My first smutty boy love fanfic. Who would have thought it would be for Durarara? I always figured my first one would be for Kyou Kara Maou. I'm a dirty girl.

There isn't much to this one shot, it's pretty much PWP. There are spoilers for people who don't know anything about the novels. I wonder if the anime will even get this far, probably not.

Title: Working
Series: Durarara
Pairing: Izaya/Kida
Rating: M
Summary: Just another day that Masaomi has to work for Izaya.

How did my life end up this way?

It was a question I asked myself over and over as I did the biddings of Izaya. The first time I met him I was wary of the man. I was even a bit scared of him.

He always had this creepy and all-knowing smile that made my skin crawl. Yet, the worst part was when he would look me down with those red eyes. It would make my heart pound with a mixture of fear and excitement. The man intrigued me, which is why I stuck around him, even though I should have ignored him.

Saki, she was the girl that Izaya had brought to me. Almost like he was some sort of pimp trying to get me to take the bait and give in to being one of his minions.

I don't think he ever thought it would turn out the way it did.

I know I sure didn't.

My feelings for Saki were genuine but I suppose I just didn't really suit her. Once she was taken away and hurt by the blue squares, many things became clear to me. Of course I wanted to beat the shit out of Izaya. He had introduced Saki to me and helped me fight the blue squares, but he was nowhere to be found when I needed his help the most.

It angered me.

I tried to punch him but all he did was give me a spiel about how I will always be connected to Saki through guilt.

I guess I felt some guilt for her, but it was my rage that probably kept me attached to her the most.

When everything went crazy I lost my place, once again, in the regular world. I decided to go ahead and work for Izaya. He, of course, thought I was doing it to be with Saki. I guess it could have started out that way, but somewhere deep down I think it was because I wanted to be around him more.

I was sick. I don't know why I wanted to be with a man who used me like a pawn.

Calling me his treasured little brother and then saying I was the King of sacrificed pieces. I had no idea what was going on through his mind. I don't think I ever will and I probably really don't want to know.

When Izaya had told me that Mikado was the leader of Dollars my blood froze. I could tell by his face that he wasn't lying. The strange woman who let me in that day only scoffed but then left the room, like she didn't want to hear anymore.

I should have guessed that the next part would be even worse. The words that came out of his mouth instantly got my blood pumping again. Only it was boiling with rage.

He had told me that Mikado didn't seem to see me as a friend.

I was mad that he would say such a thing when he knew nothing. Besides, it wasn't like I told Mikado that I was the leader of the Yellow Scarves. Still, it hit a sore spot since Mikado and Anri were so important to me.

I grabbed at him, but of course he dodged me.

The damn bastard always moved. It was a skill he picked up to get away from Shizuo, no doubt.

It was infuriating for me so I bet it made Shizuo even angrier.

Instead of just letting me fall to the ground he grabbed onto me and my life changed from then on. That was when I found out I had desired this man in all the wrong ways.

I was really a messed up kid, still am actually.

I guess you could have called it rape. Most people would say I was raped by him but I only put up a fight at first, once things got a little more heated I'm pretty sure I got a little feisty.

This happened a few more time when I would come to give him my report. Sometimes I would fight it, to give him the idea that I didn't want it, other times I would act like a cold fish. It never stopped him.

I was afraid to ever show that I did want it. I felt like he only did this to me because he got some sick pleasure in controlling me. It probably wouldn't have the same effect if I was actually joining in.

Still, I really wanted to participate. The whole fake rape stuff was getting old for me.

"You have your report for me already?"

A stood before Izaya at his desk and didn't say anything.

"Where is Saki?"

I tried to keep all emotion off my face. This guy was really good at reading me.

"She went home."

Izaya just clicked his tongue and flicked his favorite blade around. I secretly hopped he would slice his finger on accident. That wasn't likely to happen though.

"Are you doing her?"

I hadn't realized that Izaya had been talking again until I heard that last part. I blushed because I knew I had been fixated on his mouth.

My blush must have given him the wrong idea because his face showed anger. He moved from his chair to come towards me. I just stood still knowing it would be best to just let him do as he pleased.

"My- My, has my treasured little brother and sacrificial king been getting it on with my female pawn?"

I clinched my teeth. I wanted to tell him that wasn't true but I also wanted to punch him in the face. I knew that would be a bad idea though. I could feel the warmth of his breath as he got closer to me.

His smell started to excite me. I hated how easy I was.

Of course he noticed but he probably still thought it was because of him mentioning Saki.

"You young boys sure do get turned on easy." He placed his hand on my bulge and I closed my eyes trying to suppress a moan.

Izaya chuckled because he knew I was holding back.

"There is no need to be shy now. It's not like this is your first time."

I looked at him and glared but he just chuckled again. He probably enjoyed seeing this face of mine.

He forced me down onto the floor and unzipped my jeans with ease. The release of the jeans felt good and I hissed as the cold air was being introduced to my heated member.

I watched as Izaya placed his finger on the tip of my penis. He always liked to toy with me first. Not really surprising since toying with things was his specialty.

He lightly touched me, twirling his finger over and around.

I whimpered. "Izaya…"

This part was always unbearable.

"Aren't you a needy one today?"

The sound of his voice excited me more as I felt my penis twitch.

"What would Saki say if she could see you right now?"

His words woke me up from my lust as my eyes opened up to glare into his. Something snapped in me and before I knew it, I was saying and doing things I shouldn't have.

