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Unknown POV

"I can't believe the whole family is coming into town," Temari said with a sigh.

"I can't believe those fucking cops knew we were there!" a male fumed while connecting his fisted hand to an open one.

A female sighs before giving him an annoyed look and responding.

"Oh I don't know…maybe it was the gun shot you fired!"

"For the last fucking time! It fell-"

"Yeah! I know it fell. Cause you're an idiot! So don't complain about things caused by your idiocy."

"Geez Temari-"

"Don't "geez Temari "me, Kankuro. You should have-"


Both siblings turned to look at their youngest brother, fear flashing in their eyes before looking away.

"Sorry Gaara," they said in unison after shooting each other a wary glance.

Gaara was fair guy.

Not the most kind, compassionate or merciful…

But he was fair.

For the most part.

For example, look at Kankuro.

Gaara would have already put a bullet in his head for firing the gun, if he had believed that he had been the one to alert the police. But Gaara knew that wasn't the case, so he left him alive.



"It wasn't Kankuro's fault."

This caused both his siblings to jump. Gaara mentally smirked at their antics. He liked seeing fear in people's eyes as they regarded him. It meant that they knew he was powerful and wouldn't hesitate to kill them. Sibling or not, no one received mercy from Gaara. Allowing his smirk to slowly creep onto his face he continued.

"There was a girl there who I believe heard the bullet," he said shooting a pointed look at Kankuro, cause him to cringe slightly, "I believe she is the one who alerted the police."

Both siblings looked at him with wide eyes.
"Girl?" Temari questioned, confusion flashed in her eyes, which was then followed by understanding, "Oh."

Kankuro looked between the two, still confused as ever.

"Um. What?"

Temari sighed, throwing her brother a look before explaining.

"Remember how we heard that sound in the forest and Gaara sent us to find the source, yet nothing was there?" Temari asked him, trying to jolt his memory.

"Yeah…yeah I remember that."

"It was a diversion. The girl Gaara is referring to must have thrown it hoping to get all of our attention away from her."

Kankuro couldn't help but snicker.

"She got us good, didn't she Gaara?"

The temperature in the room seemed to drop causing both Kankuro and Temari to shiver and look at Gaara, who was regarding Kankuro with a cool glare.

"B-But I'm sure Gaara already killed her so no worries there," Kankuro chuckled nervously while rubbing his arm.

After an uneasy silence the room seemed to slowly creep back to its original temperature. At this Temari let out a shaky breath she didn't even know she was holding.

"My only question is," she starts, watching Gaara carefully," why was she trying to distract us."

Kankuro waved the question off.

" Who cares? She's dead now."

'She's alive," Gaara states in his usual quiet tone, "And I don't plan on looking for her…"

Kankuro and Temari share a worried look before returning their attention to Gaara, who is now wearing a slightly sadistic smirk on his face.

"However, if she ever has the misfortune of meeting me again…she'll wish I killed her when we first met."


I feel a sneeze coming on and turn my head slightly in an attempt to not sneeze all over my bagel and frappuccino. Luckily I make it just in time. I stay in my position, head slightly turned, waiting for the second sneeze. You know. The one that always tries to catch you off guard while you are recovering from the first one. However, much to my chagrin, nothing happens.

"My name is in someone else's motherfucking mouth," I mutter myself, a bit miffed that the second sneeze I had prepared for never came.

"Sakura," a voice calls to me exasperatedly, "we're in public."

I look at my brunch companion that sat across from me in the small café we were at and elegantly raised a brow.


"So stop talking to yourself."

That shuts me up.

"Sorry," I say sheepishly while scratching my nose, a habit I picked up from my beloved older sister.

He sighs and continues typing away at his laptop.

"So here are the rules: Don't speak."

I narrow my eyes at him.


He looks at me as if I had just said the dumbest thing possible before turning back to his manuscript.

"You tend to say dumb things, spacing them out with your swearing."

I shake my head and give him a smile.

"Don't be silly I can control myself. I can judge when and when not to hold my tongue."

"You're sense of judgment is not at all trustworthy," he says matter-of-factly without looking up.

My smile slightly falters and my eyebrow seems to twitch.

