'Til The Summer Comes Around

Just a quick little one-shot (maybe two?) about the ending of the amazing book Sea Change by Aimee Freidman, which everyone should read. It's seriously awesome. Think Twilight meets The Little Mermaid. Cool, right?

Disclaimer: I own nothing.

She felt it the moment Selkie Island descended back into the ominous fog that surrounded it at all times. A piece of her was gone. She wasn't sure where it had gone exactly but she had a sneaking suspicion of who had stolen it. Leo. Just thinking his name was enough to make her want to peel off her converse, dive over the railing of the ferry, and swim all the way back to the harbor where he'd no doubt be waiting for her, arms wide open. Of course he'd be there. He had the strange ability to sense where she was at all times, it seemed. Not that it was exactly a bad thing; it had saved her butt several times this summer. Miranda smiled to herself as she fingered the smooth shell necklace she'd found hanging on the front door of the Mariner that morning.

She was broken out of her reverie when she felt an arm wrap gently around her shoulder. "We'll be back. I promise." Miranda looked up into the understanding eyes of her mother. Usually they were serious and stern, but ever since her arrival in Selkie, Miranda had noticed that they had begun to soften and change until an almost playful gleam had taken up residence in them. They reminded her of the mom she'd used to know, in the days before divorces and doctorates. She'd missed her. Miranda hoped that, somehow, she was back for good.

"You really like him, don't you?" Miranda nodded, her eyes focused on the waters below them. Every few minutes she caught a glimpse of something she could swear was an oversized fish tail darting along just below the surface, but eventually it too faded from view.

"Well," Miranda almost rolled her eyes, expecting another lecture, "I have to say, I like him a lot better than that Greg boy you used to be with. He was always so…"

She closed her eyes, the old pain coming through loud and clear. She expected her mom to ignore her and keep talking, but instead she dropped the subject altogether. Instead, she talked of spending the next day shopping in Savannah before catching their plane back to New York. But Miranda barely listened.

Her mind had already wandered back to Selkie. They were so many questions she needed to ask, so much research to be done. Was Leo really a merman? What did that mean? Was she going to be the Bella to his sweet, southern Edward? But most of all she needed to know if he loved her they way she was beginning to think she loved him.

All too soon, the boat slapped against the side of the dock and she followed her mom down the gangplank and onto the busy docks. There was no turning back now; it was time to go home. And try as she might to sort all of it out in her head, she knew she'd just have to wait until the summer came around.

Thanks for reading and let me know if you want to hear Leo's side of things. He's pretty interesting, too.

(Title comes from the Keith Urban song by the same name which always makes me think of this book whenever I hear it.)