The beginning twinkles of a sweet and sad lullaby penetrates the low rumble of thunder. A lone boy—almost a man—sits on the edge of a high building. He looks pensively towards the sky as if waiting for something.

The camera zooms out and suddenly a bolt of thunder strikes just behind the building. Through every single window, a skeleton's silhouette is illuminated, watching the street below.

The scene changes to the same boy sitting in a comfy kitchen surrounded by a warm family who shouts "Happy birthday!" and he blows out the candles. The light extinguishes in the room and is replaced by a pale light of a throne room decorated in human bones. The birthday boy stands before a giant, ghostly god looming over with a cloak made of souls. "Happy birthday, son."





"21 years old, my dear. Three times seven, two very special numbers." One of the old, old Fates tell the birthday boy, Nico.



The girl with glowing serpent green eyes spoke with three voices intertwined,

"Seven half-bloods shall answer the call,"

A huddle of girls and boys stood around a bonfire, each holding a sharp weapon.

"To storm or fire, the world must fall."

It was the Empire State building ablaze, hot and scorching through the thick curtain of rain.

"An oath to keep with a final breath,"

A gasping woman lay on the ground whispering frantically into the ears of a tiny girl with hearth's fire in her eyes.

"And foes bear arms to the Doors of Death."

"Stop." Nico held a hand up. He alone stands between an army of flesh and the doorway of souls.

The trumpets blare and violins play while they chase the tune of a long forgotten song of war.

A boy, a girl, a goatman running, the bell tower strikes hollowly three times.

Cars explode down the streets of Tokyo.

The roar of a monster that is so large, its mouth easily half the size of a man.

Sword fights where blades flash so quickly and brightly they cannot be followed; Nico's own blood dribbles down, down one cheek while he faces off a masked foe.

Deader than dead zombies—

Percy kisses Nico, cutting off his tale. "Where do I come in?"

"You can be my plumber."

"But plumbers are only sexy in porn films." Percy whined.


A drenched boy with sea green eyes stands at the doorway—

"I'd be a man. If you're 21 in this movie, I'd be like 25. That makes me a man."

"Percy, can I get back to telling you about how my epic movie trailer of our future adventures or—"

"Do I want to make-out some more?" Percy grinned, pulling Nico into his arms, "Why yes, you read my mind."

And then true love's kiss saves the day.

Disclaimer: PJO characters, Percy and Nico and others that were mentioned, belong to Rick Riordan as well as the prophecy.