Saturday the 5th of January 2012.

H Newt was having another tattoo done to add to her collation of tattoos she has.

Lisa Penny Alex Hall and Joe Hope will be having their first ever tattoo.

H was waiting for Zig Zag and his team to come.

The time is 12pm.

H was waiting in side the flat next door to Harvey and Mary Beth's home.


(Who had a birth day card in her hand for H and she sat on the sofa next to H.)

"Happy birth day sweet cheeks."

"How did you sleep last night?"


(Taking the card from her adopted auntie and she was smiling.)

"Thank you Chris."

"I couldn't sleep."


(Who was smiling and she had given H a hug.)

"How are your hands and ankle?"


(Looking at her hands then looking up at Chris.)

"Still very sore and my ankle is too.


(Who had a bawl of hot soapy water and some cotton wool balls in front of her on the coffee table.)

"Let me take a look at your hands for ya."

"Sweetie it will take time for your injures to heal."

Christine Cagney was cleaning H's hands and putting dressings on them.

When Zig Zag the tattooist arrived with his team of tattooists.

Now in H Newt's place next door to the Lacey's.

Zig Zag.

(Who rushed a cross to give H a kiss on both her cheeks.)

"H darling."

"What has that beast done to you?"


(Who was standing up now and had given Zig Zag a kiss on the cheek.)

"I know Lisa Alex and Joe they will be here soon."

Zig Zag showed his team where to set up Lisa Alex and Joe arrived.


(Who had her left arm in a sling.)

"Afternoon chick."


(Who was putting on a brave face.)

"Afternoon everyone and you must be Zig Zag.

Zig Zag.

(Who was getting his things together to tattoo H.)

"Yes and I'm really proud of you and your friends."

"Joe Lisa for looking out for H."

Zig Zag's tattooists where ready to tattoo Alex Joe and Lisa.


(Who was near the Joining door.)

"I'll lave you kids to it."

"H if you need me."

"I'm next door ok sugar."


(Smiling at Christine Cagney.)

"Thank you Chris see you soon."

Christine when to see Mary Beth and Harvey and left the kids to have their new tattoos done.

Lisa Penny she was having a rose tattooed on her right arm Alex and Joe where having a star on their left shoulder blades.

Zig Zag.

(Who was sat tattooing H was sat on a foot stool.)

"How is madam doing?"


"I'm ok thank you."

"Lisa how you and the boys doing?"


(Who was having a dressing put on her tattoo."

"I'm fished and let's have a look at yours H."


(Who was sat on the sofa and he only had the outline of a star done.)

"Its looks wicked H."

"Bet Mary Beth will love it too."

Joe who all so was finished having his tattoo done who when to get Mary Beth Harvey and Chris to come and have a look.

The other tattooists had packed up and want home.


(Who was standing next to H.)

"Wow I love it H my sweetie."

Zig Zag.

"Alex will you pass me that mirror please."


(Passing the Mirror to Zig Zag.)

"There you go."

Zig Zag.

(Holding the mirror so H could see her tattoo on her lower back.)

"Would madam like to have a look?"


(Who busted into tear when she seen her now tattoo that been added on to her other tattoo.)

"Thanks Zig Zag you're the best."

Mary Beth.

(Who also was crying.)

"Oh hun it's beautiful."


(Who was holding her camera.)

"Let me take a photo of your tattoo honey bun."

Christine Cagney had taken the photo of H's tattoo and Zig Zag had left.

So the Lacey Cagney Newt and Hall family members and their friends could celebrate in peace.

Alice had arrived with a bottle of champagne and some plastic glasses.


(Taken the bottle from Alice Christine and he had opened it.)

"H grab a glass and have some Champaign."

Everyone was holding a glass in their hands Christine had a soft drink in her glass.


"I would like to say that I'm glad."

"That you are my friends."


"Same here Dude."


"To a new begging of a brighter future."

"Here Here."


(Who was grateful that she is a member of the Lacey Cagney Newt and Hall family.)

"Here here I'll drink to that.

"Here's to friends and family."

Mary Beth Harvey Lacey Christine Cagney watched as H Newt Lisa Penny Alex Hall and Joe Hope celebrate and hoping that Rachel and Rocky Stone Kat Conner and Max Evens what be given the kids any more grief or bothering them any more.

The End.

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