The two men walked swiftly, trying not to look suspicious or out of place. They stuck unnaturally close to each other, hands and arms in each other's space.

"There…over there," the taller man directed as he gestured with his chin.

"Thank God!" the other man muttered fervently.

Together they hit the doorway and managed to squeeze through at the simultaneously, thereby disproving the physical axiom that two objects cannot occupy the same space at the same time. The taller man shut the door behind them with a decided thump while the other fumbled for the light switch. Both of them pretended not to jump at every sound or flinch at every shadow that crossed beneath the door.

"Let's find the box and get the hell out of here!" the shorter man ordered. "What did Chuck say we were looking for?"

"A box. A box of books…" the taller man replied as he moved various items around off the storage shelves. "It should be right out in the open."

A minute or two passed in intense silence. "Is this it? Could this be it?" The box that the shorter, leather jacket wearing man dragged out from under a tarp was definitely not out in the open, but it was filled with books. Together the men dug through the books frantically searching. Most of the books near the top of the box had yellow bindings and showed a girl on the cover, holding a flashlight or looking imperiled. Closer to the bottom of the box were different books with blue bindings; the covers depicted two boys, often back to back, definitely working together.

"Chuck said the books were about brothers, right?" The shorter man waved the book titled The Tower Treasure at the taller man. Without waiting for an answer he started flipping pages. "Here! Here it is!" he announced. "Frank and Joe Hardy!"

The two men looked at each other, perplexed. The taller man half-frowned and shrugged his shoulders. "Doesn't ring a bell."

The other man agreed, "Me neither." He sighed and glared at the book in his hands. "Chuck definitely said that if we found the box of books about two mystery solving brothers we'd know all we'd need to know about who we are and how to get out of this mess." His tone made his statement a question.

"That's what he said," the other man agreed browsing through a book of his own choosing.

Frowning, the shorter man flipped skeptically through the tome in his hand. "Does that make me Frank or Joe?"

"I'll guess we'll have to read to find out."

Together they brothers gathered up all the Hardy Boy books they could find in the box. Nonchalantly they walked out of the storage unit with all of their attention focused on the books in hand, never noticing the very obviously placed box in front of the unit next door clearly labeled "Sam & Dean".