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Title The wedding day.

Tuesday the 11th of December 2011.

Lisa and Joe they are having their wedding at a Webster golf club that part of the college.

Lisa and H were walking and talking there is one big secret the two friends have kept from everyone.

They was talking about the wedding and H was telling Lisa that Romeo and her want begetting married they only wanted to keep Alex and Mark happy they didn't want to hurt their feelings.


(Talking in a low voice so only H could hear her.)

"I do hope its good news for you hun."


"I do too Lisa."

"Thank you for not telling anyone."

"I've been getting a strange feeling I'm been followed."


(Turning around to see if anyone was there.)

"Only Mary Beth here H."

"Joe was having the same feeling as you."

Mary Beth now standing need where Lisa and H.

Mary Beth.

(Putting one hand on H's shoulder and her other hand on Lisa's shoulder.)

"Hay Lisa Joe looking for you."


(Turning to give H a hug.)

"Good luck and I better get going.)

"Bye Mary Beth see you later on H."


"Bye Lisa and thanks."

I'll pop round with some more wedding books."

"See you around 7o'clock

Lisa left H and Mary Beth standing outside the medical centre.

To meet her husband to be.

Mary Beth.

(Holding her hand out and crying.)

"Honey I got your email."

"Way didn't you tell me?"


(Now holding Mary Beth's hand.)

"The only person I told was Lisa."

"That day that I and Joe escaped from Rachel Stone's place."

"That when I found out."

"Mary Beth will you"

Mary Beth.

(Drying her eyes with her free hand.)

"H you trying say."

"You want me to come with you"


"Yes I was trying to say that."

Mary Beth Listined to H about the 27th of August 2011 when she was at Oak Well College hospital.

Both Mary Beth and H made their way into the medical centre.

Unaware that Rachel and Rocky Stone was watching them and the person that when it the door before them was called Jim Kettle he is all so a part of Max Even's new gang.