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Dangerous Kind

"From ashes we were born,

In silence we unite"

-Wander~ Kamelot

"Oh Dammit." Nancy muttered under her breath and signaled for the bust to stop, too late, she'd have to get off at the next one.

"Hey." Freddy teased, "I was trying to tell ya you were going to miss your stop but you were ignoring me." He paused for a moment and added, "Again."

You were trying to be a pest. Nancy thought back.

Nancy was edgier than usual, her three month break from school was almost over and she was trying to get registered for classes that wouldn't interfere with her work schedule, and to top it off she and Freddy were having an off-day.

These on-off-days had gone on since they started 'dating'. Freddy had a bloodthirsty nature that meant he'd sometimes disappear for a little while and Nancy would find out later he'd killed someone. Thus beginning the 'off-days'. Eventually Nancy would "Forgive and Forget" so to speak, but it soon got to the point that when Freddy left at night she would use the power to cross dreams and Nancy started trying to save Freddy's potential victims. Nancy had thought Freddy would be pissed and try to kill her, and she was right, but when he attacked, he seemed more turned on rather than actually trying to kill her. On-days. The on and off days could actually last weeks an more than often did.

Freddy was a bit complicated.

The bus stopped, Nancy and a few other passengers got off. "I can still get to the college from here." She muttered to herself taking a short cut through a neighborhood.

Freddy strolled along beside her, "You know you wouldn't have this problem if you had a car." He teased.

There was no one else on the street so Nancy spoke out loud, "And with what money do you propose I buy this car?" She asked half teasing half serious, "When I pay for classes I'm pretty much broke."

Freddy rolled his eyes "Who pays a thousand dollars for school anyway?"

"People who plan on advancing in their lives instead of working at, I don't know, a boiler, until they die."

"Hey now, back in my day that boiler paid decently if you knew how to work with it." Freddy countered clearly offended at the wise crack. He froze suddenly, as Nancy walked out of the neighborhood onto a street just a few blocks away from the college; she was heading toward an alleyway, another shortcut, "Nancy…" He growled, "Don't go that way."

"Why?" Nancy asked.

"I've got a bad feeling." He glared down the alleyway as if he'd thought he'd seen something and was searching for the source.

"What? Your spidey senses tingling?" Nancy rolled her eyes, "I've been down this way hundreds of times. You've been with me several of them. Nothing is going to happen."

"Nancy…" Freddy growled again but followed her anyway as she walked the down the alleyway.

As she said, nothing happened as they exited safely to the other side of the alley and she was about to say 'I told you' so when a man approached and took her arm. Clasping her roughly with one hand he kept the other in his pocket which Nancy knew on instinct had a gun in it. "Give me your purse." The man whispered harshly.

"Get away from me." She hissed back.

He pointed the gun in his jacked at her and cocked it, "Give me your fucking purse Bitch." He threatened.

There were cars on the street, but they were going by too fast for their drives to realize that anything wrong was happening.

Nancy's heart began to race, she saw Freddy materialize behind the man, his claws poised to strike Do it! She thought desperately, Freddy gave a quick nod, just as the man yanked her purse. Nancy yanked back; she needed the money that was in that purse to pay for her classes, at the same time Freddy thrust downward, his claws gathering enough energy from a mix of dreams and reality that they stabbed through cloth and flesh causing the man to scream in pain and…

Fire his gun…

"Nancy!" Freddy roared.

The bullet caught her at point blank, the man responsible stood as straight as he could and grabbed Nancy's purse trying to take off with it. Enraged Freddy attacked again, mercilessly, sometimes his strikes could penetrate the barrier but sometimes not, the man got away, but a trail of blood would later lead police to his house in the quiet neighborhood behind the alleyway where he would be found dead from blood loss.

In the mean time, however, it was Nancy who was currently dying. The driver in the car that was not quite passed when Nancy collapsed and the man took off with her purse stopped his vehicle and ran to her side, completely unaware that he was not the only one there.

An ambulance was called, but by the time it arrived Freddy was already crossing into Nancy's Dream of Death. It was in this same dream that he had met the demons which had allowed him to stay behind to enact his vengeance and he kept her soul from leaving it now.

"Freddy?" Nancy looked confused, staring around her at the white empty void.

The Dream of Death.

It wasn't an easy concept to explain, Freddy himself didn't understand it and he knew better than to try and get an explanation from his three dream experts. Nancy understood it as well as was possible

Her final dream.

"What happens now?" Nancy asked. Her head perked up suddenly and searched the void for the source of voices that Freddy couldn't here. It was the people she knew and loved, welcoming her into the Beautiful Dream; Heaven, if that was what you wanted to call it. Freddy took a step back. The Beautiful Dream wasn't for him, it never had been, he had chosen Nightmares at every turn, and now he was the guardian of Nightmares.

He turned away; he didn't want to watch Nancy go into the Beautiful Dream.

He didn't want to see her leave him alone again.

But to Freddy's surprise he heard her call his name and he turned back to her, "Freddy," She whispered, "Your mother says that I should stay here. Since Kristen gave me her power I'm the only one who can protect innocent people from nightmares. I need to lead them to the Beautiful Dream."

Somehow that made sense. When Freddy killed people he dragged them down into Eternal Nightmares, but if Nancy could beat him to their souls she could send them to the Beautiful Dream. They were guardians of the gates of dreams. Opposites.

But together.

Freddy had to smile. "This is going to be a long eternity kid." He growled.

Nancy smiled back clutching the still bleeding bullet wound in her side, "Don't call me kid." She answered and stepped toward him Freddy sliced her face with his claw but when he licked at the cut it closed leaving no scar.

"You can't hurt me anymore Freddy." Nancy said.

"Sure I can, just not permanently."

Nancy opened her mouth to say something but was interrupted by Freddy slamming his lips down on hers. Nancy's hands left her side and snaked around his waist. The guardians stood where they were in silence, the void of white was slowly filled with the familiar sights and sounds of Freddy's boiler…and the sound of cackling. Alcander, Epicurus and Nektario circled around them as if they had been there the whole time.

"Well, well Freddy," Epicurus nuzzled Nancy's face, "Looks like we've got to learn to share you."

The other demons cackled in agreement. Nancy laughed too, and found herself comforted that she wouldn't be spending eternity alone with Freddy. She took his hand and looked out into the labyrinth of the boiler, she was going to make her own dreamscape eventually but for now the boiler seemed oddly welcoming considering how many years she'd spent in fear of this place.

Freddy squeezed her hand. They'd have on-days and off-days, maybe this time they'd last for centuries instead of weeks, but they had eternity now, suddenly that didn't seem like such a bad thing.

Author's end note: Gee I hope that didn't come off too corny at the end. Anyway, thank you everyone for reading, I had a lot of fun writing this so I hope you've enjoyed reading it as much as I did writing it. See you round again someday!