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Dangerous Kind

The Beginning…

"Once I had a Dream

And this is it"

-Nightwish, Dark Chest of wonders

Nancy reached into the refrigerator and pulled out a gallon of milk. She didn't know what had caused her to, but she'd spent the last half and hour before she went to work baking cookies. The sweet smell of dough and chocolate chips filled her nostrils and she quickly poured herself a glass of milk to wash them down before she grabbed a few of her freshly baked cookies, put the milk away and sat on the sofa. She turned the TV on to listen to the news as she took her first bite.

The moist saccharine goodie melted in her mouth making her expel a certain "Mmmm…!" noise as her taste buds jumped with delight. Nancy closed her eyes and took another bite enjoying the cookie to ever extent her senses could muster.

Warm liquid trickled over her lips and slid down her fingers. The second bite tasted different than the first…sort of coppery…Nancy's eyes snapped back open and she found blood dripping on her lap, leaking from the cookie.

"Goddamnit Krueger!" She shrieked jumping to her feet to find him sitting in the chair opposite her own, the dead man smirked at her as she continued to yell at him, "What the hell did you have to do that for! Can't I enjoy just one thing without you ruining it!"

Freddy's smile widened revealing his sharp yellow teeth as he replied, "That's what happens to naughty girls who bake yummy snacks without making arrangements to share." He reached over with his gloved hand and skewered a cookie from her pile, the poor thing screamed as he lifted it to his lips and took a bite.

It wasn't a real nightmare, Nancy knew, she was half asleep, that's why she could see him. She shook her head trying to wake herself up again. Freddy laughed at her and reached into his pockets, pulling forth a pack of cigarettes and a lighter. He blew a cloud of smoke into Nancy's face before she noticed.

She looked at him in horror. She'd learned that Freddy only smoked on two occasions: when he was bothered by something, and when he was really content. He smirked at her, taking another bite out of his stolen cookie around his cigarette, obviously nothing was making him anxious.

Which meant he'd killed someone.

Almost as if Freddy had timed it, Nancy's cell phone went off. It was Neil Gordon at Weston Hills. She picked it up, "Who'd he get?" She asked.

"How do you- Nevermind, he's there, isn't he?" Neil asked. "Listen, Will was found smothered with his pillow…I hate to think what, uh, 'really' happened."

Freddy appeared over her shoulder chuckling as he listened. Nancy turned away from him trying to keep this conversation as private as possible. "Let me guess, they're ruling it a suicide?"

Neil didn't answer right away. "Actually…" His voice wavered as if he didn't know how to explain, "They…they think one of the other children in the clinic accidentally suffocated him and tried to cover it up. Until somebody confesses, curfew is an hour earlier."

Freddy cracked up. Nancy bit her lips, "How are the other kids holding up?" She asked trying to ignore the monster as he cackled, commenting on what fun he would be having tonight.

"I…Well, they're right here; they want to talk to you. Should I give them the phone?" He asked.

Nancy looked at the clock. "No, I need to get going to get there for work anyway, tell them I'll be there soon."

She hung up. Turning to Freddy she glared at him, the man smirked at her again, "Three down…" he said, counting down how many of the Elm street children at Weston Hills he had killed since Nancy started working there, "Four to go."

She turned away from him furiously, grabbing a new pair of pants, her work shoes, a jacket and her bus pass. Then she was at the door. Freddy followed her to the bus stop; he clicked his claws together to annoy her as she waited for the bus, making Nancy wonder just what she had done to deserve this. True, her parents had been among the townsfolk who had burned Freddy alive, but that should mean he should be trying to finish her off.

But no.

Since she'd started working at Weston Hills and discovered the other children of the Elm Street parents, she had been doing her best to help them fight Freddy, and to that end she'd been willing to go without her Hypnocil, which had been her secret weapon against the child-killer for the last few years. But then Freddy played his next hand.

The bus came around the corner, as the doors opened, Freddy hopped on and scratched his claws against the windows, but no one noticed because he didn't exist on their plain of reality. Nancy sighed and climbed on after him. She was almost always half asleep these days, so she alone could see him in the waking world.

A few weeks ago, Freddy had attacked them during their secret session. Nancy was trying to help the children master their dream powers so they could defend themselves from him. During the attack Freddy singled her out and…well, she guessed the best way to describe it was possession. He tried to take over her body so that he could take his vengeance in the waking world.

Nancy smiled to herself a bit. Freddy hadn't been expecting her to have such a strong will though; he was unable to take control. She frowned again; unfortunately they were both too stubborn to give in to the other. Freddy was stuck half-possessing her, half not. Literally stuck. Even while she was awake she could feel him in the back of her head trying to catch her with her guard down so he could take her body.

The bright side to this was that since they were stuck like this, Freddy could do nothing to harm her, or else he risked hurting himself. Instead, the murderer chose to annoy and scare her, to try and weaken her, crush her spirit hoping she would give in. Sometimes Freddy came up with brilliant and terrifying things to do to her, like the thing with the cookies earlier, but other times he simply resorted to annoying children's rhymes. More than likely he was just trying to amuse himself, but still it was annoying to Nancy.

"The wheels on the bus go round and round," He sang, scratching the window as she took a seat, "Round and round, round and round, the wheels on the bus go round and round, all through the town!"

"Would you cut that out Krueger?" She hissed hoping none of the other passengers would hear her.

Freddy's only reply was to sing louder. The woman across from her looked up as if something had startled her. "Oh my god!" She gasped, "What happened to the window!"

Another man looked up and walked over to inspect it, "Holy- It's like something was clawing at it!" The man walked right into Freddy…and passed through him like air. Nancy turned around and saw that Freddy's knives had left a mark on the window.

That's right, Nancy thought to herself, Krueger has enough power that some of the things he does can affect our reality. Still, even knowing that he could do such things, it surprised her when he did, mostly because it seemed everyday he could do a little more, which meant he was growing stronger and she didn't have a lot of time.

The young woman looked out the window, they were just passing Springwood College where she was attending and working at Weston Hills part time. It was stressful, trying to hold onto her job, focus in her classes, and fight Freddy, which was why she didn't sleep well enough to keep Freddy trapped in dream world. Nancy sighed again, wishing she could take Hypnocil and make Freddy disappear, but the drug was not F.D.A approved, her nightly doses alone risked much so she couldn't take another dose in the mornings and so she had to rely on coffee and energy drinks for work and school.

After Freddy had tried to take over her body it became clear that it was too dangerous to dream. At first nobody had noticed, but during one confrontation, Freddy had turned to her and told her to attack the children, and she had been tempted. As the nights wore on everyone realized that Freddy was using dreams to pull her deeper into his clutches, so it was back to Hypnocil, or else become the Nightmare's puppet.

Suddenly Freddy tapped her on the shoulder, "Don't miss our stop, Bitch." He grinned. True they'd arrived at Weston Hills while she was busy thinking.

"Don't call me Bitch." She replied, a man getting off at the stop with her looked over with a confused look, but shook his head and turned away again.

"I'll call you whatever the fuck I please." Freddy growled, and then he leaned so that his lips where right against her ear as they walked, "Bitch." She squeaked and shoved him away when he licked her.

"Burn in Hell, you Bastard!" she snapped quietly as she opened the door and signed in.

"Been there," Freddy retorted with a smug grin, "Done that." She shook her head and made her way over to the coffee pot.

Today was going to be a long day.

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