Til the Summer Comes Around

part 2/2. thanks so much for reading!

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Leo had swum along side of the ferry as far as he dared to go. He knew the rules. He could never leave Selkie; he was tied to its waters. And that was what killed him the most. If he could, he'd have been on the next plane to New York City. Heck, he'd even live in one of those tiny, cramped apartments he'd always heard about if that's what it took. He, a child of the sea, would brave the chilly autumn, the freezing, endless winters, and the mild, rainy springs that took up the space between summers.

He needed to be with her. When she'd left she'd taken a piece of him- there was no denying it.

A small part of him was terrified that Miranda would forget him. There had to be tons of guys in the city: ones that were probably a lot more interesting than him, ones that could protect her and stay close by her side always, ones that didn't have to worry about living a double life as a mythological creature. He'd begun to live in fear of being replaced in her heart. That was why he'd made her that shell necklace. Honestly, he'd felt a little foolish to begin with, making jewelry for a girl and it hadn't helped that his little sister, Ariel, had pranced about the house taunting him the entire time. But in the end it had turned out pretty well, if he did say so himself.

When she was with him, he felt almost normal. She made him feel more alive than ever before. The weeks they'd spent together had been truly magical- and now here he was, all alone, wandering aimlessly through the streets of Fisherman's Village. The strings of light wrapped around the mossy oak trees cast a festive light across the square, something the contrasted sharply with his present dark mood.

He was in love with her. It was as simple as that. He'd known it that moment she showed up at their rock in that gorgeous black dress. Leo smiled, savoring the memory. He'd fallen head over heels in that moment and he fully intended on telling her that night. But then she'd gone and almost drowned and the moment was ruined. And as for the rest of their time together, it had been all he could do to keep from letting it slip once again. But now she was gone and he'd missed his chance. He'd just have to wait until the summer came around.