"So what are we going to do today skipper?" Private asked while the penguins were getting ready for the zoo to open.

"Well private, I was thinking we could take a break today and go outside for snow cones." Skipper answered. Private smiled and clapped his fins happily.

"Welcome to the central park zoo!" Alice greeted the families at the gate, who were eagerly waiting to come and see the animals. Immeadiatly, the kids ran to the front and bursted inside. The adults came afterwards, rushing to get their kids back to their sides.

Private was smiling and waving to the kids. Kowalski was grinning sciencingly. Rico was smiling with his tounge sticking out and he was also waving his flipper. Skipper had one hand behind his back and was waving with his other flipper, showing no emotion.

The penguins were like that for about four hours until the zoo finally closed. Alice rushed everyone outside, and eventually, the zoo was completely empty with no signs of humans.

"Can we go to the park now?" Private asked after the penguins circled the zoo a few times for training.

"I guess we can go now," Skipper agreed. Private grinned and all the penguinswent on their bellies and started to slide to the zoo exit.

When they were outside the penguins were already deciding on what flavor snowcones they were going to get.

"I am gong to get blueberry!" Kowalski said happily.

"I'm kind of in the mood for cherry," Skipper said.

"I'm going tyo get bubblegum!" Private said gleefully.

"Glah ba gah gah et oton andy!" Rico mumbled happily.

"And I'm going to get revenge!" A strange voice said from a bush in front of them. Almost instantly, the four penguins were in a circle around the bush.

"Show yourself!" Skipper demanded. No one appeared, but the bush rustled. The penguins cautiously moved closer to the bush, still surrounding it.

Suddenly, a black and white animal sprang from the bush and rammed private down. Private then pushed the animal off and wrestled it to the ground. When the two animals finally got up, the penguins saw an exact replica of private.

The penguin quickly sprang at private, who moved out of the way just in time. And then private kicked the penguin to the ground. Private put his foot down on the other penguins chest and smiled in vitory. The penguin growled and graabbed private's foot. Private jumped up quickly, and when he landed the penguins had a stare down.

"Ok, ok," Skipper interuppted, "Lets break it up."

The other penguin didn't listen and ran at private. And when he was almost about to hit private, he leapt in the air. But before he could get high enough, private grabbed his feet and slammed him down.

"Rico, kowalski," Skipper ordered. The two penguins nodded and went after the identical twins. Rico rushed after the new penguin and held him back. Kowalski did the same with private. But skipper helped him when private escaped from kowalski's hold.

"Ok lets get things straight." Skipper said while the two penguins were still clawing and trying to get free. "Now private, do you know who this is?"

Private sighed and sat down, knowing he had no choice. "Skipper, this is my twin brother, cadet."

"Ok cadet," Skipper said facing the strange penguin, who smiledevily at him. "Why are you here? And why are you and private trying to kill eachother?"

Cadet laughed and said, "I'm here because I want revenge. I think that answered both of your questions."

Skipper nodded still eyeing cadet. "So why do you want revenge?" He asked.

"I have my reasons." Cadet said. "And besides, this job I have right now. It means I have to come here."

Private growled and jumped in the air. Cadet did the same, and soon they were both trying to kill eachother on the ground.

"Should we do... something?" Kowalski asked pointing at the two penguins wrestling eachother. Skipper sighed and nodded. And rico smiled phychoticaly.