"Cadet!" Skipper yelled, "Get off of me!" Cadet growled and sighed. He got off of skipper and sat down on a chair. When skipper stood up, he saw that cadet was crying.

"I'm sorry," Skipper said, sitting next to him, "I didn't know about your father." Cadet brushed his tears away and looked up at skipper. He smiled softly and sighed.

"I guess you didn't," Cadet agreed, "But I sure did." Skipper stared at the ground, not wanting to meet cadet's gaze. "Should we go save private now?" Cadet asked after a few moments of awkward silence. Skipper looked up and smiled at cadet. Cadet smiled back and they both stood up to leave.

"So private was a penguin performer?" Skipper asked.

"Yeah," cadet said, "but I think I was better." Skipper and cadet both smirked at eachother and left.

"Don't worry," Dr. Blowhole reassured cadet, "You'll get used to betraying the trust of penguins." Cadet looked up at blowhole, then at skipper.

When the penguins got to dr. blowhole's lair, which was in the basement of an abandoned factory, they immeadiatly got caught. And now skipper, kowalski and rico were trapped in movable cage. Cadet, private and natalie, were all out and in a circle, about to fight.

"But all thanks goes to Natalie," Blowhole teased skipper, "To think she used to be your friend, skipper." Skipper growled and turned away. Dr. blowhole smiled knowing that he beat skipper.

"Now you can all destroy eachother," Blowhole said. Cadet smirked at private and natalie. Private winkd at natalie and cadet. And natalie smiled softly at both of them.

Immeadiatly, natalie leapt in the air and landed on dr. blowhole. Cadet jumped backwards and kicked blowhole on the tail. Private smiled and ran up to dr. blowhole, and at the last moment he jumped up and kicked him in the face.

"Don't worry," Natalie said, jumping down from blowhole's head and joining private and cadet on the ground, "You'll get used to getting betrayed by penguins."

Cadet grinned harder and leapt up for one last hit at dr. blowhole. He hit him in the eye. Blowhole staggered back and fell down into a pit of water. Cadet smirked as he joined private and natalie.

"You did good private," Skipper told him as private was releasing him from the trap. Private smiled at him proudly.

"30 seconds til self destruct," A loud speaker suddenly announced. The penguins didn't need another warning to know that they had to get out.

"We should go to the fire exit," Natalie suggested.

"No," Skipper argued, "We should go through the main exit." Natalie stared at skipper hard, skipper did the same. You could've cut the tension with a knife.

"You go which way you want," Natalie finally said after three seconds, "But I wanna live." She took one last glance at him then left for the fire exit belly sliding. Cadet sighed and went with her.

"Come on," Skipper growled and belly slide in the other direction. The last of the penguins slide with him.

"They're not out yet skipper," Private complained when they got out, "I'm going back in to get them." Private went on his belly and started to slide back in the building.

"15 seconds til sef destruct," The loudspeaker announced. Private moaned and belly slide even more quickly to the exit.

"Private!" Cadet yelled. Private followed the sound of the voice, and found cadet and natalie at the fire exit. And natalie's foot trapped under a fallen wooden ledge. And cadet on the ground moaning.

"What happened?" Private demanded. Cadet coughed, trying to say something, but then his eyes closed. Natalie was too busy trying to get the ledge off her that she didn't answer. Private shrugged and started to shove the ledge off of natalie.

"5 seconds to self destruct," The loudspeaker announced just when private shoved the ledge off of natalie's foot.

"Out the fire exit!" Private ordered, grabbing cadet.

"Not so fast private!" Dr. blowhole said behind him. Private gasped. He had five seonds until the building would self destruct, natalie had probably broke her foot, cadet was knocked out, and now blowhole was stopping him from getting out the about to explode building.

Private grabbed cadet and natalie, and belly slid out the fire exit.

"He's waking up skipper," Kowalski said. Private was in his bed, probably knocked out.

"What happened to natalie and cadet?" Private asked, half moaning. "Did they get out? What happened to blowhole?" Skipper walked over to private and smiled.

"Natalie broke her foot, and cadet knocked his head, but they both got out ok. And blowhole disappeared after the explosion." Skipper said, "I'm proud of you private, you saved a lot of lives."

"So that proves you are protective of him," Cadet suddenly said from the table.

Skipper smirked, "Yeah, I am."

"So cadet said that you used to be a performer?" Skipper asked private. Private blushed but nodded. "Then you cadet and natalie wouldn't mind showing the lemurs whose better at dancing?" He asked.

"The lemurs?" Cadet asked, "Their so annoying! I'd be glad to show them up!"

Skipper smirked at private, "I like your brother already."