"Fuck you."

His typing stops and he looks as if he's about to say something, but simply settles for a smirk and resumes typing.

I look at him questioningly.

"Too easy," he says to himself answering the question that was written all over my face.

The one he wasn't even looking at.

Too easy…Why that little-

"Let's go," he says, interrupting my silent fuming.

He leaves money on the table and we get up, heading back outside and leaving the rest stop area.

Now I know what you're thinking.

What the fuck.


I suppose I should catch you up a bit.


"I'm back," I hear a voice say as I read one of the books I had been assigned to read in school. I didn't have to look up to know who it was. Only two people lived in this house, so if the door opens and I'm already home, then there's only one other person it could be.

A robber.

Or Sasori.

In this case it was the latter.

Quite honestly, I was no longer reading anything, merely just looking at the words. I listen as he removes his jacket, letting it lie on a chair and loosens his tie. This is a routine I realized that he follows whenever he returns from an especially long day at work. He normally works from home, but today he had to meet with the board of directors at the company who publishes his novels…the professional ones that is.

I hear his steady footsteps and not before long I feel his presence behind me. I continue reading, or looking at, rather, the words on the page. We are there in silence before he bends over putting his mouth by my ear.

"I'm back," he purrs, placing his hands on my arms and rubbing them slowly.

"Welcome home," I say fighting down the blush that threatens to stain my face, "How was your day?"

He removes his hands from my arm and walks to the chair opposite the couch. He crosses his legs, with one ankle on the opposite leg's knee, on the arm of the chair he rests one elbow. He leans his head into his hand, closing his eyes; seeming to find a state of peace and relaxation. The room goes silent.

"That wasn't a fucking rhetorical question."

Sasori slowly opens his eyes and regards me with a sleepy glare that reminds me of when we first met. A chill went down my spine as I remembered what followed that glare.

"What." He asks sharply, though it seems to be more of him daring me to say something else rather than a question.

Not in the mood to be sexually assaulted, I simply look back down to my book.

"Never mind."

I attempt to actually read the words on the paper before me.

And fail.

I feel Sasori looking at me.

I sigh, not wanting to look at him.

"Can I help you?"

I get no response, yet still feel his eyes, so I decide to just look up at him.

Holy shit.

The look he was giving me would make a grown man piss in their pants.

"What…" I ask uneasily.

"Why is it," he starts off slowly his eyes narrowing and his glare intensifying with each word, "that you can't read the mood. Obviously, I am tired. And when I finally reach a state of peace your loud voice ruins it."

Now normally, I would have a good retort. But let me tell you something about Sasori's glares.

When you get one…

You shut the fuck up.

However, he looked at me expectantly as if waiting for a response. Not knowing how to respond to that without being a smartass, I grab my book, get up and turn to go to my room taking care not to roll my eyes.

"Oi," he says standing up.

I stop without looking at him.

Not making that mistake again.


The temperature in the room seemed to drop causing me to shiver and look at Sasori, who was regarding me with a cool glare.

"You're annoying."

The world seems to freeze.

He raises an eyebrow, as if questioning my sudden animosity.

"I said-"

"I heard what you fucking said, dumbshit. But what have I done, except for ruin your precious beauty rest, to be so annoying. Stop acting like such a princess."

And the glaring match ensues.

All this because I asked how his day was…

When in all honesty…

I didn't give a fuck.

See this is why I'm not polite.

His sigh brings me out of my mental reverie. He sits down and points to the couch I had previously been occupying. I slowly go and sit down and wait for him to speak.

"I got a call today from my grandmother-," he stops and glares at me.

Probably cause I was grinning like a mad woman.

"That's cute."

"…I got a call today from my grandmother. It seems that the family is gathering together to celebrate the success of the company. I, myself, wish not to go. However, it seemed to mean a lot to my grandmother and so I agreed that we would go."

"So you're going on a trip. That's fine."

He closed his eyes and a smug smile graced his face. I furrowed my brows in confusion and called to mind the last bit of our conversation.

"However, it seemed to mean a lot to my grandmother and so I agreed that we would go."

So I agreed that we would go.

We would go.


"So I'm…"

He opened his eyes once more, smile even smugger.