"Shut up about Saki already." I reached up and crushed my lips to his. I felt him tense up and I wondered if this would be the end of it.

Only, instead of pushing me off, I felt his tongue invade my mouth. He was coercing me to interact with him, which led to a heated kiss, our tongues twisting and tasting each other.

Finally he pulled away from me but before I could say anything he had placed his mouth on my cock. He licked the tip and did the exact same thing with his tongue that he had been doing with his fingers.

I gasped when I felt his tongue slide into the crevasse that separated the head from the rest. It sent a shiver of pleasure up my spine. When I thought I couldn't take it anymore he placed his mouth over me and took me in.

The heat of his mouth on me was sweet torture. I struggled underneath him, trying not to move too much. Izaya must have been amused because when he let out a slight chuckle the vibrations from his mouth had me arch my back up, forcing him to take in more of me.

That was when he started to pump me with his mouth. I almost couldn't take it. I was being devoured by lust. Between the pumps and sucks it was almost too much for me to take.

"AAHH, Izaya!"

With one last suck I came, hard, into his mouth and then felt completely embarrassed as he looked up at me with a smirk and my own cum dripping down his chin.

"You're really into it today."

I couldn't look at his face.

"Shut up."

He touched the tip of my penis again and I hissed at the contact.

"I can't believe how hard you still are after that." He said with a hint of amusement.

Getting tired of his antics I sat up and grabbed onto him. He looked me directly in the eyes with a bit of surprise on his face.

I lower my head down to his pants and unzipped his zipper with my teeth. I was tired of being the only one who got toyed with. It was his turn.

Not surprising that he was just as turned on as me. His penis sprang out from his pants as I pulled down his underwear.

"What are you doi-"

Before he could finish the sentence I took him in - all of him - and begin to suck. I had never actually done anything like this before so I just tried to remember what he was doing to me earlier. All the other times he would always just toy with me and then fuck me with no remorse.

A lot of the time, after we would have sex, I would have to stay home all day and rest because of the pain. This time I was going to make sure to lube up.

I took a peek at Izaya's face as I continued to suck on him. His face was showing many different emotions. I was sure that he was having a war with himself because he was enjoying it, yet at the same time he was powerless, which was not something he liked.

My own self twitched just by the looks on his face. I really was a pervert.

Just when I thought he was about to reach his climax he roughly grabbed my hair and pushed me off. I flinched and yelped a bit as he tossed me to the floor.

"How naughty of you." He looked down at me with a smirk.

"You're such a bastard." I told him in my own defense.

He pushed me completely down and hovered above me. "This is a side of you I have never seen before." He paused as he took one of my nipples and gave it a squeeze. "I kind of like it."

My eyes widened at that confession. So he actually liked me participating? I moaned a little when he took both of my nipples and twisted them. It hurt slightly but not enough for me to care.

"That's a good boy." He said as he whispered in my ear.

That was when I felt his hard cock pressing against my entrance. I tried to prepare myself for the pain. No matter how many times it was done it always hurt a lot at first, especially since he usually just dove inside of me.

I was surprised when he shoved his fingers in my mouth. I gagged a bit because of the sudden intrusion.

"Suck it." He said to me.

I didn't fight and did as he said.

He pulled out his fingers when they were nice and lathered and then lowered his hand. I was wondering what he was planning to do until I felt him put one finger in my ass. I grabbed onto him in shock. There was no pain, just pleaser, as he pumped his fingers and bent it inside of me. Then he slowly began to put more fingers in me, scissoring me.

I moaned at all the different sensations it was giving me. I had never felt something that nice.

Izaya reached down to my neck and bit it. I yelped in pain but then he began to suck on it. I was torn between all the pain and pleasure happening at once.

"Think of this as your reward for being such a good little boy."

Just when I was about to cum again he stopped and I felt his cock at my entrance again.

He slowly pushed in and I groaned and moaned at the same time. He set a steady rhythm, thrusting into me slowly. I grabbed at his back, probably making scratch marks. It wasn't enough, I needed more.

"Ug… Izaya."

He did another deep throat chuckle as he pushed in a little deeper.

"Please, give me more. Harder!"

I was surprised by my own self and he must have been too because he stopped.

I looked at his face to see what was going on, only to be surprised that his head was turned and his ears looked a little red.

I had no idea what to think. Did I just embarrass him?

"Izaya?" I said meekly. I was starting to get a little worried.

"God Damnit!" He cursed and then finally turned to me. His face was really red. "Why must you be so fucking cute?"

I was too shocked for words, which was a good thing because he then started to thrust into me again, over and over, like he used to do only this time there was no pain. I was overcome with even more pleasure then ever before.

I arched myself into each thrust, trying to get as much of him as possible. That was when he hit that spot. I let out such a moan that there was no way he didn't know that he got the spot. He continued to hit that spot over and over as I grabbed onto his back and pulled myself to kiss him again.

I could feel the sweat dripping down my forehead. "Ug." I pulled away from his mouth. "Give it all to me."

My climax was even harder than the first time and Izaya soon followed after me. I could feel his cum inside me as he pulled out. I figured he would get up and leave me on the floor like usual but instead he fell down onto me, breathing heavy.

I took in deep breaths, smelling him over and over again. He grabbed onto me, almost into a hug. "You are never going to get away now."

I smile, even though I know he isn't looking.

Who had who now?