This is a test run. It may be continued, and it may not be.


Box Ghost: BEWARE! For I am the-

Me: I know, I know! Thanks for repeating that fifty times. Disclaimer please.

Box Ghost: DaugterofDemeter123 owns no animation whatsoever. BEWARE THE BOX GHOST! BEWARE!

Dani's pov

On the outside, I probably looked perfectly normal. Black ponytail, red beanie, blue eyes. Blue sweatshirt, red shorts, blue sneakers. I'm color coordinated, ain't it grand? Of course, I'm one of the least normal people I know. Two big things about me. One, I'm half ghost. Flying, ectoblasts, ghostly wail; the whole deal. Two, I'm a clone of Danny Phantom. He has been protecting his home from ghosts for quite a while now, and most recently, the world. He managed to get every ghost in the ghost-zone to turn the earth intangible to save it from an asteroid. Very impressive. I was in the ghost zone for a while, just to be sure Vlad was really gone forever. I learned some stuff there. Currently, I was on a train headed to who knows where while listening to my ipod.

It was, it was September,
Wind blow, the dead leaves fall.
To you, I did surrender,
Two weeks you didn't call.

Ember may be dead, but that doesn't mean she has bad music. Anyways, in the ghost zone, she's the only musician you can listen to. Ever.

Your life goes on without me,
My life, a losing game.
But you should, you should not doubt me,
You will remember my name.

Powerful stuff music. Like when Ember and Skulker had that "lover's quarrel." Not pretty. I think Skulker is still trying to catch those ghostly Flob-worms.

Ohh Ember, you will remember.
Ember, one thing remains,
Ohh Ember, so warm and tender,
You will remember my name.

Your heart, your heart abandoned,
You're wrong, now bare the shame.
Like bad dreams, in cold December,
Nothing but ashes remain.

Ohh Ember, you will remember.
Ember, one thing remains,
Ohh Ember, so warm and tender,
You will remember my name.

Ohh Ember, you will remember.
Ember, one thing remains,
Ohh Ember, so warm and tender,
You will remember my name.

"Next stop, Jump City." The announcer thing blared, cutting off the ending of the song.

I guess I'm going to Jump. The city that is, not the action. That would just be weird. Of course, they already have heroes in Jump city. It's something I heard from Tucker, the cyber geek/meat-enthusiast/ total fan boy he is. The "Teen Titans" or something. I most likely won't stay for long. I want to find somewhere I'm needed.

I got off the train and walked out of the station, hoping that no one noticed my total lack of legal guardians. Jump city was all bright and shiny, nothing like Amity Park which is all dark and gloomy. Honestly, it's a nice change.

No ghosts wreaking havoc, no explosions.


Oooh, I spoke too soon.

"Muahahahaha!" A guy laughed maniacally as he waved a gun at a shop window. Clever. "Take this!"

He shot a bullet at the glass, and it immediately shattered. Then he climbed through and caused mayhem. Nice guy. I carefully put away my ipod, wrapping the ear buds around it and stuffing it in my bag.

"AHHHHH!" Someone shouted.

Oh, right. Scary villain. That's always a good reason to scream and run in terror. Oh well, not happening.

"Joy. Even here there are freaks that appear out of nowhere." I muttered.

I made sure no one was there, then I transformed. The familiar white rings appeared at my waist, turning me from Danielle Fenton into Dani Phantom. My hair turned White, my eyes green. My street clothes were exchanged for a black and white hazmat suit that exposed my belly button.

"You know, they say the world is a stage, but it's badly cast." My hands blazed with familiar green fire. "Actually that has nothing do do with the situation at hand, oh well."

Then I entered the shop (it was a jewelry store) attacked, the twin blasts catching the thief by surprise.

"Oof!" He grunted as he was sent into a wall. "Don't hurt me! I give, I give!" He blubbered, clearly faking it.
I saw his hand inch toward his gun. How dumb does he think I am?

I rolled my eyes and stepped on his hand, causing him to really shriek in pain.

"How do you like them apples?" I grinned. It didn't make much sense, well, I blame Danny for the lame lines.

"OW! You little-"

I froze his mouth shut before he could finish insulting me. Thank you ice powers. I was about to take him to the police when I noticed the employees all staring at me.

"Um... bye." I scooped up the criminal and flew (invisibly) to the police station. Yay for justice!

~ DP ~

Beastboy's pov

I was annoyed. About as annoyed as I could get. No, make it that annoyed times ten. I was forced to go to a jewelry robbery during lunch, while the others went to a bank robbery. No fair! I mean dude! In what world is some random crook more important than lunch? I was in pterodactyl form, flying toward the scene of the crime.

Stupid boy wonder. I thought as I flew. I repeated it in my mind a few times, until I rammed into something.

"Oof, what the cheese puff!" An irritated voice called out.

A girl came into view. She looked about thirteen, with a white ponytail and glowing green eyes. Lets not forget the grown man she was carrying by his arms. It looked like he was trying hard to scream, but his mouth was literally frozen shut.

The girl did a double take when she saw me. Then she frowned.

"You aren't a ghost, right? If you were my senses would go off, so I guess not." She furrowed her brow in confusion. "Whatever. I don't have time to talk to dinosaurs. This thief should be locked up in jail for a while. Later, random pterodactyl."

She and the crook disappeared into thin air. Dude!

Now remember, it's just a test. I needed this idea out of my system.