It was a lot of work traveling the world to identify and train new Slayers. It was nice to be back on the "left-coast" at least for a little while, even if she was in Washington and not California. There wasn't much of Sunnydale left to visit and this place…Forks or something…made Willow's vision "ping" so Buffy was checking it out.

So far, there hadn't been much of interest to see, so Buffy decided to investigate the high school; she knew better than anyone what a breeding ground for trouble it could be. Under the pretense of "visiting guidance counselor" Buffy wangled herself a tour of the school. She managed to shake her tour guide just in time for lunch – she wanted to get the layout of the cafeteria on her own.

Buffy moved through the food line, ignoring the mess that was slopped onto her tray – she had no intention of eating anyway. She found a table in a relatively secluded spot and scoped out the situation. As ever, the students deliberately, and sometimes unconsciously, gravitated toward their social sector. There were the freeks and geeks, athletes and cheerleaders, stoners…

Buffy gave an involuntary gasp. Walking into the cafeteria swathed in a misma of alluring power was the most perfect boy she'd ever seen. His eyes were perfect, his skin was perfect, his face….it was just perfect.

Frowning, Buffy tore her eyes away from the vision of the Greek god who had just walked in. What. The. Fuck?

Taking a deep breath, Buffy scanned the tables she'd observed before – geek, cheerleader, computer nerd…there he was again. She felt like swooning. Wafting, fainting, lilting at the perfection of the most perfect boy ever. OMG he turned his perfect face this way and I think he's practically shimmering in the perfect light of the window!

This time Buffy literally turned her entire body around and faced the wall. Once she lost visual contact everything went back to normal, but one look at that guy made her feel stupid, vapid and weak. Definitely supernatural, probably evil. She grasped the stake in the bottom of her purse and stood up.

This was not going to end well.