And so here I am.

In the passenger's seat.

In front of a giant mansion.

Which was "nothing compared to the main estate" apparently.

These damn rich people.

Sasori opened the door for me, wearing black form fitting pants and a long sleeved navy blue button up shirt with a red tie. I step out of the car, wearing black skinny pants a loose navy blue button up shirt that was slightly tucked in with navy blue flats that had a bow on the front. My hair was up in a curly pony tail with slightly curled bangs going off to one side a red small bow gracing it. When I had originally showed Sasori my outfit he smiled and kissed me on the forehead telling me I looked stunning. He retreated to his room to change as well and when he came out, he was basically wearing the same god damn thing. He dragged me out before I could change and now we're a matching couple.

I've always wanted to try that.


Fuck, no.

We arrived at the door and before we could even knock it opens.

I give Sasori an exasperated glance but he ignores it and enters.

"Thanks," I mutter to the man who had opened the door.

He looks up at me as if surprised I had spoken to him. He was an elderly man, the center of his head bald but gray hair seemed to go around it. He had a thin mustache and was wearing a suit. I assume he is one of those workers that have been with the family forever or something like that. However, if my simple thank you was enough to confuse him then it's probably safe to say he hasn't been treated to kindly in his years of service.

I offer him a small smile and then follow after Sasori.

"Where are they?" Sasori calls to the man from over his shoulder.

"The dining hall, Master Sasori," he states with a small bow.

Sasori nods and leads us to a pair of double doors, which, I assume, is the dining hall. I glance at him to see that his face is rather blank; however, I can tell when Sasori is annoyed.

He's annoyed.

I sigh and nudge him with my elbow, causing him to turn to me. I grab his tie and pull him down to my face. I put my mouth to his ear making sure to brush my lips against it as I speak.

"Don't worry. I'll protect you from your crazy family. You are my boyfriend after all."

I let him go and take in his surprised expression and give him a smug smirk and wink.

He grabs me by the chin and gives me a light kiss. He pulls back resting his forehead on mine looking into my eyes.

"I'm counting on you."


Unknown POV

The red haired young man watched as his cousin walked into the dining hall, with nothing but indifference. He didn't care much for this celebration, or celebrations at all rather. But something that he saw had his mind racing and caused his eyes to widen. The look left as quickly as it had come and he slowly made his way over to the two people that had entered the room as they were greeting others. He walked to his cousin, who was one of his few relatives he could tolerate, and looked at him with approval. His cousin, Sasori, returned the look and extended his hand.

"Gaara, how are you?" he asked before adding in a hushed tone only the two of them could hear, "one of the few people I was actually looking forward to seeing."

This caused the both of them to smirk as Sasori put his arm around the waist of his companion, pulling her towards him and into Gaara's line of vision.

"And this," he says winking at the girl by his side who in turn rolls her eyes, "is my lovely girlfriend Sakura Haruno."

He looked to the girl his cousin was holding.

Aquamarine met emerald.

"Nice to meet you," She said with a smile, extending her arm.

"The pleasure is mine," he said taking her and brushing his lips against it.

The three of them return to the table Sakura sitting across from him and Sasori on her left. They made eye contact once more as she accidentally tapped his leg with her foot, which he is not even sure how she did seeing as the how his legs should be pretty far from hers.

"Sorry," she said softly offering him a sheepish grin.

"You're fine," he says, his face completely indifferent.

Suddenly recognition passed through her eyes and they widened slightly. Gaara looked at her with a bit of confusion. He hadn't seen her before had he? He let his eyes roam over her and stopping at her bubblegum pink hair.

Bubblegum pink hair…


"However, if she ever has the misfortune of meeting me again…she'll wish I killed her when we first met."

His earlier conversation with his siblings suddenly came crashing back to him.

A smirk found a way onto his face and he gave her a knowing look. This caused her to shift uncomfortably in her seat, fear flashing in her eyes before they settled with unease.

His smirk turns into a small, yet gorgeously dangerous smile.

To any bystander it was a seemingly innocent smile.


Seemingly, seemingly.

Sakura's dealt with enough "seemingly"'s to see through them.

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