once, and too quickly she fell off the edge. Neji, who was already strained for self control, soon followed after her walls clamped down on him-it was just too much for him to handle at that point. Bracing himself against the tree that she had been leaning against, he came inside her, shooting his seed into her womb and he collapsed on top of her as lightly as he could. The two were breathing hard, and as soon as their bodies and breathing calmed they wrapped themselves in each other's arms, and soon fell asleep as the day came to an end. The last rays of sunlight peeked over the hills of Konoha, the contrasting greens of the earth and pink and orange hues of the sky clashing with an explosion of color. Trapped in between the two, however, were the trees and their leaves' own expressive colors. Despite the alternating worlds clashing around them, they fought for their own recognition, their own right to exist, much like the young lover's relationship. As surely as their relationship had and will continue to encounter problems, they will overcome them. Sometimes things will be easy, and sometimes things will be hard, but sometimes the only thing anyone can really do is let go and enjoy the ride.

Just like the Autumn Leaves.

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